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  1. The Championship

    Burton beating blooos 12 minutes to go----looks like we will be rock solid bottom tonight----good goal by Lloyd Dyer to put them 2--1 up,
  2. Aston Villa - Norwich City

    So so right-----absolutely bang on the nail-------a bit of passon and pride in the shirt--a 2 goal lead and the rafters of that grand old lady down at B6 will be a rocking, Come On You Villa Boyzz-------- VTID UTV
  3. Is Steve Bruce the right man for the job?

    Ahh your so right Patrick---must admit having a chuckle at em all,--there are so many "regulars" ---jason,s a scream especially when they try to get hold of him but he,s "off air" cos he,s got a fare-lol, and polly virtually salivates when she,s talking to Martin-----O,Connor, and dont forget tonka the wolves fan, si,s comments at times make the mind boggle,,, i know they are ex pro,s but sneekers nigel and gary thompson talk sense---o,connor still shows a bit of rivalry with Villa,
  4. Is Steve Bruce the right man for the job?

    Yeah the lad comes out with some good and very witty stuff,- please-pass on my compliments next time you see him---- also on W.M. i,m very impressed with former star Gary Thompson-----talks dam sense.
  5. Is Steve Bruce the right man for the job?

    eddie the baggie and Villa fan alan--get some fruity banter between them, pair, can only get W.M. on internet in Skegness so tune in when i can --but cuts off when games start.
  6. Is John Terry going to be the new Manager?

    is Big Sam managing anywhere?---surprised Pards aint in that list,
  7. Rumour: Colback to Villa?

    might be a useful squad member--but we dont use midfield much do we?----its goals that we need,
  8. Is John Terry going to be the new Manager?

    thats it thats the answer then right under our very own noses: lol Steveee lad get them old Puma,300,s down from the loft give em a deep deep polish and line up next to J.T. against Norwich.
  9. Is John Terry going to be the new Manager?

    should we loose against Norwich that would be 1 point from 12-----which even in the most fantasist of persons minds is not Top 6 material-- but to give J.T. the nod with no past experience would be a big big step,------a player manager in The Championship----is a rare appointment i cant recall the last one,---- what about Coaching staff--messrs Clemence and Calderwood,-?---neither appear to be very dam effective, what about Gary Walsh too? it would be a big big step---in my mind probably one a wee bit too far----but saying that if we do loose something needs to be done---what influence if any do Brian Little and Ian Taylor have? or are they merely just here to please the crowd?
  10. Aston Villa - Norwich City

    Gee many thanks man--------made my day Patrick made my day, no need to hit the A45 --which is right out of the way-brill!! am in Skegness and have been debating when to set out ---,was dam awful against Hull, thankful to the weather Gods for the good weather, should be sorted now then for all home games---- Magic,
  11. Reading 2 Aston Villa 1

    i speak regularily with a Barnsley and a Forest fan----and they simply can,t believe how poor Hourihane and Lansbury have become. wtf is wrong with our club???
  12. Reading 2 Aston Villa 1

    have any of our razzle dazzle game changing subs been brought on??
  13. Reading 2 Aston Villa 1

    Reading fans singing to our leader --"your getting sacked in the morning"
  14. Reading 2 Aston Villa 1

    Absolutely bang on!!!!! un believeable, are you watching Dr Tony?