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  1. Did anyone else see all those masses of empty seats the otherside of where the Villa fans were? Laughable really.
  2. I have a bitter-sweet relationship with the Scum regarding which league they're in. I love seeing them down in the Coca-Cola Championship where they deserve to be playing against the mighty Scunthorpe and Blackpool, but at the same time I relish the oppotunity when they come up to the Premier League, get turned over both home and away and end up getting relegated. Birmingham did not play well today, but neither did we really in my opinion but they still deserved to get beat because of the negativity of their clueless manager. It's a derby game, biggest game of the season for them and he play
  3. Five wins in a row, same old poor attendance and another late winning goal - just love it. I couldn't help but go onto a few Bluenose forums and just browse around marveling at how bitter the noses are. Now they are slating us for only beating them 1-0 despite spending £90 million on a squad, oh how bitter they can be. They've been put in their place today and they deserved to get beat simply because their manager was not confident enough in his team believing they couldn't win playing a 4-5-1. They're just sh*t and they'll always be bitter and jealous towards us because we're simply the b
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