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  1. Everyone is making me nervous with the ideal we should get 3pts with ease against Fulham, Sunderland Norwich I am probably more confident when we are playing away we have been horrendus at home. I think we are going to be in for a rough ride and i'm really hoping we pull through!
  2. The team needs to concentrate on closing the gap on the teams above us and not think about the one's below us. Onwards and up!
  3. Who is going to be caught crying on MOTD if we go down lol
  4. I have to agree in terms of AM he was crucified yeh we were poor but this season we are an embarrassment
  5. Why don't we gamble on people who actually care about our club Ian Taylor Dion Dublin Martin Laursen etc
  6. Generally we look really lightweight, Lambert needs to sign up Loyal & Peever :D :D
  7. I was hearing a couple of nights ago they are in serious trouble and near administration but I've heard nothing official.
  8. This is not reliable but I've seen a few messages on twitter that Darren Bent will be available for the Norwich game well at least on the bench!
  9. Does anyone know what has happened to Delph?
  10. I have a lot of friends that are bluenoses and i've got to feel a little bit sorry for them. I enjoyed them getting relegated but for their owners to be so corrupt and now they are going to be ripped apart I would say they will practically have to start all over again in terms of a team and with all their key players leaving they have no chance of promotion and they will be now flirting with relegation.
  11. Love this video - SEND IN THE CLOWNS! watch it all day! :thumbsup:
  12. Shame about the rubbish shirt he is wearing in the 2nd photo :roll:
  13. I was on a 10 hour bender yesterday, I've been invited out to the pub but I really can't take anymore drink. I'll be watching the normal trash on tv + MOTD and i'll be playing some fifa on my xbox. :lolthumb:
  14. Me in Germany, few years back.
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