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  1. Albion hull and Sunderland all look ripe for the drop to me .
  2. Thought for a minute you said you were watching in your briefs there Larry - glad to hear your not copying lineker
  3. Can't get any enthusiasm to watch premier games this season - even match of the day has lost my interest .
  4. Guzan starts for boro and makes a blunder for the Sunderland goal - what a surprise
  5. Nobody would call you a liar doc - just saying it seems very optimistic - maybe your timings are slightly awry?
  6. It is rare for a game to finish before 4-55 these days so to be home 15 minutes from the final whistle considering your distance seems rather optimistic in the extreme . even Patrick with his blue lights flashing wouldn't achieve such a feat .
  7. Lord help us - do you ride a chopper Patrick or should I call you ponch
  8. I can't get interested in the premiership this season - doesn't interest me really - I think the title could be any one of 6 clubs but my attention is more on the championship .
  9. I'm furious Corrie is not on tonight because of the football - outrageous!!!! Thank f*ck for emmerdale .
  10. Getting your excuses in early you old wombat
  11. Don't bother getting up - We will p*ss on you mate
  12. That's his latest Big Mac meal mate !
  13. Shall we have a guess the weight competition?
  14. Having followed the series for years on itv 2 I'm thrilled at this news - a perfect couple.
  15. Peter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh expecting second child telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/2…
  16. Makes a further mockery of the competition if that's possible
  17. How the hell were Australia able to enter this?
  18. Scurrilous rat - I saw her first !
  19. The Maltese girl is tickling my fancy
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