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  1. these are the games that last season caused problems--we are now progressing and this season we really ought to be winning, Come On You Lions-----pick up from where we left off, Villa 4 B&H.A. 1 Last season Joe Boy and me would now be partaking of an ale and pie in the Holte Suite,--looking to recognise former players--and then proceeding up them steps to our seats in The Holte----magic days---will they ever come back???????
  2. Wow what a result and comeback from 2 defeats, well done all----and a clean sheet too---- listened to WM----and tuned onto Sky----where old Villan Darius Vassell was match reporter---he was luvving it in true Villa fan style---seemed to get lost for words after the 3rd-------Gabby had been on earlier--- Was Southgate watching?----i very much doubt it!!!! Jack and Mings obviously--but Watkins and Barclay---must surely be a knocking!! Deano just been on Sky-------a very proud manager--- Upto 6th and theres still --"more to come" VTID--------
  3. am back in the heartland---so its good ol WM for me--need a point at least to break this loosing run,---to into yet another International break ------- VTID----Come on You Lions----
  4. Listened on Talk Sport who said Saints came with a plan-are we becoming too predictable?
  5. Another pay to view game as is the next!! We need to bounce back saints best us twice last season,so revenge is due. Come On You Lions AVFC 3 Saints 1
  6. Listened on 5 Live sounded an even first half with leeds luckily avoiding a red card--but we it seemed had no answer to Bamford!! Leeds had too much energy and just kept on coming not sitting back sounded like Shackleton Bamford and the one from wolves ran us ragged!!
  7. Leeds seem so dam fit!! Bielsa is blinkin good----ahh well cant win em all---- i just dont like football on a friday,it just aint right!!!!.and spoils a weekend, VTID---------
  8. i reckon Leeds won 2-3 last time at Villa Park--they brought that youngster Jack Clarke, i think on and he destroyed us!!! wonder whats happened to him?-------------but its a completely different Villa now---- dont like friday games----even more so when only on Pay to blinking view!!!!! Come On You Lions------------- 3 points and we top the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The game aint over till that final whistle blows--so so much can and does happen in the time added on after 90 minutes! VTID
  10. Wow what a result again-----what a different team we got now----4 games unbeaten-----2nd in league, magic!!! Well done all------------------------just a dam shame we cant go --home and away!!! VTID----------------------------------
  11. If Vardy is out then its a big bonus for us--he can be so dam dangerous as we were laid witness to at Villa Park in the league last season--- i fully endorse Dorsets comment Jack ought to be out to show the england manager exactly just what hes ignoring--and consequently help put Leicester to the sword--- Come on You Lions-- Foxes 1 AVFC 2-------- VTID---------
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