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  1. Great result well done all,another weekend not spoilt, VTID
  2. Villa Park seemed so different today---especially the pre-match warm up,---the boyz were worked much harder than before, Mings was immense played a captains game, Watkins revelled in his left side role ----and what a goal---- the new era has begun well, clean sheet 2 goals improved performance,well done all, was good to see Stevie G showing pride and passion in his area, a saturday night not spoilt--------MAGI,C
  3. Cheers markymark, thought it was a good interview he came across really well----same as Stu particularily liked the "no excuses" comment, UTV
  4. Got a big job on his hands -- Welcome to Villa Park Steven Gerrard and good luck. VTID
  5. ^^^^^^ if true could be a good move---spoke to a mate in Dundee---says Stevee Gee, dont take any crap from the players---thats what we need,players are posting their thanks and goodbyes to Deano---a lot of them need to take a long long look in the mirror,their performances miswrable faces and body language contributed to his sacking.---- VTID--
  6. My vote goes to Franky Boy at the moment,
  7. Am trying real hard to think of a proven Premiership manager who is available,--- other than that there is--Big Sam,Roy Hodgson,Chris Hughton,Neil Warnock,Franky Boy,-----Slaven Bilic Daniel Farke,----then im looking abroad!! whoever comes aboard has a big big job on his hands , VTID
  8. Deano looked like he was on the edge after the defeat on Friday--i really reckon the decline set in with the departure of J.T. & Richard O,Kelly, no news on the current management team--will they go or stay? must say the players havent helped with their body language and recent performances-- Thanks Deano for your time with us--and best wishes for the future--- VTID---
  9. Markymark sorry man your bang on,even though it's relatively early in the season we dont seem to be learning anything,do the players seem interested?and WTF was on that note passed around?discarded by Watkins only to be rammed down Ming,s sock?pizza choices for the ride home,!! Bailey to me seems a more expensive Charles N,Zogbia,Ings is injury prone and Buendia ain't performing imo they were bought attempting to appease the fans with Grealish,s jumping ship, Unless there is a big big improvement I can see us being bottom come Christmas, And wtf does the "dead ball expert" do?
  10. Carried on from WHU game very lucky to survive to half time only 0-1 down and with 11 on the pitch, 2 world class saves by Martinez,was their keeper trouble? Bailey left Cash out to dry,AEL Bailey and Buendia cause me concern,they should not be on the field together,a slught improvement 2and half but the damage had been done I think there is something very wrong at Villa Park,and if we ain't careful a relegation scrap sur seems on the cards. UTV
  11. Could,not understand Young coming on for Ramsay, the oldest squad player,in a demanding centre of midfield role,when Chukky was on the bench??
  12. Bottom 6 now,had some bad luck today,Ramsay injury,red card,probably to the wrong player, Formals orrid tackle on Nakemba then scores 2 minutes later,Bowen smashes McGinn with both fists then scores 3 mins later,the first 2 goals were almost identical,but overall no where near good enough how many shots on target? no closing down giving opponents way way too much time,I could not follow Young at 36 substituting for Ramsay why why not Chuckawemba,? Since the win at Old Trafford it's just fallen completely apart,I heard a fair few boos today,the Saints game really is important a win is sore
  13. Carried on from where we left off,!!amazing I cant for the life of me follow why Axel started, 3 CB,s just dont suit us,the team looked like it's only just met!!and to concede 6 goals in 2 games should be evidence enough that it ain't working,Ings and Watkins dont work either Olly is a shadow of what he was last season, The second half was a tad better with Bailey on at least we could string 2 passes together,BUT if this formation and form continues I'm afraid to say we will be relegation candidates,the West Ham game who are high flying will be a big big test of both manager and players,.
  14. Very poor substitutions , Tuanzebe was awful all game, should have been off after them 2 awful passes to a Gold shirt in the first 10 minutes, in fact i would have started with Hause if we have to field 3 CB,s at home against no Centre Forward!! Marvelous was terrible,conceding the free kick that led to their second i think, and Ramsay showed such naievity when he tapped Adami,s toe---and where the f**K is Guilbert,???
  15. Awful awful awful defending---hate to say but all 3 goals had elements of farce about them---attacking players trying to defend,defenders doing their best not to defend,even assisting Wolves ---3 CB,S and we cannot defend at set pieces??? beggars belief, and WTF was Tuanzebe doing virtually all game ? passing to a gold shirt!! right from that orrid free kick when Konza was fouled just outside our box after 5 minutes, should have been replaced after 30 mins,---Mings was awful after his yellow, brain went AWOL,--Marvellous simply was,nt, and Ramsay,s tap on Adami was oh so so naive, Cash
  16. Tremendous result well done all, special shout to the travelling faithful---heard them throughout,--great to see Deano celebrate with Austin McPhee,what a difference he seems to be making with dead ball kicks,everyone seems so different,-- have to say this formation really seems to suit us---and Matty Cash in particular seems to be revelling in it---Are you watching Gareth? i f*****g hope not,!!!!-- a great start to Saturday----VTID.
  17. A clean sheet 3 very well taken goals tremendous- atmosphere---what more could we ask for? well done all, special congrats to Matty Cash and Leon Bailey---on opening their goal account for Villa --hopefully many more to come,mention also Danny Ings,work rate and what a pass to Leon-!---brilliant, thought Marvelous was outstanding -- has anyone caught Matty Cash yet?? his joy at scoring was a sight to behold----it really meant an awful lot to the lad----that was so so nice to witness, UTV VTID
  18. thought we played well in the first half--just a shame their keeper was on top of his game----the big big difference being the strength of their bench---and being able to BRING on the EUFA player of the Euro,s --- once we are able to supply to service Danny Boy and Ollie -- watch them goals fly in, VTID
  19. with the omissions imo we did well to get a point---good goal from Buendia, thought Cash had a good game especially with 1 vital tackle in our box during the first half---Young showed valuable experience and energy throughout,--Carney,s first start went well, and i wonder what might have happened if Olly had come on earlier---still am looking forward to seeing Olly start with Danny-Boy,,--the ref spoilt the game falling for Brentford,s antics and playacting every time --resulting in a constnt stop start 2nd half--- for once am happy for the break---hope it gives the walking wounded time
  20. really enjoyed watching thought the young bloods look real promising, Cameron Archer blimey what finishing from one so young congrats on the hat trick young man---,they all seem to enjoy going forward with pace and energy---real good to see Barrow,s at times physical approach especially at 6-0 never intimated anyone,-- good to see Guilbert in Claret and Blue again --and Conor showed what a true pro he is----2 cracking through balls,encouraging and cajoling the youngsters along especially the lad who came on for Freddy, a good all round display --well done all,
  21. Great to go back----cracking atmosphere,--Holte Suite closed still a Covid Vaccination Centre, had a beer in concoure, once shutters finally stayed up,! good to get 3 points, VAR our friend for a change--- decent all round display, Cash,had a good game as did Ramsay, Ashley Young impressed bringing experience to the team AEL remained cool under pressure to bury the pen,,cracking goal from Danny Ings, is this the influence of the new dead ball coach? well done all-----a Sarurday night to enjoy,----VTID----
  22. disappointed with a loss, need to win against Newcastle cos its the other new boys Brentford after and they play with no fear,no respect, maybe its just co-incidence but======J.T. leaves followed by J.G. then Richard O,Kelly ====all just before the season starts!!!
  23. Martinez,Cash,Konsa,Mings,(cpt,n)Targett, McGinn,Nakemba,El Ghazi,Buendia,Young,Ings, 2 debutants and 1 making a second debut--- Come On You Lions----- safe travels all who are going, Watford 0 AVFC 2 VTID-----
  24. ive missed something here according to all knowing SKY Sports, --Grealish has left with the best wishes of the Villa management and players,and they respect his wishes its all been very amicable,!! and the decision to leave was very hard for him to make!! sorry to me this is all P.R. trying to win Villa fans over,some already have thanked him and sent their best wishes!! blimey i must be old school---he has gone to a new club new city and probably a new home---he has gone to a PREMIERSHIP rival,,not a foreign club or club in a different division---he is now on the football field the opposit
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