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  1. First pub around Villa Park I ever went to 😞
  2. that doesn't sound too promising for us :P
  3. sorry I confused myself with the time zones and missed it anyway
  4. Do you know if there is a stream for that match Larry? Just in case I'm able to make it that late
  5. ok so how many of these were actually properly trained dogs? That's an owner problem, not a dog problem. Pitbulls are such easy targets for blame, but what about every other breed out there? Where are the stats on those? Because I refuse to believe no other breed of dog attacks people or other animals. This has become a stupid conversation and I'm not going to argue it anymore. We don't see eye to eye and that's OK. I just know based on my experiences and have never encountered a bad pitbull. I've been bitten by a chihuahua a hundred more times than by a pitbull. Let's ban the chihuahua!!
  6. fair enough but it's really not like that here. At all. Not that I've experienced anyway. Mine is pure bred
  7. I would agree with that. However I think all dogs are capable of killing. My aunt's chihuahua could rip out your jugular if she wanted to. And I don't believe that certain breeds are inherently dangerous. If they never see that type of behaviour they can't learn it. Very similar to children. If children are raised in abusive households, that's all they know and could potentially learn that behaviour. If dogs never see this, where do they learn it from? I think they get bad reputations because certain breeds like pitbulls or rottweilers have such a strong head and jaw and the amount of pressure
  8. i understand that but more often than not these dogs are provoked to that point and knowing mine she has a high threshold for annoyance and has shown protective behaviours with every child she's come in contact with. Would I leave a dog I don't know in a room with a child? Absolutely not.
  9. Obviously there are many circumstances to take into account. I know my mom's pitbull wouldn't do anything to a child and would actually just lay on her bed as she couldn't be bothered to get up. Obviously I wouldn't leave a child alone with the dog before allowing them to meet and get used to each other. The age of said child would also be a factor. Would I leave a baby in the room? Absolutely not but I wouldn't even let a baby be in a room by themselves, dog or no dog. But if said child was say, older than three and I had to go to the bathroom, yes I would. All I meant in my response was that
  10. most of the time people don't understand what it takes to raise these dogs properly. They don't educate themselves properly or receive the appropriate resources. And the dogs don't get the attention and training needed to be a well mannered dog. It's not a breed problem, it's an owner problem. My mom's pitbull is outstanding. She is so friendly and more stupid than she is vicious haha. She rarely barks and stops when you tell her to. My aunts chihuahua is more dangerous than the pitbull. People are trying to get rid of the ban in the city but as of now it's still in effect. Only in Winnipeg th
  11. You don't have to be a vegetarian to love animals or be concerned about animal cruelty. For hundreds of years certain animals have been bred for food and many of these are overpopulated as well. ,Here many people hunt for deer in the fall. A very overpopulated animal. But it's regulated well so of the population of that particular type of deer drops, they ban the hunting of it. It's the needless killing or harming of animals that I don't like. I don't want to really bring up a discussion about it again, but the killing of Cecil the lion is a good example. Or the black rhino which is now extinc
  12. Was driving east on the highway during the eclipse so got to watch it the whole way home :) pretty amazing sight in my opinion
  13. Ah yes guess I should drop the plough and let things happen :P Or keep ploughing? I'm not sure. Whichever works best in this situation haha :P
  14. Thanks everyone. Sure hope you're right Anne ha. I did have a good day but it is scary being five years from thirty and not having a five year plan. I'm on the verge of saying screw the five year plan. Who needs plans anyway? What will be will be right?
  15. Sure don't feel that way ha. Thank you Sir
  16. Ugh the number in my age field rolled yet again today.. I've never cared about this day, it's always just been another number and another day, but this one is hitting hard. Here's to the next 25..
  17. It definitely has not. You paying $400 for $300 US. What damaged your brain?
  18. Yep, used it all the time! Thought it was "safe". Kids eh?
  19. It's only as difficult as you make it. I have a rule where I don't spend more than ten minutes in a store. And I always go in knowing what I'm looking for, or have a good idea. And once I find something, I stop looking. I tend to go by myself most of the time but the boyfriend actually enjoys coming with me as long as he gets some input and I humour him by trying stuff he likes :P we have a good system and never results in being in the mall longer than an hour. I hate being in the mall looking for clothes. I don't know what it's like there, but here they generally have displays with a good ens
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