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  1. A clean sheet 3 very well taken goals tremendous- atmosphere---what more could we ask for? well done all, special congrats to Matty Cash and Leon Bailey---on opening their goal account for Villa --hopefully many more to come,mention also Danny Ings,work rate and what a pass to Leon-!---brilliant, thought Marvelous was outstanding -- has anyone caught Matty Cash yet?? his joy at scoring was a sight to behold----it really meant an awful lot to the lad----that was so so nice to witness, UTV VTID
  2. thought we played well in the first half--just a shame their keeper was on top of his game----the big big difference being the strength of their bench---and being able to BRING on the EUFA player of the Euro,s --- once we are able to supply to service Danny Boy and Ollie -- watch them goals fly in, VTID
  3. with the omissions imo we did well to get a point---good goal from Buendia, thought Cash had a good game especially with 1 vital tackle in our box during the first half---Young showed valuable experience and energy throughout,--Carney,s first start went well, and i wonder what might have happened if Olly had come on earlier---still am looking forward to seeing Olly start with Danny-Boy,,--the ref spoilt the game falling for Brentford,s antics and playacting every time --resulting in a constnt stop start 2nd half--- for once am happy for the break---hope it gives the walking wounded time
  4. really enjoyed watching thought the young bloods look real promising, Cameron Archer blimey what finishing from one so young congrats on the hat trick young man---,they all seem to enjoy going forward with pace and energy---real good to see Barrow,s at times physical approach especially at 6-0 never intimated anyone,-- good to see Guilbert in Claret and Blue again --and Conor showed what a true pro he is----2 cracking through balls,encouraging and cajoling the youngsters along especially the lad who came on for Freddy, a good all round display --well done all,
  5. Great to go back----cracking atmosphere,--Holte Suite closed still a Covid Vaccination Centre, had a beer in concoure, once shutters finally stayed up,! good to get 3 points, VAR our friend for a change--- decent all round display, Cash,had a good game as did Ramsay, Ashley Young impressed bringing experience to the team AEL remained cool under pressure to bury the pen,,cracking goal from Danny Ings, is this the influence of the new dead ball coach? well done all-----a Sarurday night to enjoy,----VTID----
  6. disappointed with a loss, need to win against Newcastle cos its the other new boys Brentford after and they play with no fear,no respect, maybe its just co-incidence but======J.T. leaves followed by J.G. then Richard O,Kelly ====all just before the season starts!!!
  7. Martinez,Cash,Konsa,Mings,(cpt,n)Targett, McGinn,Nakemba,El Ghazi,Buendia,Young,Ings, 2 debutants and 1 making a second debut--- Come On You Lions----- safe travels all who are going, Watford 0 AVFC 2 VTID-----
  8. ive missed something here according to all knowing SKY Sports, --Grealish has left with the best wishes of the Villa management and players,and they respect his wishes its all been very amicable,!! and the decision to leave was very hard for him to make!! sorry to me this is all P.R. trying to win Villa fans over,some already have thanked him and sent their best wishes!! blimey i must be old school---he has gone to a new club new city and probably a new home---he has gone to a PREMIERSHIP rival,,not a foreign club or club in a different division---he is now on the football field the opposit
  9. I really hope there,s no farewell "really hard for me to leave" speech should Grealish pass his medical and leave, it wont be in the least bit sincere and it wont be his city nor his club no more please just collect your boots and go!!am feeling really pissed off with the beautiful game at the moment,
  10. ^^ Good post that Dubiin lad--spoken from the heart,and echoed by me,== looking back there are so many clues that this would happen----every pre season Grealish has been linked to a move---Spurs Utd and finally Citeh,the switch from Ireland to England, the closeness with Foden during the Euro,s the OTT hype about him being Englands "poster boy"no doubt the word in the ear from Foden,Walker,Stones Sterling,--the alledged reluctance to be present at this seasons new kit launch, this goes to show there is no loyalty from players --the only loyalty is from fans---end of, i really t
  11. Great to see and hear a crowd back inside the stately old ground-----good display from all but in particular Nakemba and Targett,--and what a gesture by Deano to bring on the 2 lads,good that Jack lasted the full game-- well done all nice to see players and management applaud the lucky 10,000 at the end, the future is sure looking good-------roll on next season, VTID--
  12. VAR was handled by our old mate----Kevin Friend!! its no wonder Ollie didnt get a penalty--surprised he was,nt carded for "diving" wonder what would have happened it it had been Emi and Kane?? VTID
  13. Joe and me did,nt have to wait till next season-----VTID
  14. good performance great result could have been more---good to see the 2 kids "blooded" just a shame the one didnt go in off the post--both kids look very promising----credit to Deano for having faith in them, have to say we looked a different team with Captain Jack on the pitch--- well done all real nice to finish the away campaign with 3 points, VTID------
  15. Mings and Cash were definately missed-------an own goal really,and a "shirt sleeve" goal which according to Jamie Redknapp would not have been given last season ----But we went in front twice only to sit back, let Palace find another gear gain momentum and grab the points-----thankfully we are safe otherwise defeats like this would be real hard to swallow-- VTID.
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