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  1. Hi fully agree with your comments. We look tired and clueless. Never tested their keeper once. Didn't turn up. I think Smith has lost the dressing room. Time to go I think. You have to put the effort in to survive. We didn't.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your reply. Woeful again last night. Didn't turn up ,yet again. Defence looks very shaky. Set pieces, especially corners,woeful. I honestly thought with Terry on board, we would be rock solid. Wrong. I know Smith is a Villa fan but this system in all areas isn't working. Time to go I think. Didn't want to say this but being realistic on what I've been watching.
  3. Hi Freddy, many thanks for your welcome to this website. I can see you have supported the Villa for a considerable time. Have you ever received any feedback from the coaching staff or players. I would be interested to know. One of my other observations which frustrates me is on corners. When we are defending a set piece corner, we field all of our players in our area. We dont leave anyone which should be a small fast player on the halfway line. If we did this the opposition would have to put 2 players on him,plus their goalkeeper ,this would make their attack less dangerous and if we did clea
  4. Defence issues 😒 I watch and wonder why we dont tighten up the opposition wingers. We give them far too much room and time to cross the ball into our six yard danger area. Our left and right back guys should be hot on their heels and prevent them from having time on the ball. This issue is the same every game ,which is why we are conceding too many goals. I can see it ,why cant our coaching staff see it and address this big issue before it's too late. I do hope the coaching staff read these comments. This is my very first post on this forum.
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