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  1. Your welcome Stu-----will try to bang another off in a few weeks,----hope we can keep the forum going,
  2. A clearly visible punch and a kick "alledged"----blimey what defines actual violent conduct?----Kodjia,s thigh movement?? Bacuna getting close to a linesman??---if Chester had rolled around poleaxed and then spring up and race to get in the face of the linesman ala Fredericks --then the red card might have been produced on Sunday- ---i reckon robinson managed to get out of his last "charge" he has till 6.00 tomorrow nigh i think to lodge an appeal ---should be interesting,!!
  3. Sent a small donation this afternoon stu---by the usual method---apologies for delay --have had some costly motor expenses, as well as renewing season ticket --lol,
  4. Corking photo,s them first 2 Patrick lad ----cheers,seemingly showing all The Boyz joining in the post match celebration--scenes yesterday will live in my memory for a very very long time----Alan Hutton sharing the passion and encouraging The Holte to pump up the volume --which it sure did The North Stand too could clearly be heard at the back of The Holte the ground practiclly full to capacity-an inspiring sight there,s something magical about a packed out Villa Park brings back many many memory,s from the 70,s--the knowing what was about to happen with the reception that Gabby got,even more so after his first couple of touches---- the noise level picking up an octave or-3 to match his passion--------Joe -boy saying "they dont like it, when Gabby comes on"---the goal and final whistle celebration scenes----Jack racing across the pitch to link up with Gabby----virtually the whole squad coming up to The Holte End-----the roof being lifted off the grand old stadium by the wholesome singing of "Dont look back in anger" A great day with great scenes and memories,---- hats off to Steve Bruce for the correct substitution -----practically tailor made,---perfection!! VTID
  5. F*** me! just seen it again----not only did Robinson punch Chester in the back ---but aimed a kick too-----nasty stuff- aint that violent conduct? after all Kodija was punished for something far less violent!!!!!---hows about some retrospective punishment Mr F.A.?
  6. Steve Bruce reportedly said somewhere that its going to be a very important Summer for Gabby---if he is able to prove his fitness desire and commitment --then why not? a 12 month contract to be reviewed at its end would be fine with me---, i dont reckon bloose are going down - and- after all-we are supposed to have a squad,blimey look at Micah! ok not every game certainly not---but bluenose,s fans and players favourite player he sure aint WM phone in after the game revealed a barrage of dislike--- along the lines of -"he,s a nasty nasty person" he,s the worlds horriblist player"???-- if he can help with 4 or 6 points against em --we might be very very grateful for them in 12 months time,its all down to Gabby and S.B.----- opinions differ, thats human nature. we dont appear to have much young talent playing week in week out at the moment--Green picks up injury,s due imo to his style of play, G.G dont play every week Jack is inconsistant Baker is good but can be prone to injury---who else is there or can we bring in? S.B. also commented that if Gabby had not gotten injured against Preston in the 2-2 draw presumably then he would have figured more. in the last few months,
  7. Was good to get a chorus or 3 of- that old croaker--Hi Ho Silver Lining in just before the start, "Everyhere you go now Babeeeeee" going to toast the win with a wee dram of Tullimore Dew with a couple of Heineken chasers----luverleee juberleee----Well done The Boyz In Claret and Blue----and well done S.B. and his m,ment team.
  8. Gabby turned the game today----he had fire in his belly and it showed-----booked trying to get the ball off Shotton for a free kick, booted the ball out in front of their fans, mouthed a few words at em, ran his butt off, won 3/4 flick ons and made a thorough nuisance of himself,wound up The Faithful those who heard the applause etc when he came on will know what i mean, and clearly rattled bloose and their following!! got a whack in the back off Robinson--and put away our only shot on target!! who else was gonna score? who else showed the emotion and passion needed in a second city derby-? none in midfield did!!! Hogan received no service what so ever,, nah for me Gabby should still be in The Claret and Blue next season----to be used wisely by Stevee Bruce----- "if the cap fits"
  9. Gabby Gabby Gabby Agbonlahor---------had to be, some sour grapes after from Appy Arry-----"Tommy did,nt even get his gloves dirty"------and some bitching about Gabby coming on for 10 minutes---(more like 30 Arry) scoring and being happy with that for another year!! or something bitchy along them lines----miserble so* did anyone notice Robinson punch Chester in the back and the momentum knock Chester over when he was running to join in the goal celebration? he did the same thing to Gabby later on-------sneeky snake!!!
  10. First car to pass me when i joined M6 this morning had a registration begining GBY !! took it as an omen----told Joe when i saw him------- little passion in the game until Gabby joined the fray --a booking within 3 minutes then soon after found the net following our first corner and a game of head tennis intiated and kept going by Baker----- neither keeper was really tested---back 4 and Jedinak all played well----to me Hogan cannot play as a lone striker he looked far better when joined by Gabby albeit for only a short time---- boy o boy did we miss Kodija----thought blooose bossed midfield and i got doubts about Bacuna Lansbury and probably Hourihan-- great atmosphere crowd 40,000+------ nice tribute to Ugo before the start and 44th minute---respected by all good and timely substitution by S.B.---------Gabby sure fired both bloose and the crowd up,----i reckon some of his collegue took note! Good to see Jack race onto the field to join Gabby at the final whisle--and to see all the Villa players hurry to The Holte End---to applaud the faithful-- VTID-----
  11. Best wishes Corny lad, -----you,ll be fine ---positive thoughts man positive thoughts,
  12. Now would,nt that be nice,-----
  13. Sorry to hear the sad news ,R.I.P Ugo, condolences to family and friends.
  14. Thats how i saw it too Patrick----Fredericks to me kicked out into Kodjia,s groin or stomach with his boot whilst on the deck,-Kodji then appeared to slightly bend his thigh we,ve all done something very similar--- a mild mild act of retaliation----just giving it back-- with no intent to injure or maim just stand one,s own ground----Frederciks then jumped up and flew whingingly straight into the face of the linesman as if he had been struck by a thunderbolt---not lying prostrate motionless on the ground as what might have been the case!!the incompetent ref and his 4th official and linesman fully bought his act and it was a red only for Kodji-----poor poor officiating in all circumstanes!! and then to get a one match ban --for "a violent act" is a complete p*****take and reluctance admittance that they completely screwed it up!!!--- one simple question-------Does the punishment fit the----(alledged) crime,,? says it all in my book!!!!!!!