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  1. Maybe if our so called “amazing fan base” were more supportive during matches, players would feel more empowered and less terrified of making mistakes. It should be intimidating for the opponents, not our team. It’s not rocket surgery!
  2. Bruce was to blame for many things, but he didn’t cause the disgraceful state that Xia and Wyness got us into. As awful as I felt after the playoff defeat, in hindsight I’m pleased we didn’t go up and we have a new era to look forward to. Promotion would’ve allowed those frauds to brush all the problems under the carpet. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward.
  3. It seems that it was a made up twitter rumour. Not sure why anyone would feel the need to do that, but still. Fake news I think.
  4. I’ve heard this too. Really talented lad and could really improve us down that side.
  5. Green has the ability and aptitude to improve massively and fit into the system, with decent coaching. He’ll certainly graft for the team off the ball and get into good areas when attacking. He’s got ability, just needs direction and guidance.
  6. Talk of Andre Green returning. Only makes sense if at least one wide man is leaving, although I think he’ll improve massively under Smith.
  7. I think Jack’s post put it to bed. He’s not posting that if Tammy hasn’t told him he’s staying.
  8. Fully agree with the previous 3 posts. It would be lovely if the fan base at large would buy into it and stop panicking and booing when things aren’t quite right.
  9. Entirely agree. For me Abraham and Bolasie represent the end of boom and bust at Villa. No more short term thinking, time to start investing time and effort in our own players and building something sustainable. Dean Smith is the man to do that imo, even if it takes 3-4 seasons. It would be lovely to get promoted, but it shouldn’t be the be-all-and-end-all.
  10. I read that, but apparently U23 games count. Not sure though as non registered players can play too, like Samba did for us. Needs clarifying.
  11. I don’t know about that, but U23s does.
  12. Evening Standard reporting that Abraham would be ineligible to play for another club, having already featured for Villa and Chelsea U23s.
  13. Abraham has been brilliant for us, but he’s a loan player. Part of me would much prefer us to get the best out of Hogan and Davis. Let Tammy go and sit on the bench at Wolves and we can build for a proper promotion push next season.
  14. In any case, I’d sooner see O’Hare get more opportunities now. The kid has bags of potential.
  15. McCormack is on loan in Australia for the season.
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