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  1. No thanks no way---did,nt like the way he left, has,nt exactly set the world alight since----we have Albert and also Andre Green fast emerging---they,ll do for me,-----Dont look back---, not for this one anyway,!!
  2. Aye seems that a fair few are missing----probably becos its the close season and there,s not much happening----hopefully things will pick up as the transfers begin to flow and the new season approaches. VTID-----
  3. would be a major coup for Steve Bruce and he would certainly be setting his store out-----a true professional who was one of the best defenders to play in the Premiership,and in recent years to grace the 3 Lions shirt.----i hope it comes off, VTID-----
  4. oky koky fair enough--no time no for sentiment a new season is waiting around the corner-- lets offload all them who want away ---get some lolly in the coffers---bring in a couple of grafters and battlers and get ready for the new campaign---no one player is bigger than The Famous Aston Villa--
  5. first game v Hull and Colchester game on 9th Aug. are both on Sky,
  6. Good to see your back on the boards Corny lad,---set yourself a gettable target man and you,ll soon be there, hitting it on all cylinders.
  7. just imagine J.T.----captain leader legend alongside James Chester----and Joey Barton in midfield----wow thems battlers who love a scrap---and Stephen Pienaar up front with Jonathan,-----Premiership here we come------!!!! like him or dislike him John Terry has an abundance of footballing guts that are needed to make your way in the hustle bustle of the Championship-----some might say what price success----me i reckon hes still got a couple of seasons at least in his locker, and reckon J.T. could do a job --but would his level of commitment be akin to what he showed at his beloved Chelski?? that is my zillion dollar queston?????
  8. Hope all goes well Corny lad and your soon up and running again to cheer on The Boyzz In Claret and Blue--- all the best man----
  9. to get out of this division upwards-----grafters will be needed -them that aint afraid and will roll their sleeves up and be capable of getting stuck in----Whelan fits that category --but maybe only for a couple of seasons ---, a player who knows where the net is will be needed also----we simply cannot rely on Kodjia as good as he is for the entire season-----so Hogan and McCormack--he,s staying right?? need both to get their acts together--Hepburn -Murphy and Davis might prove useful but need further blooding and as Arry says Gabby will probably be put away to be wheeled out for the bloooose games------midfield need to chip in with a blinking goal a wee bit more often too,!!!
  10. Comings and goings this window are so so important----a couple of quality players coming in will imo help Jack to flourish---and take some of the limelght away from the lad---its painfully visibly obvious that he has quality---this forthcomng season he needs to let it flow much more consistantly and should we be pushing for a top 6 spot--then that will only help the situation,---i fullyagree with Blackcountryvillan Jack is too good a player for us to loose--
  11. Not an exciting game --but i reckon Huddersfield edged it slightly over the 120 minutes, and held their nerves once more in the penalty shoot out-- as Stu said the fans were brilliant, easily winning the noise contest,and at least i never heard that confounded drum a- banging-- well done and congrats to David Wagner and all connected to the football club-----i imagine the town will be buzzing for days----its a huge pick me up for them---- be interesting to see how they progress----its not a bad ground the people are friendly----so hopefully they will stay up and we will return there in 2 seasons time---,
  12. Am looking forward to today,s play off final----despite my disapproval of Wagner making 10 changes for the blooose game i hope Huddersfield squeeze into the Premiership,they will be backed by 39,000--be good to see a different club back in the top flight the last time for them being 45 years ago, Huddersfield 2 Reading 1 Hopefully next season----hopefully,
  13. Blimey here s two differentials for ya---Blackpool fans dont like their owners mainly the Oyston family---and take barely 6,000 to their play off -final-----thats sticking to your principals. Coventry City --fans also dont like the clubs owners namely the hedging company- Sisu---and take 43,000 to Wemberlee for their Check-a -trade Cup Final and for the next home game less than 10,000 turn up!!! And now the clubs swap places-----!!!!!!
  14. thought it was a decent game---credit toWenger and Arsenal,for a team performance------brought back bad memories of our awful awful showing 2 years ago and the subsequent fall from grace,
  15. Bang on Dorset---have to say i agree with Tony Bellow---there is no place in society for them---why do scum of this eke get put into mixed faith prisons?? where they can, and do spread their vile poison into vulnerable young minds??? they should be banged up together--the politicians and f*****g judges need to move into the real world and disregard any of this P.C. claptrap,this kind of vermin dont abide by any of societies rules-----"an eye for an eye"