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  1. Weimann is starting to get on my t*ts looks like that contract has got to him! He needs to raise it or Lambert needs to drop him!!!!!!!
  2. Hopefully Helenius, Tonev and Kozak get a run out before the last 10 mins of play lol
  3. Yawnfest first half, West Ham have no final product and we have nothing at all! Lambert needs to change it or I see West Ham getting a fluky goal and stealing all 3 points, we need some attacking threat or we are going to lose again! The problem is I look at the bench and don't see alot.
  4. On the skysports centre it's set out as a 4-5-1/4-3-3 with Weimann and Bacuna on wings.
  5. Guzan Bacuna Vlaar Clark Baker Sylla Westwood Delph Weimann Tonev Benteke
  6. I have no sympathy for these fans, rules are rules most people abide by these everyday, if you don't like them tough no one is special. If you are warned to sit down and don't then you give the stewards ammunition to throw you out. In all my time going the Villa I have never had an issue with stewards always been helpful its normally other villa fans being dicks that has upset me.
  7. If England turn up we win, we have more quality all over the park; if we faff around Scotland could edge it from a set piece - the end :D
  8. Don't worry Darren Bent scores goals!!
  9. If you lose to baggies you deserve to go down lol
  10. Least Swansea will play football, stoke embarrassment to the Prem and the midlands.
  11. Even though relegation is still possible, I just think that the number of variables that would have to go against us is unlikely.
  12. Last time a team went down with more than 40pts was West Ham (Claret & Blue) 10 years ago..... Oh no....... lol
  13. lol isn't it quite ironic how the teams involved have quite abit of bitterness towards us Wigan - Whelan/Martinez saga Newcastle - Relegation/Hatred saga Sunderland - Bent/Di Canio saga Norwich - Lambert saga The fight is on to the death !!!
  14. Sunderland is a win or bust game!!!
  15. Everyone is making me nervous with the ideal we should get 3pts with ease against Fulham, Sunderland Norwich I am probably more confident when we are playing away we have been horrendus at home. I think we are going to be in for a rough ride and i'm really hoping we pull through!
  16. The team needs to concentrate on closing the gap on the teams above us and not think about the one's below us. Onwards and up!
  17. Who is going to be caught crying on MOTD if we go down lol
  18. I have to agree in terms of AM he was crucified yeh we were poor but this season we are an embarrassment
  19. Why don't we gamble on people who actually care about our club Ian Taylor Dion Dublin Martin Laursen etc
  20. Generally we look really lightweight, Lambert needs to sign up Loyal & Peever :D :D
  21. This is not reliable but I've seen a few messages on twitter that Darren Bent will be available for the Norwich game well at least on the bench!
  22. Does anyone know what has happened to Delph?
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