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  1. It was good to be at VP on Saturday, honestly don't think I have been as so excited about going to Villa Park and it certainly was worth hype. Felt McGinn, Konsa and Ings ran the show on Saturday, more of the same please Villa Check out my video for the day, if you like please subscribe :)
  2. Such an amazing night for the Villa faithful! done it again. We're off back to wembley... just a shame we're likely not to beat Man City. But should be a good day for the supporters.
  3. He was linked to us back in 2011 I believe to replace Gerald, he seemed quite interested apparently but was put off by the lack of spending money from Lerner at the time. I feel if he had came in then, things would have turned out so much different.
  4. Yeah I'm going... but sitting in the home end lol. I don't think we'll win I think we'll make a lot of changes ahead of this and i think Fulham will really go for this. I don't expect us to see Grealish.
  5. Danny would be good with his experience, something that really we need at the moment. However the guy is really injury prone, if we signed him then I still feel we'd to buy another striker.
  6. I've heard whispers that things aren't going well for the Derby boss at the moment and there's talk there considering going for John Terry, so we could soon be losing JT.
  7. Do you a reckon draw is enough to keep him in the job? is it safe to say that maybe even Deano wasn't sure if we were prepared to go up. I mean maybe when he came in his first season he thought his job was to try and finish as high as possible and then build for promotion in the following season with a stable squad. Instead we got promoted with a squad full of loanees who weren't expected to stay and players not ready for the top flight. Come the new season Deano build new squad from scratch which as seen before by Fulham doesn't work.
  8. Couldn't agree more I love Deano done amazing job getting us to the top flight, but is he a top flight manager?... by the looks things no. You can't spend £120million and be sitting 18th with just five wins all season. Big Sam not fan but he'd keep us no problem and stablise us for at least a couple of seasons.
  9. Yeah having a lot of work being done at the cottage. Another year we would have been given a good allocation for this.
  10. Fulham Away Been meaning to go for years if anyone could assist getting me two tickets would much appreciated if not then even one would be helpful. Once there announced of course.
  11. Daniel Sturridge from what I'm told, again Villa fan born locally. Not used much Liverpool these days... however very injury prone. Certainly can do a job and can nick a goal or two but I dunno you can't rely being your main striker. I'd still take him though but as an extra option.
  12. Ah yeah he's just joined Central Coast Mariners.
  13. I quite agree I think alot of the older members of the team will be exiting the team in the coming months, McCormack maybe given another chance I think. Never know what might happen under the right manager. Striker wise Smith's certainly got a few options. McCormack never featured much under Bruce, they had fall out early on and since then McCormack not really been a fair whip. When he first came under Di Matteo he didn't have a great start but then again, neither did so many that Di Matteo signed.
  14. Loved to have gone but with no transport being unavailable on boxing day... I'm sure it'll be be a cracking atmosphere though been ages since VP has been packed out.
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