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  1. I despair at the world we live in today. My fav band The Police said it better than I ever could.
  2. Grand National today then. In my earlier years I loved watching it and crying my eyes out when Crisp was beaten by Red Rum (had a rather large bet on Crisp). 10 quid was a lot to a youngster in those days lol. However lately I've stopped watching it due to the horse fatalities. Being an animal lover just too painful to watch horses falling and not being able to get up again due to broken necks or other injuries. They have made efforts to make the course safer but I think I will nevertheless pass on viewing it again.
  3. What I wouldn't give for that now mate. Looks peaceful.
  4. Ay mate, women ask far too much of us nowadays.
  5. Never hear it when shagging mate due to the noise my other half makes. She shouts at me for finishing too early although I think one minute is more than enough.
  6. Thanks dl for the advice which of course i'll take under consideration. I'm that far down the line of trying to use the system to my advantage and being a good little boy that I will await the outcome of the Ombudsman. However as you say there are other options to consider if I get no joy through the system and I will explore those when the time comes. It is dreadful however to have to even consider those when then it is such a cut and dried case but I guess that it the way society is going now. There is another option. I could rent my property to a real hard ass who will not take what I
  7. Just wonder have any of you suffered from a bad neighbour? I have mentioned this before on site but thought I give an update to my own experience. It is one of the worst types of torture you can suffer because if you are living on a party wall beside the culprit there is no escape other than to leave your home. My neighbour who is from the travelling community with five children and with a troublesome history of social disturbance moved into the social housing property next door to me in 2008. Only weeks after she moved in the noise disturbances started which required continual Polic
  8. Didn't know O'Neil and Keano got on this well he, he. https://www.facebook.com/manstuff/videos/1053467464687699/?fref=nf
  9. Due to the implications of that Dimitri that's an excellent question. Sadly I have to admit I readily eat all kinds of meat so although I class myself as an animal lover maybe I'm part of the problem?
  10. Have to agree LV. It saddens me greatly to see some of the morons out there and what they are capable of towards the human race and the animal kingdom. It doesn't take a lot to show a bit of kindness to both. I've two pedigree cats, a Siamese and a short haired Persian who are my best mates. Both sleep with me at night and if there's room so does my fiancée he, he. Those people you refer to LV I wonder is that evil born with them or is it learned?
  11. Why are some people so cruel to animals? Being an animal lover myself just can't understand the mentality.
  12. Having decided to take a leave of absence I just want to wish young Eastie happy birthday and hope you return refreshed and ready to do battle again. Welcome to the 50s Club mate.
  13. Belated birthday greetings BF. Enjoy your holiday. I'm heading away on the 29th August for two weeks. Will get my away top before I go and wear it with pride.
  14. Massive Taylor Swift fan and THE DAY has finally come. Going to see her tonight in Dublin at the 3Arena and can't bloody wait. So excited like a teenager. Tomorrow night going to see Neil Diamond in Belfast so old Morph is on a mini tour. In true Rock & Roll tradition my fiancée and I are going to throw TV controllers out the hotel windows and then go bankrupt with our tax bill.
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