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  1. looked a bit uneasy yesterday but we were by then on the defensive---and it was new ground for him, i rate the lads attacking quality,s better than his defensive ones and he can swing a decent cross over,--am not over impressed with Adomah of late, it was Bacuna who put the best ball over when Green hit the post---personally i,d be tempted to give him a game from the start in the front 3----Taylor does look more composed at Left Back.
  2. we had that bit of luck that is needed when DB9,s strong penalty shout was denied-----so maybe just maybe the tide is starting to turn, but the last 15 munutes were so frustrating all around me fans were screaming at em to hold the ball,so so many balls just hoofed up field ---and no one was there so Derby had yet another folly into our half and area thankfully they did not capitalise we must hold onto that dam ball not get rid as though its red hot---we have the players to do this so why not do it?---we had no forwards when that final substitution was made!so why why why hoof it?? from the start we had no one who could hold the ball up front------Rudi has gone !!!!! ironic that the John Carew song echoed from The Holte a couple of times!!!!!!!! i reckon Green deserves another run out on Tuesday and G.G. may get a recall-- -------but the Boyz to me did,nt seem to be fit!!!! pleased that both Jedinack and Lansbury saw the game out. we must move forward now and pick up 6 points from the next 2--that should see us survive to fight another season in the championship,
  3. a lot of tins papers and cardboard blown into garden from bins on estate at back of house which were due due to emptied, and a very old tree "snapped" down in field i and several others walk their dogs in----luckily no one was underneath it! nothing else ive noticed quite lucky compared to many,--
  4. Villa ground out the 3 points, at last-----the final 12 minutes were tense and nail biting we gave Derby so much time and space---the relief from the crowd at the final whistle was patently obvious----wtf did Bacuna say to earn a red? still at least as Joe said he,ll be unavailable for tuesday----thought G.G. showed some fight and bite in his cameo. Hutton gave his usual 100% effort can,t fault the lad- for what he puts in.-------there seems a communication breakdown between the keeper and his defence---but he did make a couple of real good saves,---Green came very close in the second half --but that was our only attempt in the 2nd 45, good to see a fair few players Lansbury Hutton Jedinak Taylor G.G Chester Amavi included come over and applaud the fans at the end still at least saturday night aint ruined by football----onwards and upwards now 3 more points on Tuesday will do just fine, VTID-------------
  5. Come On VILLA-----f.f.s lets win one and get some ground shifted between us and the bottom ----you owe us a win start today!! all them thats going safe travelling, VTID----
  6. do the players want to play for s.b.?-----do they want to play for AVFC?----do they want to play ? now they have arrived and are on mega bucks? confidence seems to be sapping every game------there is no team spirit highly emphasised by the injury to Hogan on monday----Gary Thompson was raging about this on wm-----quite rightly so!!! we,ll come out of the blocks for 15 minutes ---Derby will contain us easily soak it up we,ll have 1001 attempts at goal--then will get in our faces the boyz will become shrinking violets,they will hit the onion bag once maybe twice in the first 45-with their first attempts---then the usual half time mug of tea and chat---2nd half will be all Derby they will hit a couple more--the boyz will be booed off again, substitutions will be made in the 83 85 88 minutes----game will finish with us smashed again the boyz will go home in their top of the range flash wheels----and it,ll soon b repeated all over again on tuesday against Bristol--- give me the same old story------its so predictable----old McClaren will be licking his lips--
  7. dont know how to load --but according to the Birmingham Mail Christopher Samba the ex Blackburn and Q.P.R. defender is now training with Villa,
  8. dont know how to load --but according to the Birmingham Mail Christopher Samba the ex Blackburn and Q.P.R. defender is now training with Villa,
  9. reckon a big mistake recently was buying so many new players and " blooding" them so quickly into the first team---ok Hogan Lansbury and Hourihane were already championship players----but to throw them all in the mix together with Bjarnason into a team where they were newcomers and expect them to "gel" instantly was a "bridge too far" and dont forget both Taylor and Bree have also made their debuts in the few weeks since arriving-----too much too soon imo,
  10. Owen Coyle sacked after 8 months as manager of Blackburn,
  11. 0-3 DB9 Hat Trick------ Ince will tear that defence to pieces--- Derby are a team ----we aint simple as,
  12. bang on-----where,s the "we are all in this together" motto gone? coz we are clearly NOT..definately a formula for relegation!!!!! where was the captain? where was the senior players? strewth we had 4 ex captains on the f*****g pitch!!!!! "i,m allright jack"---------------this attitude needs ADDRESSING messrs Bruce Calderwood n Clemence-----NOW!!!!!!!!!! do something for your mega bucks cos you done NOWT between 8.00pm and 9,50 pm----on the long journey back to B6 no time like the present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i reckon Rotherham are down-----is there 2 worse teams than us at the moment in the bottom 8? with games against Rotherham Burton Wigan Blackburn,and Bristol to come we shall soon be finding out, what really p*****d me tonight was the clear desertion of Hogan!even when the stretcher came on no one gave a f*** except Hutton and G.G.-----pathetic ----shows that we simply aint a team=blimey o riley the geordie fans showed more compassion!!!!!