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  1. Paul Birch Eleven years ago today, Feb 2nd, Paul Birch passed away.
  2. It is interesting to look at other clubs fan forums and see so many using the same complaint, that their club is panic buying shite. It leaves me even more convinced that the transfer window isn't a good idea. This mad january trolley dash isn't working. It's like somebody already emptied the meat fridges and by the time you race the trolley there, all that is left is mince.
  3. Both clubs Borja Baston has been on the books of, Athletico and Swansea, have repeatedly farmed him out on loan. That doesn't bode well.
  4. Years ago, I worked for the Bendalls. (The two sons. Ron was dead by then and his widow had moved to the isle of Man). I wouldn't have trusted a single word that ever came out of any of their mouths.
  5. Ron Saunders RIP Ron passed away on Saturday 7th December. It would be an understatement to describe him using the tired term 'legend'. Ron was one of the most important men in the history of the club. He was manager when my Dad first took me to Villa Park. We all know the stats: Got us back into the top flight first season he took over, League Cups, The Title, and (with all due respect to Tony Barton), that was Ron's squad that won the European Cup in 1982, even though fate had cheated him out of the glory. The best manager we have had in my lifetime. One of the best we ha
  6. Not altogether a surprise. He's been pushed right down the pecking order. I quite liked him. I would have kept him for the squad, but obviously he wanted more. He was never destined to really make it at Villa, but I wish him well. On another note, James Bree has gone out on loan for the season to Luton. He's only 21, this should do him good.
  7. I won't miss him. I'd prefer they sell him and scrape back some of the coin they pissed away on him in the first place. Hopefully he will do well enough at Joke City to raise his value a bit.
  8. I was hoping they would be able to sell Hogan and get at least a bit of the money they shelled out on him, not send him out on loan.
  9. We are never going to get rid of Tshibola. He's like Herpes. I can't see Smith going for 'yesterday's news' Austin. It would fly in the face of his previously stated plans. I sure as Hell don't want any other players who throw a strop and refuse to train. We've had enough shitty attitudes, and just got rid of the worst of them. No more.
  10. I can't help feeling that James Chester's days are numbered.
  11. Cahill is 33. We have just released good players around that age range because we needed younger blood that can keep up with the premier league pace. If we go for him, we will be signing yet another player in the twilight of his career looking for that one last payout before he retires. If we sign that type of player, what was the point of releasing Whelan and Jedinak?
  12. I am ecstatic that we have finally got him, but it is eye-watering how much cash we are having to shell out this summer. Maybe I'm just getting old. I remember when all this were fields ... etc ...etc...
  13. Bullsh*t story made up by the Sun, with a ridiculous sum of money added on, just to get people's attention. No substance to it.
  14. No player goes from 3.5 million to 12 million in the space of one season in the Championship. I doubt they have offered that much. If Bristol are asking that much, they are taking the p*ss.
  15. Usually, no. But in this case, Abraham is a cert because he has already done it for us. We know exactly what we'd be getting and what he would do for us. He would be worth it. He's proven. Anyway, it is all moot now, anyway, because it looks very unlikely we will get Abraham now.
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