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  1. Decided to give the Villa match a miss.
  2. Come on Ireland! (even though I hate O'Neill)
  3. because you are talking about restrictions lol
  4. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-city-fc-owners-bihl-7602095
  5. I'm already bored without the Villa, I can't wait to be go back home next season! OMG, this is an oldie (im thin!) outside Cologne's stadium 2005 I think. COWS?
  6. I have done this in the past but have learnt valuable lessons, never say anything till the FT whistle.
  7. This thread was always right, bow down to the mighty Loyal and remember about rule 1 + 2 :wow: :wow: :hh: :hh: :hh: :hh:
  8. I have quite a few mates who are noses, so in a way I feel a tad sorry for them, I wouldn't wish relegation on anyone :(
  9. I would say Carlo Ancelotti is still number 1 as a member lost the right to use this board after that lol. You would be number 2 with QIA Lambert lovers at 3 :D You are involved in two of the top 3 - well done Skyba!
  10. I disagree, Clark has all the attributes to be as good as Gary Cahill but unlike Gary he doesn't have a good team around him too many passengers in the defensive unit and the midfield, Clark is naive trying to make up for others and constantly get's caught out of position and obtains yellow cards. Baker is just an awful footballer, he should be sacked - crimes against football.
  11. Clark really needs to replace Baker!
  12. Team Loyal has cracked under the pressure; Sacro has disappeared, Skyba has turned on Lambert, other members have stopped talking rubbish and Loyal was last seen running off with a Canadian! :dunce: :wank2: :clown: :
  13. Vlaar is a decent defender, but you can only be as good as the unit around you, Bacuna just never stays in position, Lowton is the weakest fullback i've ever seen, Baker is not a prem player, Clarke makes rash decisions and Bertrand is just mr average (how did he play in a CL final) if he carries on like this Mourinho would never play him!
  14. I'll be at the Hull game in hope than expectation and If I lived miles away like some, I would of spent it at home doing something more constructive than watching that shower of sh*te embarrased to be a Villa fan at the moment the club from top to bottom is rubbish!
  15. He has to change it next week, Tonev has to start and we need to mix it up, I know the options are limited but we can't let Hull know exactly how we are going to play it's suicide! 4-4-2
  16. I can't see them winning both games, just for the fact to be 2-0 up and throw it away will finish them.
  17. The problem is not only do we have a useless manager, the chairman does not want to spend any money as he wants out :(
  18. As I said before running after a ball is still not worthy of a place Weimann and Gabby have been equally sh*t!!!
  19. We'll win Gabby will score!!!!
  20. Got smashed again today at home - worse than us! The trap door is opening for these :D
  21. :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: :wank2: For all team loyal members!
  22. The 2nd half - we were crying out to change it up, Palace were getting closer and closer and the clown just sits there as all the options he has bought are sh*te!
  23. Nothing to be Pro Villa about at all, Management are clueless, Players are shocking, Home Crowd is dwindling - we are a complete and utter embarrassment!
  24. The whole team is an embarrassment to Aston Villa, what do they actually do in training run around cones?
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