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  1. When you said before you never received my message, did you mean you couldn’t read my message? You’re thick. Make sure you do your homework tonight.
  2. So you can’t read as well as write, I said in an earlier message ‘I’ll be at Albion anyway’ 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Enjoy your 2 at blues and Albion 😂 guess you’ve earned them buying all those tickets. Ps it’s your not you’re.
  4. And you only ever come on here to sell your tickets to the away games you never go to 💁🏻‍♂️ I would say see you at the boro game but you’re trying to sell your ticket as ever 😂 thanks for coming
  5. ‘You seem a wee bit annoyed’ 🤣 that comment just tells me I’ve spoke the truth as no one likes the truth when it hurts.
  6. Again, the fans might not be able to afford to buy them at the time of sale, might not be able to attend for one reason or another etc. I’m sure the fans are well aware the more they buy (Or should I say *attend*), the more chance they have of getting tickets for future games. Buying tickets and then potentially not being able to sell them is an expensive risk and also prevents someone else legitimately buying them to actually go to the match. I’ve noticed you’ve advertised tickets on here for pretty much every away game but not for Albion, say what you like but that tells me the tickets
  7. You really don’t see the problem do you? By having the spare WBA tickets you denying others the opportunity to buy them in the first place and enhancing their booking history. Therefore you’re not buying to attend, you’re buying to sell. In a way you’re right, you’ve bought it and can do what you like with it but surely the point of buying a ticket is to go the match? And if you’re not doing that I’m not sure why you’re doing it other than to enhance your own booking history for the big games. its absolutely right those who *go* get first pop but that’s clearly not what’s going on. There
  8. Well first of all my bad, usually (As per EFL rules) tickets are received by the club 4 weeks before and sold 3 before so this one has happened early, no announcement from the club though on the Twitter support page. For me that makes it worse, the tickets have been bought yesterday with no intention of going the match which in turn means 2 less people have a chance of getting a ticket and building heir own booking history. Back in 2016 the day before forest away I noticed you posted a spare ticket, yes I had it but after going to central Nottingham as you said I was then sent to Notts Co
  9. Swansea tickets aren’t for sale yet 🤔 the boro tickets can be returned to the club no problem and then others could potentially buy them and build their away booking history for future games, you get your money back and they get an enhanced booking history, everyone’s a winner. I’ve seen boro tickets going for under face value on Facebook, such is the desperation to sell.
  10. ‘SKYTRAIN’ is the discount code for skyscanner. TrainPal and SkyScanner are both by the same company.
  11. Sorted mine, the outbound was £9 with the £2 discount. Wouldn’t apply the £3 discount to the return as I think it needs to be £15 or more. Found a discount for the skyscanner app ‘SKYTRAIN’ which adds 2 £2 discounts and one of them was applied to my return for £12 so £21 return altogether, don’t mind that. Did a little research on TrainPal to see if it’s legit first as I’d never heard of it, same company that operates SkyScanner.
  12. I agree that those who go to the games should get priority, I don’t agree with people who buy to sell to gain priority for games such as albion and blues away (Probably the two main examples). It just prevents others from from buying and adding to their own history to have a chance.
  13. There’s a page on Facebook called ‘Aston Villa Selling Page’, honestly at the moment all I see being posted are ‘boro tickets, obviously bought the tickets to get the 6th or 3rd ticket on their history for the season because otherwise they’re easily returned to the club. The system needs looking at, not sure how it could be changed but there must be a better way than its current format.
  14. Funny how there’s multiple spares for all the other away games (God knows how many I’ve seen for Boro last few days) that people buy and don’t want to attend to build a booking history. If you buy and don’t want to go it can be returned to the club, let someone else build their booking history to give them a chance at these games. The system needs looking at because it’s constantly being exploited.
  15. £55 return when I looked for Preston away and that was 8 weeks prior to the day of the game, no thank you.. rip off. If you think you’re gonna go Wigan then book the train tickets as we’ll get a big allocation there, can always sell them if not. To put those prices in perspective I went to Naples last month for £10 from East Midlands (Train from New Street to Derby £8 and £4ish from Derby station to Airport by bus) and next March I have a flight to Hamburg for £13 from Manchester (National Express from Digbeth to the airport £8). Our train fares in this country are absolutely ridiculous a
  16. WBA Ticket information released... 2,622 tickets and £29. Could probably get one but if anyone has a spare to offer in advance I’ll take it please (Not bothered about booking history).
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