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  1. McGinn return .... desperate (next 3 fixtures easy) John McGinn returning and back to his best is in my view totally pivotal to our chances of survival. I'm annoyed at Grealish not committing to the club after all the club has done for him. However McGinn is our main man. The next 3 fixtures at first glance are tough (Chelsea, Leicester and Newcastle). However these are 3 of the worst teams in the league based on their current league form. Chelsea (won 1 of last 6) Leicester (won 1 of last 7) Newcastle (won 0 of last 5) That's 2 wins in 18 games between them !
  2. Yes - DS post-match interview was interesting. What went wrong ? Don't know will have to look at it. Have you signed a goalie ? Don't know - ask someone else Are you close to signing a centre forward ? Don't know - ask someone else What did you make of Drinkwater ? He had a good game and he'll get even better Beam me up Scotty
  3. Sorry ............ had a sense of humour by-pass when I thought you were serious about Glen Murray ....... but then again ... maybe ..... Naaaah
  4. Give us a break .... Glen Murray isn't the answer ...... we need to think bigger and longer term than that. What about Odsonne Edouard from Celtic. I believe he would be available for £30 - £35M.
  5. McGinn - becoming desperate We need McGinn back ASAP (or one or two superb signings). There is no steel at all without McGinn. Teams are walking through us. We are even being dominated by bottom half teams. I worry by the time he returns will it be too late ?
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