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  1. On 6/10/2021 at 10:23 AM, Christine smith said:

    I am trying to renew mine and my wife's season tickets unfortunately we have lost our season tickets and therefore cannot use the website as we have no client numbers we've been trying to contact the ticket office for several weeks  now to either get our number s or renew our tickets but have so far been unsuccessful as the phone just keeps us waiting for hours and then cuts us off I've also tried to get on the website and attempted to find my client numbers that way but to no avail needless to say find this whole process exceeding frustrating !!!!  Has anybody got any ideas as to how to contact the club as the actual ticket office is closed

    I rang the ticket office and got through ok.

  2. On 5/23/2021 at 6:16 PM, Apollo said:

    Fair play mate! What a day for you! Sat in the front room watching it today and was buzzing to see some fans back! 

    It was a great afternoon, very weird walking towards the holte with cars parked in the middle of the road outside aston church, specific entry to the holte end etc.

  3. So yet again Jack is out of tonight’s game against Man City.

    Every  week we are told he’s close to being fit but nothing, is he injured or is he hiding something else ?

    Is he the premier league player with the pain killer drug addiction ?


  4. 19 hours ago, Colonel Dimitri said:

    Ahh cheers,so basically the top5 richest Utd,liverpool,city,chelsea,arsenal,...imho i still think aston villa,ajax,benfica,celtic,marseille are historicaly bigger clubs than the likes of man city,but there super rich & are part of the elite!!

    Where does that leave the french league surely they would want to put in PSG?(Another super rich club)

    PSG said they want nothing to do with it before it all kicked off.

  5. After yet another poor performance without Jack we really are a one man team.

    Smith has spent a lot of money on transfers but we are a poor team when it comes to changes, No Grealish = No Villa.

    Smith's lack of ability to change formation and tactics is his weakness so is he the man to take us forward to the vision of our owners or do we look at alternatives ?

  6. On 3/18/2021 at 2:16 PM, Colonel Dimitri said:

    Cheers b6,...agree wi the politics part showing how backwards the loyalist side are in the north of Eire doesnt show them in good light,id like to see more of these (english)al jazeera documentries think theres a few different ones from clubs across the world,hopefully they make a Villa one,maybe on derby day and showing the fans on match day boozers pity addies is closed😢

    I was on about the politics from both Loyalist and Republican sides, both sides are bigots.

    The old fella with a picture of Bobby S...s on his wall, he was a terrorist. I will never forgive the IRA for their campaign of terrorism in Birmingham, sent my grand mother nuts with worry every time she went to work in the bullring indoor market.


    But what Celtic did for that kid is incredible, that's what football should be about, that poor kid was born with downes syndrome, he won't get much in life sadly but what they gave him ,Lennon Samaras etc was an unbelievable act of kindness that money cannot buy, then to top it off goal of the month award is pure class. I would hope that all of scottish football fans voted for him to win that award.


  7. On 2/16/2021 at 10:49 AM, SamuelRichards said:

    What caused your statement, I did not expect to see such words in this thread.

    Read up about his cheating and how he cheated the doping officers, also read how  up on his comments about England , then on top of that his hand ball that cheated Argentina's progression in the world cup.


  8. 6 hours ago, avstu said:

    Manchester United v Aston Villa

    Pre/post-match chat and analysis.

    Dissapointed Smith

    2020/21 Premier League

    Friday, 1st January 2021

    Kick-Off: 20.00 (GMT)

    Old Trafford, Manchester

    Would love us to win here, Ben is 22 and we have only beaten them once since he was born and I sold the tickets as couldnt be arsed to go, we won 1-0 Gabby scored .

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