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  1. > Dorset I heard that he is out of contract at the end of the season, so they may want to get something for him.
  2. The football has got so bad especially at home I had to miss Swansea and I didn't go today, I have been leaving Villa park most home games dejected and borderline angry I don't want to feel like that it shouldn't be that way!
  3. stevo, this isn't an isolated event, we were embarrsed by Millwall, lost against Bradford on agg.......
  4. The biggest problem is when you are trying to justify a defeat against a lower league one side at home!
  5. In Lambert's defence he did say he would like to get to the stage where he can buy a couple of players rather than trying to sign 7 in one go to create a bigger squad. I don't think Tonev is the worst signing in the world but for someone who is obviously paid a substantial amount of money I have the opinion Tonev was a lazy recommendation signing rather than maybe looking at other options but who knows!
  6. We lost using players we could of rested, that makes it even worse.
  7. Lambert has spoken - we are taking this seriously!
  8. lol loyal, come on you are exaggerating just slightly, people are questioning decisions made by a Manager who earns a lot of money to get things right I think that's fair for any fan to do.
  9. I hope everyone who is going today gets to enjoy a good game of football considering they are an average league one team, we should be able to control the game lol.
  10. Looking at the amazing source of twitter past couple of days Jermaine Jones (32yr old defensive mid looks a mean mdfker!) and Anthony Pilkington (25yr old winger) being mentioned.
  11. The realism is well and truly set in though now. The days of blowing horrendous amounts of money to finish 6th are gone - thank god!
  12. Tonev looks the biggest flop so far - dead horse
  13. When did the fairplay kick in this season?
  14. I'm not going to criticise Lambert about the FA Cup our squad is not big enough to go full pelt at this, we should win tomorrow, the worst outcome for us would be a replay.
  15. Wonder if Baker tackled him?
  16. It would be sucide to risk Vlaar over a cup we have a remote chance of winning.
  17. The cup is a secondary priority in this 17 year project, so the team has to be balanced with squad players as we can't afford to lose key players we are bad enough with a full strength team :D
  18. Gardner/Helenius/Tonev these guys need some game time 3-4 of the players need to try and get some confidence.
  19. I think Lambert will balance it with first teamers and fringe players
  20. Surely Gardner should be given a run out?
  21. I would give the fringe players a chance and rest as many first team players as we can. I still think we should be strong enough to win this maybe try another formation.
  22. To get through this season I honestly believe we need 2 but I would like 3.
  23. He fits the age bracket, he started off well but lost confidence because I believe the lack of games would definitely be an option.
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