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  1. Cant disagree with Stu nor Apollo,was disappointed with the result but to be honest expected it,BrightonBurnley Saints Blades all are near the bottom and all are scrappers,and all beat us! Me thinks a bit of rotation is needed and is Elmo at 33 I think fit enough for 2 maybe 3 games a week? Guilbert scored for Strasbourg last night he was too hurriedly loaned out and is really needed now,Traore AEL Trez are unpredictable the demands of the premiership dont allow for players to be carried. A resurging Wolves will test us Saturday and changes are needed it would be a dam shame to start
  2. Absolutely and the Guinness and J.D. taste much sweeter after a win---Cheers man, as Captain Jack says---" It feels good to feel good"-----
  3. Grreat win that- a vast vast step up from the Leicester game-------thought all shone Mings Konsa Marvellous and El Ghazi were outstanding the rest excellent----Special shout to Elmo,used wisely all of his experience,- Ramsay and Marvellous brought much needed energy and commitment to the midfield-- a saturday night not ruined-----MAGIC,----well done everyone, VTID,,
  4. Deano has said Jack is not fit it's time for the others to pick up the baton stand up and be counted--its going to be a tough game Leeds are so unpredictable but will keep going until the final whistle no matter the score, Defence will get a battering So its vital the midfield is fit awake and helps out wayward passes are a no no we need to hold onto the ball.and make sure our legs match theirs-so surely Marvellous,Sansom and Ramsay are in with a shout?replaced by Luiz Barkley and Traore when they tire! Come on You Lions--, ,
  5. Hi there Larry---good to hear from you,and hope your doing ok--take care man, all the best,
  6. feel dam sorry for Watkins he runs himself ragged and isnt afraid to mix it -------------but the lad needs a mate,otherwise i fear a burnout.
  7. definately missed Jack and Cash---the sooner they are back the better no one stood into the breech for Jack in my mind------SJM needs some shooting practice and needs to give the cakes a miss--the speculative shots edge of the box are worthless ---today showed we have no strength in depth----can Guilbert be recalled?---its Leeds away next and imo changes are needed,give Ramsay Marvelous and Sansom a start--i got no idea why Barkley gets annoyed at being subbed---he offered nothing again---except wayward passes, and i cant see what Trez offers,that kid Thomas for them had a easy gameshould
  8. Reckon if Jack is out -then its the best kept secret of the season-----others must stand up and be counted whatever! Cash will be a massive loss for the next 4/5 weeks. VTID
  9. No official news on Jack guess it's a guessing game,with or without Captain Jack the 5 midfield players need to up their game from Brighton otherwise Maddison Barnes Vardy and co. will have a field day. Come on You Lions VTID
  10. Very very lucky to come away with a point thanks wholly to Martinez,aided by some stout defending, Jack was man marked out of the game again as with west ham and we have no answer which is a wee bit poor no one even attempting to step up,Chelski want I read £40M for Barkley ??daylight robbery no thank you,I hope he didn't kick any bottles over cos half time Ramsay should have replaced him along with Sansom for Traore we CANNOT have 2 passengers and hope to win.and I hope Cash aint out for longhis spirit will be sorely missed. Martinez was correctly frank and blunt in his after match
  11. Oh thats a bit concerning-----hope Larry is ok and able to re-emerge soon,
  12. need to make up for that 1-2 defeat earlier this season----im sure Mings and Konsa can keep that niggly Maupay quiet,and SJM wont have forgotten that stomp last season----Come on You LIONS----time to munch on some seagulls, VTID------------
  13. Fully agree with Dublin and Roger,Mings immense rest excellent,Cash and Olly have taken to the premiership and the club with ease,what a pity we cant see them and they cant see us--the grand old place would be well a rocking,well done one and all-VTID
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