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  1. We will rock you hi ho Aston Villa
  2. The loonies will never take over the asylum
  3. Can’t grumble at that performance, pride passion commitment on fought like lions. Wheres that on a league game fixture ?
  4. The SNP or the Nazis ? They are both the same, Scottish Nationalist party or German Nationalist Party ? Sturgeon has made a fortune brainwashing you jocks
  5. After today’s results we are right in the shite!
  6. Anyone who thinks villa will win needs to take the claret n blue glasses off.
  7. No she didn’t, she stood up to the bully boy militants who on a daily basis tried the bring the nation down with strike after strike and then she gave them what they deserved.
  8. It was awful Freddy, as bad as I’ve seen over the years.
  9. Yesterday was shocking, another 14 hour day wasted by watching that shower of shite.
  10. Thats a shame matey, Man City have a few left lol
  11. Did you manage to get any ? i got 3 for a mate all sat together as well so he was lucky.
  12. only 1000 left according to the wembley seat plan.
  13. Back to the championship in my opinion. Our top players will need to be sold to cover FFP as well. Oh well, UTV !
  14. I can't see anything but a loss in this game and a drop into the relegation spots.
  15. A good point, one player up top just keeps inviting the opposition to attack you as the ball will keep coming back.
  16. I went for the cheapest option as we will still see the game !!
  17. After yesterday’s performance I am still not convinced with Smith, no heart or sole in the side and god forbid if Jack gets injured we are fooked
  18. First half we were awful, second half we were slightly better. Still not good enough, no effort, no passion, no pride. If it wasn’t for Jack we would be even more in the shite. Smith out !
  19. Coach leaving at o7:30 in the morning, let’s hope the boys in claret n blue put in a performance worthy of our fantastic support.
  20. I left on 26 mins, was back home as they scored the 4th. off to Brighton away on Saturday 👍
  21. Anything less than 0-4 and I will be happy.
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