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  1. I'm sure it won't be, as the real deal starts this weekend, plenty to talk about and disagree about. Have a good holliday, one things for sure, and that is at least you know its been boiling over this way for a good 13 weeks now.
  2. "I wish to make it clear that, whilst the benefactor's legal wrangles do pose many problems, we have sufficient contingency plans to cater for the temporary difficulties thrown at us." - Acting chairman Peter Pannu has played down fears of a financial crisis at Birmingham City. What ever Pannu. I feel sorry for the Bloiuse fans who are falling foR this dribble/tripe.
  3. And how many companies do they think will jump at that chance? the only time that they will get the kit sponsored is when a company knows that the Blouse will be on the telly. Otherwise its gone be giving it away to get a sponsor, and most possibly all local firms. Maybe RL should think of taking a sponsor deal to advertise the Villa on the blousers shirts, after all it wouild only be a grand a match :roll: If RL don't do it why don't we all put in a pot and sponsor a game with AVFC Forums on the front of their shirts : Birmingham City's ability to source new investment has
  4. Can't see why we don't or haven't. After all, Wiseman gone Their board are now totally in their own entity and can be as secretive as they like about their financial dealings. Asset stripping for sure
  5. Now this has made me laugh. MICHAEL Wiseman of the Blouse board has stepped down. And Carscum Yeung is making Pannu and Carscums 18 year old son directors at the Blouse :roll: You just couldn't make this up : PANTO season has come even earlier.
  6. Administration! A scary word for any football club/ supporter, but also a very realistic possibility this season for Birmingham City. It is becoming more and more vital with every day that passes that the Blousers get off to a good start in order to get points on the board as early on as possible, because there is now a stark reality that they will go into administration this season and because of this will indeed have points deducted. Indeed BIHL are frantically trying to service their large black hole of debt by selling their saleable items ie their best players, even with the sale o
  7. And I notice that there are 3/4 groups apperaed on FB to get Carscum out, and this from the Kn uckle draggers who slagged those fans off of our whom tried similar sh*t on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petition-to-get-Carson-Yeung-out-and-save-our-club/215275428495914?ref=ts&sk=wall
  8. Update BIHL today announced a 4th delay (now delayed until 30 September 2011) to the Circular posting and Long Stop date, for the proposed acquisition of Carson Yeung's shell Company, 'Good Partners Group', by 'Leader Ahead Investments Ltd', a wholly owned subsidiary of BIHL. This was indeed the 'massive' land/property deal that CY was 'negotiating' to sell to BIHL, that was first initiated on the 9th December 2010, and was announced in January when BIHL also requested that the shares be suspended pending an inportant announcement. As has also been discussed before on here, this propo
  9. Indeed, it seems that this case will encompass money laundering and indeed it will encompass the Blouse, as some of the companys set up by BIH/Carscum have been used to clean money etc, straight away the Blouse come into the equation. It was only a matter of time till Carscum got found out, and all though Mr Pannu at the Blouse has stated the Carscum is innocent until proven guilty, I think that all with a brain realise what he has been doing for quiet some time, after all this is a man who was a hairdresser till not long ago, and then suddenly hey presto he's apparently got money!! The set
  10. Well the way that they are going, we will be the only club in Bham unless that is Carsum can rustle up some magic money from somewhere.
  11. Other news, season ticket sales are down 28% on this same time last year at the Blouse :thumbsup:
  12. RATS DESERTING SINKING SHIP !!! Relegation has been very very hard on Small Heath, and the parent holding company has seen it’s share prices take a massive hit in Hong Kong. However, it was rocked further again last night by the departure of two directors from the company. Mr Ip Wing Lun, who was company secretary as well as an executive director, and Mr Chang Kin Man, who was an independent non-executive director both announced their resignations from the company last night. The Chinese media have today seized on these departures however. Apple Today stated that Carscum Yeung w
  13. Reports suggest that Carscum Yeung has now informed Alex Mcleish that at least 8 first team players must be sold in a masive fire sale at the Blouse this summer. These inlude the likes of Dann, Ridhewell, Foster, Zigic, amongst other regular higher profile first team regulars. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together Agent Ridgwell, agent Davies and agent Gardner :lolthumb:
  14. "Other pre-season destinations are being considered and details will be released as soon as possible." Leicester possibly :chai:
  15. Clocks Ticking Properly Now Blousers http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mattslater/2011/05/birmingham_city_set_for_the_bl.html Lots in here that I have been listing here for some while now OOps Blousers. "So we have money and shares going to and fro between Yeung, his holding company and fellow "third party" investors, but no indication any of it is the fresh investment needed to fill the Premier League-sized hole in the books" "But the reality is that the club's wage bill will have risen again (Nikola Zigic's four-year deal alone is worth a reported £20m), the deficit remains and will
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