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  1. What do everyone's warning points have in common.... have a think about it :wank2:
  2. If he doesn't come up with a Plan B for the next games coming up, we will be in a relegation scrap exactly like last season that's my worry.
  3. No one expects us to play champagne football but apart from the early games the football has been horrendous, I left around 80mins as it became a training exercise for Man United and the game was dead. When I was going towards the end of last season yeah we looked defensively shambolic at times but when we played - it got exciting this season it's like the team has been drained of ideas.
  4. I'm not going to be to critical about Baker because if we hadn't of been unlucky with Vlaar and Okore he would of sat most of this season on the bench. I liked Sylla back end of last season but Lambert dropped him the start of this and he has lost all confidence misplaced passes all the time. El Ahmadi has to spend some time on the bench everything he does is poor to average. Benteke looks like he no longer wants to be at Villa which is a shame so I would cash in soon and get someone who does!
  5. Defensively we have not been great of late but collectively the team is not helping each other from winning it back in midfield and holding it up in attack. We need Ron back as he has been our best defender this season, Delph will be back in Midfield and I would be willing to give Gardner and Herd ago to try and strengthen that up for me Sylla and El Ahamdi are not doing enough.
  6. No one wants him to batter or slaughter them but he needs to come out and tell us what he is going to try to address so we at least have some future hope. I have heard him on the radio just and he least said that we need to improve defensively and keep and pass the ball better.
  7. Lambert has some headaches because I would find it very hard to get any sort of positives out of that. I can't understand why we didn't give Gardner 20 mins?
  8. Lambert: I can't fault the effort :roll: :roll:
  9. That squad requires help and hopefully Lambert will be able to get it, pref an out and out winger, attacking mid and possibly another CB as losing Okore for the season was a blow.
  10. What annoys me is we were substandard vs Cardiff at home, yet he plays the same team against an inform WBA side.
  11. I would of took 2-2 all day long after being 2-0 down so great result!
  12. We are better with Gabby in the team as pace creates more space for other players.
  13. Gotta love it, Joe Bennett apparently is injured with a back injury yet he is at a school with Lowton playing Cricket and Tennis while running around :D
  14. Not a bad shout although, I would go for Johnson in for Walker depending on the opponent Cole is better defensively than Baines and I think Wellbeck is decent apart from that fact he can't finish 9/10 chances :D
  15. hope he didn't drop the soap!
  16. http://7500toholte.sbnation.com/2013/11/13/5101440/Aston-Villa-injury-news-charles-nzogbia
  17. 9 Players (ouch) F Delph Knee Injury 25th Nov 13 C Clark Ankle/Foot Injury no return date A Weimann Hamstring Injury 25th Nov 13 A Luna Hamstring Injury 25th Nov 13 J Bennett Back Injury 4th Dec 13 G Agbonlahor Ankle/Foot Injury 25th Nov 13 G Gardner Back Injury no return date J Okore ACL Knee Injury Jun 14 C N'Zogbia Calf/Shin Injury no return date
  18. N'Zogbia's twitter account has dried up, must be loving off instagram.
  19. I would like to see Guzan Lowton Clark Vlaar Luna Sylla Westwood Delph Bacuna Gabby Benteke Just a side note, I didnt realise how quick Bacuna was he caught Frazier Campbell who is no slouch and he had a good start on him!
  20. Don't want to sound harsh but I feel Weimann needs the rest he has been ineffective and poor for most of this season so far. I would go Guzan Lowton Clark Vlaar Baker Delph Westwood Sylla Bacuna Tonev Benteke
  21. Bent bailed us out but it was partly down to Houllier's poor management that got us into that mess as I said with a better squad than Lambert has had to start with. Lambert struggled last season but he eventually got us out of the mire by hardwork. I'm not saying Lambert is perfect, no person/manager is but I can see we are heading in the right direction under Lambert so we need to stick with it!
  22. Because Houllier had much more experience in the squad and spent 18m on one player -Perhaps maybe?
  23. The game was fairly dull yesterday but i'm pleased we got a point. I think our start has been fair considering the fixtures we have had, I mean we had chances to beat Everton and again yesterday vs West ham so we could of easily been sitting here with 6 points unfortunately that didn't happen, I believe Lambert will address the issues in the next couple of seasons if he gets the chance! For all the doubters; even parts of the O'Neill regime was damaging to a club like Everton have grown season have season and would have 1 or 2 average flops signings we have 4-5, then O'Neill leaving and t
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