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  1. Not many of our promising youngsters do on a regular basis. Bruce would rather play Gabby over Davis or RHM. Elmo probably over Bree. We have some very good young talent who are wasted either in under 23's or not playing at all. RHM, Green, Lyden, Bree and Davis should be getting first team game time now or at least out on loan somewhere where they can get constant game time in order to improve. Wouldn't surprise me if a few of those started looking for moves away at the end of the season if they still aren't getting any game time.
  2. Just waiting for the pre-season friendlies don't matter speeches. Considering nearly all who played are first team contenders we shouldn't be losing to teams at this level.....
  3. Good player a few years ago but past it now, If this is true then looks like Villa are going back to their buying last chance saloon players again. We should be building a team for the future not for the moment as what seems to be happening with the rumours.....
  4. You doing the Villa Park tour also while your here ?
  5. Also been linked with Chris Gunter, supposedly has a buyout clause of 1 million. Views on this one ?
  6. Anyone been on the Villa Store lately, unless you want kit there is virtually no choice for anything villa in the fashion section..... Seems we are going backwards with clothing available..
  7. And no sign of any of our promising youth team players getting a look in either.....
  8. To be fair to Garde, I don't think he should be classed as the same as the others mentioned. The team had already given up, the clubs owners/management had already given up and basically left Garde to face the music so they didn't have too. Garde IS a very good manager, just dumped on by an owner who didn't care less about the club anymore and hired him as a fall guy without the slightest attempt to back him what so ever.
  9. Really don't see that as a good idea, because IF we get promoted next season and Jose wants him back we then have to bed in a new keeper going into the EPL. I'd rather we buy one now and get him gelled into the squad. Build OUR team and not some other teams players for them....
  10. He's young and needs development. I'd keep him and develop his game, but we always seem to be the club after a quick fix and would rather let someone else develop a player then moan about what might have been.
  11. Wouldn't mind us trying a 4-5-1 system: Jedinak Adomah Lansbury Hourihane Grealish Hopefully would give them chance to get forward more and help Kodija.
  12. If he doesn't clear out Gabby then Bruce has some serious manager issues. One goal/performance against Blues isn't worth the wages we pay him. He has to go to make room for players who have a long term future..... not hangers on !
  13. Huddersfield ruined the party by letting Blues win :(
  14. Blues fans are trying to get us into trouble for that because of the Robinson FA charge....
  15. Have you tried these guys: http://www.avfclionsclubs.co.uk/lions-club-directory/europe/united-kingdom/england/north-west/avsc-north-west-lions Official Villa Lions Club (AVFC North West)