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  1. I feel sorry for the fans who have travelled, how can we call ourselves a Premiership side - terrible!
  2. We can't keep performing like this - The midfielders are all the same no guile or change of pace to slip a ball through this is horrendus!
  3. I am mate, but I hate this time of the season, games running out and we are still not safe from the dreaded drop zone! :(
  4. I'm dreading this game, I am at the point of the week - where the grey cloud has moved on with everything regarding Villa - another defeat and i'm going to be highly depressed and I hate being like it lol.
  5. If Gabby is fit, I would drop Weimann and give Tonev ago - he looked half decent when he came on vs Fulham and had a shot on target :wow:
  6. We need to go with AM tactics and shut up shop 4-5-1 :D
  7. Sorry, I just couldn't :wow: help myself
  8. :dunce: :dunce: :dunce: :dunce: :dunce: :dunce: :stongue: :stongue: :stongue: :stongue: :stongue: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2:
  9. I don't think it's bad business, it's not exciting but under the current regime, we are not going to buy any marquee signings! We are broke, Lerner's ex misses cleared us out!
  10. My negativity won us the game :
  11. Big 3 points 31 now with 10 games left!
  12. He has no other options because of the sh*te he signed!!
  13. Why are we playing at the sports direct arena? Lambert clueless same team and formation that cant break teams down at home. Get him out!!!
  14. He has to change the formation get Albrighton on the right Gabby left Weimann Benteke in attack service required.
  15. You know what is really sad, I honestly don't believe Villa can beat Norwich next - I just can't see it !!!
  16. I'm sorry have to disagree Gabby shouldnt even been mentioned today because he made things happen, Weimann is like a school kid trying to get picked by the captain running around with a first touch of a rapist - please pack him off to the championship!
  17. I'll agree Gabby has been poor of late but least he is getting in the right positions, Benteke and Weimann are just dog sh*te!
  18. I believe we'll stay up still and scrape past the finishing line but it just strengthens that fact Lambert has run out of ideas. That tactic has been worked out change it!, get some proper width on the ball and let's keep possession instead of that pointless hoof. I was watching Bacuna with plenty of time on the ball yet he has obviously been instructed to hoof it - I'm just annoyed that Newcastle were not good and yet again Villa performance poorly.
  19. Albrighton should start, he works hard but also has the ability to put a good ball in the box which is what we've lacked since Lowton went off the radar. Guzan Bacuna, Vlaar, Clark, Bertrand Westwood, Delph Albrighton, Gabby, Bennett Benteke
  20. morerattled taking the p*ss as usual :D
  21. Come on Loyal don't try to backtrack now, your post is basically stating that you were right and basically addressing the people who have heavily criticised Lambert. I must really need to revisit the word humour as I find nothing funny in that post apart from the topic title.
  22. It's borderline embarrasing for a mod to create a topic like this when the season isnt even over, yet he then wants to ridicule ak for having an opinion over Gabby.
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