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  1. So one slightly good game and we should keep paying his huge wages for him to sit out the season as usual. No thanks. I'd rather we spend the money on some young talent who is going to be around and PLAYING week in/week out than waste it again on Gabby for a few more years.
  2. Think that's a given. Doubt Blackburn will know what's hit them if they score and Villa fans start cheering lmao
  3. Even though Gabby scored the winner, still don't think he should stay at Villa. He only ever shows up for the Blues games and is a major passenger the rest of the season...
  4. That's probably Bacuna's biggest problem, because he can play in multiple positions he never gets the chance to stay in one and make it his own.
  5. If Blues lose they stay just above Blackburn by 2 points. Why couldn't Wolves let Blackburn win ....
  6. Sometimes ????
  7. When Bruce makes comments that Gabby still has a role to play in this team then the deadheads and dodo's will unfortunately be staying ......
  8. After Burton the team have gone on holidays..... Nothing to play for and it's showing !!
  9. But why ? If a player is good in a position then play him in it.... I don't ever recall Ferguson playing Bruce as a striker or goalkeeper just because he could. He played him where he was at his best.
  10. Bromsgrove Lions are pretty good too
  11. I'll play devils advocate. Grealish has potential there's no denying that but what are AVFC doing as a club to get that out of him and develop it further ? In the past he's got away with some shocking off field antics which as a club we should have jumped down hard on him for and made it perfectly clear what he is likely to throw away if he continued (maybe they did, I don't know). But from what I've seen of him he hasn't seemed to progress upwards from last year. Even the youth guys are getting games now ahead of him (partly due to injury). Should the club maybe send him out on loan to a lower division to get constant game time and develop or keep him here for the odd game/cameo ? I think as a whole this is where Villa have always fallen down on youth development. We don't loan them out enough to get full match time at other clubs, but would rather keep them in the U23's which stifles their progression.
  12. Gollini: Total App: 20 Clean Sheets: 5 Avg Goals Conceded: 0.85 Avg Saves per game: 1.75 Avg Saves per goal: 2.19 Avg Claim Success: 89% Avg Punches: 45% Dist Success: 50% Dist Length: 47m Johnstone: Total App: 13 Clean Sheets: 5 Avg Goals Conceded: 1.15 Avg Saves per game: 1.92 Avg Saves per goal: 1.79 Avg Claim Success: 85% Avg Punches: 54% Dist Success: 36% Dist Length: 51m Bunn: Total App: 6 Clean Sheets: 1 Avg Goals Conceded: 1.17 Avg Saves per game: 1.83 Avg Saves per goal: 1.57 Avg Claim Success: 83% Avg Punches: 17% Dist Success: 43% Dist Length: 50m Do also take into account that Gollini apparently had a worse team in front of him than Johnstone currently has the pleasure of....
  13. IF we can't buy him why waste time training him up for someone else. Lets go out and buy our own decent keeper....
  14. As much as I would like us to get promoted I don't think the team or the club are in a good position for it yet. Too many major changes have happened since Xia took the helm and I think' we'd be better having the extra season to steady the ship and find our football feet again as per the Villa of years gone by.
  15. Rumour is Weir might be off to Forest as Warburtons number two .....