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  1. We won't be signing him. Just paper talk apparently.
  2. Left sided CB. Would be a useful signing.
  3. Not even Redknapp would sign Richards. No chance of him moving.
  4. Please no on Bruce's son.
  5. Thanks mate.
  6. With Sanchez and Kozak already gone and Vertout likely to secure a permanent transfer in France that's quite a lot in wages off the weekly bill already. Tishibola will also be sold imo as will Amavi so that should make more than enough room for Bruce to bring two or three in whilst keeping the owner happy. Like all of us I'd want to see Gabby, Richards, Elphick, (no way are we getting anywhere near 3m+ for Elphick) Gil and Cissokho gone but I really can't see anyone wanting to buy them so apart from Gil who might get a loan somewhere I'm afraid we're stuck with the rest.
  7. I think Amavi will definitely go this summer after Xia's revelations concerning the summer's transfer budget to fund the purchase of new players.
  8. Don't think Gabby and clean sheets go together mate if rumours are correct.
  9. Yet another awful performance. Doesn't wash with me that the players were simply on the beach. Bruce has to take full responsibility for that today. sh*t team selection and even worse tactics. When will he learn that playing 3 centre backs doesn't work for us? Right from the start of the game Fulham were tearing us a new one down our flanks yet Bruce let it continue. Why rest your two best midfielders when there's nothing to play for and only a few games to go until the end of the season? Much, much too defensive again and I really cannot see Villa being promoted next season playing this way.
  10. Still here mate just taking a sabbatical. Hope you are well?
  11. The next game will show if we are really improving under Bruce?
  12. Yes mate fair point but he isn't doing it here with better players. He's got to change it to suit the players now available to him or he will be out of a job soon. I don't think Xia will wait until the end of the season if we drop any closer to the relegation places.
  13. So you don't think Bruce's tactics are at fault here? You think it's all down to Calderwood? There are very few of the deadwood playing in the first team now yet neither performances nor results have improved. Currently I don't believe that we need to spend yet more money (with the exception of a decent experienced keeper) to get out of the Championship. Player for player I also don't believe there is much difference in quality between our squad and Newcastle's. It's just Newcastle have a much better manager. That for me has been the major failure over recent times concerning Villa. A succession of crap managers who have been tactically inept shoe horning players into systems that didn't suit them. How many times have we seen the quote in recent seasons all over Villa forums stating 'square pegs in round holes?' One further point I wish to make Concerning Bruce. Why sign Lansbury and Hourihane (ball playing midfielders) when you're going to bypass midfield to play on the break unless he is waiting on Jedinak coming back to allow the aforementioned midfielders to push further forward? Even if that was the case its putting an awful lot of emphasis on one aging player to make your preferred system work.
  14. Rowett wouldn't be starting from scratch though would he. He would now have a very good squad to build into a team here and hopefully use the right tactics for the players available which time and time again Bruce has failed to do. You also have to remember that with very little money available and inferior players he nevertheless got very decent results at Birmingham.
  15. If you look at the manager's employed they haven't exactly been good managers have they? Stability for the sake of it isn't right unless it is the right manager and we haven't found one yet.