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  1. ^^^^ Bang on Stu---- Dyche is good when it comes to stirring things---he wanted professional footballers to jump the queue for Covid vaccintions! we won last season at Turf Moor --no reason whatsoever we cant win this one-----i just hope we come home with no injuries and Jack and Targett without yellows, especially with Saints on Saturday, Come On You Lions-----------------------
  2. Thought we were always in control and bearing in mind there are games Wednesday and Saturday didn't push above 3rd gear.,all played well but special shout for Marvellous and Ezri Jamie Redknapp was so so right when he said he felt sorry for Villa fans not being able to go and watch this Villa side.Sweet Caroline would sure have echoed around the grand old place tonight Well done all a perfect Saturday night. VTID
  3. Be great to bounce back after 2 contentious losses with 4 or 5 past ol "potato head" COME ON YOU LIONS--- Villa 4 Geordys 0
  4. Cheers Stu aye man it all seems millions of miles and days away the blinking worlds a much much smaller place these days sadly do in some respects!! Stay safe man and all fellow Villans VTID
  5. Yet another penalty for them and it seemed very soft to me!!since lockdown I reckon they have been "awarded" the most penalty!I would like to see that last second block by Baylee or whatever his name is, We could so easily have got a point the boys looked so disappointed at the end they battled well and I felt proud of em Villa can certainly hold their own with "the big clubs" I'm getting so p××××d off with the Jack rumour mill starting up again !!why the xxxx should he want to leave Villa?? VTID
  6. 2-2 last season---we can easy one better and bet them---gee its about dam time--- Come On You Lions---- VTID
  7. Happy and A Healthy New Year everybody, what a orrid year its been since the defeat at Wembley---hope we have all managed to stay covid free and that it stays that way,-- get that vaccine rolling,,and get us back at that stately old football ground again,-- CHEERS folks VTID
  8. They have won the last 6 games against us! so its time for a Villa win----and why not? Come On You Lions-- thats bad news about the yellows--especially with Manchester Utd being the next game---i just hope Jack dont get too dam provoked, VTID
  9. Great win that with 10 men----all MOM Watkins ran and ran chased hastled created hit both post and bar----everything but score, what about that finish from AEL? superb,------unfair to single out praise---they all were up for it --and confidence just seemed to ooze even with the red- ---a grreat team performance ---well done everyone----just a crying shame that we could,nt join in!! as the BBC commentator said---"imagine The Holte End tonight----yes just imagine Sweet Caroline would have been echoing around the stately old place tonight-- they all played for each othe
  10. another good away win--well done all, now if only we could just return to winning ways more often at home, V,A,R has to go---it sure dont like Watkins,!! VTID-
  11. We need to start burying the chances created---otherwise it could prove real costly, Come On You Lions------ VTID
  12. Listened on WM-- AEL camoe on and took over spot kick duties!!--sounded a decent game they hit the post and Martinez made a couple of very good saves---both had a red card for unrelated incidents,------but we had 5 yellows? and both Cash and Luiz will be missing on Thursday---as will 39,000 Villa fans, well done Villa---a weekend to enjoy as best we can, VTID----------
  13. would really love 3 points today-- Come On You Lions-- live on B.T. ----so its WM and Sky Sports News for me---- Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett, SJM Luiz RAMSEY Traore Jack Watkins,:: Steer Elmo Hause Guilbert AEL Hourihane Nakamba Is this Ramseys full league debut?---good luck lad Come On You Lions--
  14. sloppy goals to concede both headers--- had more shots more control---but missed chances----and really robbed by our ol mate VAR!!! Watkins was being held blimey how the f*** was that missed??? Stockley Park was too too busy looking at what teeny weeny miniscule part of Olies body was "over the line"--so they could rule him off side--not minding the fact he was being held and trying to get away!!! a point highly pointed out by both Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville-----Oliie lad next time -bite the bullet and just-go down and hit the dirt--- VTID------------------
  15. A win would be oh so nice after the Brighton disappointment-----i believe Barkley is out,his replacement will be so so important and could well be a primary factor in the result-----the choice being imo very limited-------Hourihane,-----but think Marvwlous will get the nod, Come On You Lions VTID-- Gee it just aint the same no fans----
  16. these are the games that last season caused problems--we are now progressing and this season we really ought to be winning, Come On You Lions-----pick up from where we left off, Villa 4 B&H.A. 1 Last season Joe Boy and me would now be partaking of an ale and pie in the Holte Suite,--looking to recognise former players--and then proceeding up them steps to our seats in The Holte----magic days---will they ever come back???????
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