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  1. Most of that loss would probably be payments made to all the managers they kept sacking and Lerner pulling what cash he could back out of the club into his own pockets....
  2. To be fair after last season and what's gone on so far this season I try not to think about Villa matches anymore as i'm usually left disappointed. Now what's on the TV....
  3. I'm hoping we start to show we are playing as a team, but really don't think that's going to happen. If we play the way we have been then Bruce REALLY needs to get his head out of his arse and sort it out at Bodymoor even if it means keeping them 24 hours a day every day of the friggin week....
  4. I notice Bruce does his usual 'we have to do the basics' speech in the after match interview. He's says it every week yet we still don't do it ffs....
  5. You wouldn't need to worry, he'd loan them all out for being inexperienced.....
  6. It's ok Bruce thinks Gabby and Richards are the answer once fit. We're fine ;)
  7. You forgot Libor is out all season too....
  8. Someone needs to go and video what exactly Bruce teaches them at Bodymoor each week ???
  9. Kodija is out wide because Bruce said he'd looked at the stats and that was where he scored most from.....
  10. Ah but at least you can enjoy this saturday ... lol
  11. I agree with the above BUT you can't 'build' a winning team if the manager keeps changing formation and players every match. He needs to pick his best 11 and stick with them so they learn to play as a team and know their roles within the formation chosen.
  12. What's our worst scoreline defeat as I think this game is going to beat it.....
  13. If you think any member on here is 'happy with the last couple of results' then you don't know anything about this forum or it's members. Yes people make comments about results and with the way we are playing, set-up etc. then you can see it coming....
  14. Even the commentators on WM said Bruce needs to pick a squad and stick with it instead of keep swapping players and only change them due to injury.
  15. 3-1 down and no subs yet ?