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  1. Is Andy Carroll banned as he wants his red card overturned. If he plays we could be in trouble if he doesn't then i think we may be ok
  2. Hope he is in talks with us
  3. He is worth that and even if he just mixes it up a little and throws a different spin on the midfield it may all be for the best. for that money and i expect a average wage not too excessive we should be good with him. the main point here is the fact he wants to come to Villa
  4. lambert kicked the ball lol his bloody fault
  5. Here here,,, I remember my last house cost me an arm and a leg as me and wife both have decent jobs. I am a production manager and wife a teacher so both work hard. When my wife had our second child she rang me at work one day when it was snowing telling me the kids want to go out and play with me up Hednesford hills on the sledge. As I was stacked out at work I couldn't take any time off. This proper upset Deb as she was just looking out of the window of our new house purchased off plan and all she could see were the dossiers on the dole and benefits out all day snowball fighting and basicall
  6. Jesus Christ how the hell can these people get through a day let alone life
  7. Villa 1 v 0 Arsenal one chance one goal and get battered all game and our goal will lead a charmed life but at the end three points and a good healthy villa park crowd. Can't even believe I have just typed that lol
  8. Players at Villa should look at themselves and realise that they are so so lucky to be a professional but even more lucky to pull the famous Aston Villa shirt on. We are not just a football club we are Aston Villa Football Club founded 1874 founders of the football league steeped in history and most importantly have some of the best supporters, Loyal supporters in the world
  9. That's bang on. People keep saying he has a plan and it's a long drawn out one getting rid of the high earners then building a team to challenge. This takes time I know but what I and many fans are saying is they can put more effort in and have at least a plan B if plan A fails. There is no way as long as have a hole in my back end that these players are giving 100% no way. The only players doing well are Guzan and Delph
  10. All that will happen in the summer is people will not renew the season tickets. I have three me, my brother and young son 8 years old and we are all so pissed off that it has crossed my mind to not renew. It has got to this point now and I'm 50/50 which is bad as I shouldn't be thinking this but the sh*t that is being served up is diabolical. The players should pay for every season ticket holder to renew. I'm not joking it would hardly put a dent in there pockets and it would go along way to saying sorry as we have had to suffer this sh*t all season.
  11. Everyone I know is just taking the p*ss. The latest comment in at my local is are you going down the hall of memories this week. Wankers p*ss taking but at the moment they are right
  12. Too true I pay good money to watch Villa . Win loose or draw I ask for one thing fight til the 90 the minute and show spirit and care about what the fans have to go through every week
  13. Lambert will not be given any funds and we will go down as Lerner thinks we are ok and balancing the books and just staying in the league will be the target. But slowly we are going backwards and we are lucky that there are some very poor sides in the premier league to possibly keep us up
  14. If he takes us forward eventually then that's fine but it feels and seems like we are not only going backwards but the players seem so disinterested and the effort is not there at all. I am so frustrated at the moment and Lamberts comments didn't do us any favours at all. A team like villa with a decent run of draws in the cup can find themselves in the later stages of the best competition in the world. Once again I am gutted
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