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  1. Norwich small club syndrome.
  2. I see Stu has cracked the whip :roll:
  3. I think most of our budget this season was blown on Kozak and unfortunate he is now injured. Defour would of been decent but that was ruled out that tells me that Lambert's budget is non existent plus him using the loan system. All in all Hoolahan is the best we can hope for and will give us something different hopefully N'Zogbia will get another chance.
  4. Skyba, you are making the statements about Hoolahan not being that great and you are fairly sure we could find someone better for a similar price but you can't back up those claims, any player outside of the uk is always going to be a higher gamble because it's not just down to ability but settling etc so for the price banded about you are not going to find anyone better than Hoolahan.
  5. I think he would improve us, he and Holt were stand outs for Norwich when they came up also we have gone down the route of Tonev and it don't look that good so far.
  6. I'm sure if Norwich get the reinforcements they want, Hoolahan will be coming to us on deadline day!
  7. Showed ability and pride second half Benteke should kick on, bring in the reinforcements!!
  8. If we can stay in this game, we have a slim chance as we have the counter attacking ability to hurt Arsenal, if Arsenal score early it could be 3 or 4.
  9. I have to agree, I haven't met that many people who control weed lol
  10. Nathan Baker injured?
  11. Stats are stats, the people on benefit street will be classed as legit, doesnt mean it's right, I could walk into a doctors give him a textbook of answers and he'll sign me off for 2 weeks on stress i'll still go down as a legit time off even if im not. The white woman on the show researching the internet getting info to aid the other scroungers on that road it's disgusting! That's why the government are trying to sort out the system as it's falwed and easy to get around.
  12. +1 - This is my stance, I always say if you can't afford kids, don't have them. A lot of benefits are hard to monitor who is actually legit and who is just a serial hyprocondriac, I find it refreshing when you meet people who have severe problems but still maintain some type of work even if its less hours etc.
  13. I heard from a twitter source (as reliable as sauce) Defour is in Birmingham We are interested in Anthony Limbombe. Super Wes has deffo put in a transfer request.
  14. 90% I beg to differ, I live in an area where benefit fraud is everywhere, people claiming job seekers then constantly doing foreigners without any intention of working, notching up the children so they can claim more it's disgusting.
  15. I would say a CB is required because Vlaar looks like he is prone to niggly injuries. - Clark probably edges out Baker as I find him useless!
  16. In January; CB CAM ST Summer: RB & LB WINGER
  17. Also the fact that the ball will be flying over him, isn't that appealing either
  18. Defeats are part of the game, I can accept that, I remember when we lost 3-2 to Man United, I was devastated but I thought wow we put in a shift tonight and was unlucky, but what I can't take is lack of commitment, effort and idea how to win a game. Lambert has embarrassed this club too many times - it's not right!
  19. The VP faithful are paying quite a substantial amount of money to see dross, that's probably why they are more against Lambert (seeing him prance around the touchline clueless) then maybe the majority of people watching the game in a nice cosy home or office.
  20. Well considering I pay for 2 season ticket's (misses) and I am served up with dross most home games, I think I am entitled to be heavily critical of Lambert.
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