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  1. It was quite ironic when I was listening to the rerun of WM phone in and most of the Villa fans going on about the "Project" it does make you think its all spin to make us think we are actually going to go somewhere with Learner and Lambert sucking the club dry.
  2. Look Skyba, you can justify all you like about this project is succeeding blah blah, restraints etc etc The Villa Park faithful are speaking and it's sounds like this "BOO"
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01ngvpf/WM_Sport_Postmatch_04_01_2014/ From 20mins on I believe
  4. I've never met you though, I was going to turn up but rawly seems quite angry so I didn't want to end up in no hope.
  5. I think you sort of get an accurate reading of how the manager is perceived etc by what i call the "hardcore following" = away fans. The few I speak to were fully behind Lambert last season, this season not so!
  6. Most of our managers apart from probably Mon have had restrictions on them, some have failed, some have shone - the overall problem with Lambert is most of what he does is extremely poor, I don't think he is tactically great, I don't see him as a motivator most 2nd half performances this season have been as bad as the first. The signings are suspect, he seems to constantly play under-performing players and he doesn't seem to know what he is on about half the time.
  7. If you look at Little and Gregory they have an affiliation to the club, I think we need to bring someone in who knows and cares about our club, not someone passing through picking up a pay cheque!
  8. Due to my age, my first fond memories of Villa was Big Ron, all them players were like heroes to me Atkinson, Daley, Yorke, Staunton, Saunders, God!
  9. I reckon we could put a team together from this site who would give Villa a good game at home :roll:
  10. team rawly was flirting with relegation last season, this season could possibly finish top 4.
  11. The problem I have with this whole situation is if Lambert was kicked/left whatever - who comes in because I don't see much available I would want.
  12. I agree, fans on this board may have different opinions but for the fans that turned up to VP today deserve a lot of credit!
  13. You can't sign players on a free - think of the WAGES man THE WAGES!!!
  14. When I play 5aside on a Thursday we go out and do basically what we want, Professional players are instructed on how the manager wants to setup counter, attacking, defensive whatever after an 8-0 he decides play a similar style we got battered by Wigan and Spurs not exactly clever is it.
  15. We conceded 15 goals in 3 games soley down to Lambert - so its not exactly going to be hard to reduce that and the points tally is hardly amazing.
  16. Sorry but I'm not asking to be Title contenders/Champions league or Europa, I'm asking for the team to be continuously going in the right direction the problem this season we are going backwards, the football is awful, the tactics are constantly wrong at home especially against teams that are similar quality to us. How many other managers have restraints yet get the best from the squad. I don't see any shoots of improvement or any reason to back Lambert I just see embarrassment and failure and this should never be accepted by Aston Villa fans.
  17. I would say a vote of confidence would be good lol
  18. > Dorset I heard that he is out of contract at the end of the season, so they may want to get something for him.
  19. The football has got so bad especially at home I had to miss Swansea and I didn't go today, I have been leaving Villa park most home games dejected and borderline angry I don't want to feel like that it shouldn't be that way!
  20. stevo, this isn't an isolated event, we were embarrsed by Millwall, lost against Bradford on agg.......
  21. The biggest problem is when you are trying to justify a defeat against a lower league one side at home!
  22. In Lambert's defence he did say he would like to get to the stage where he can buy a couple of players rather than trying to sign 7 in one go to create a bigger squad. I don't think Tonev is the worst signing in the world but for someone who is obviously paid a substantial amount of money I have the opinion Tonev was a lazy recommendation signing rather than maybe looking at other options but who knows!
  23. We lost using players we could of rested, that makes it even worse.
  24. Lambert has spoken - we are taking this seriously!
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