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  1. Thank you for correcting my mistake, and it will be even more difficult to bring 3 points back from there.
  2. It's sure, Villa has one game less but it's against Manchester City and it's home.
  3. Catastrophic second half. Now I'm looking forward to a win against Southampton, that's where we'll see if VILLA is a 'BIG' team.
  4. absolutely agree with you. But in France and in other Mediterranean countries it is not the state of mind. You in Britain call it the fighting spirit, and frankly I love it.
  5. I almost stopped the match during the stoppage time, but that's English football ....... I LOVE 😀
  6. Thank you Larry My head is in Paris, my heart in Villa Parc
  7. Larry-AV I'm really sorry if I "hurt" you by putting the sum in pounds but in no way is it French sarcasm. I love England and these people.


    Me, if I did not take ipTV, I am often absent, it is because we cannot record the matches.
  9. I pay 23.54 Livre for the English championship and the French champion.
  10. I was afraid that the match would not be broadcast on the RMC SPORT channel (in France) but they have it scheduled in the end. 😃
  11. Great game from the whole team, I really enjoyed Mr. Cash's style. Too bad this cut of 13 days, I hope that it will not cut the envy of the group.
  12. despite that this showdown come a bit too early, I am waiting to see the strengths of the team which will give me some insight into the value of the Villans. I am in front of my screen and I am impatiently awaiting the meeting. Go villa
  13. I am very disappointed and surprised at the same time, because I thought that Dean Smith will field a team with more starters, because for me one of the club's priorities is to win the League Cup or the FA Cup. Now I look forward to Sunday's game.
  14. On the newspaper in France he talks about Milot Rashica Kosovar attacking midfielder for 18 million euros.
  15. English Championship Hello, I would like to know and understand how the calendar for the English league is prepared, because unlike in France a team plays once away and the following day at home, while at home it does not happen like that. Thank you for answering me cordially
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