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  1. Where is Craig Shakespeare, whenever I watch on TV I never see him, always see JT, R'oR and NC but never CS
  2. Season tickets Season tickets are out again. Slight increase as you’d imagine with promotion one notable is that you can purchase tickets in Q1,Q2 & Q3 this is the lower of where the away fans go, surely this is a mistake or is it?
  3. If he scores 13+ i'll be happy.
  4. was expecting better after 'the skys the limit' remark on monday. Are they planning a worse case scenario so we come straight back up????? dangerous IMO
  5. He's not big enough for us as a starter, may be a decent sub to bring on but for who as we have no recognised right winger, now uncle albert has gone (not that he was ever good enough for the premier league)
  6. https://www.chilternrailways.co.uk/27th-may-2019 Revised timetable out of Moor street for Monday
  7. Just checked and the ticket i bought is no longer valid for the return journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Stu, are these from New Street & Moor st or just Moor st?
  9. what time is your train? and what time you recommend arriving?
  10. Championship Playoff Final Mon 27th May 2019 All booked up, decided to go on the train this time.
  11. Where has it all gone wrong? That was p*ss poor today. Season ticket renewals out now, i'm awaiting solihull moors fate before deciding whether to renew or not.
  12. I was embarrassed at the final whistle, I stayed until the end and it was like we won the world cup!!!! FFS we just drew a game that we should of lost. I hear all the time how we ARE ASTON VILLA PREMIER LEAGUE CLUB in the championship. We should on those terms rip this division up but we aint, why cause were sh*t. Poor leadership from the Dr Xia days, poor management form post O'neill days,. After O'Neill got us to 6th consistently we've had Houllier who no fault of his own had health issues but we finished well under Mcallister, Mcdoodal say no more, Lambert fans choice based on l
  13. what does terry do other show us instagram pics of his mrs and a computer doing his badges????
  14. If we can play every game like the last 20 mins, we'd walk this league. Too many journey men in our squad. taylor, hourihane, hutton, jedinak, whelan.....fck em all off
  15. Fans choice, not the owners in my opinion.
  16. I said it in july and i'll say it again 'Smith is not the man for the job'. With owners with the wealth we have went for the supportors choice when they wanted Henry. Henry isnt the answer either but what must the owners be thinking?
  17. Absolute disgusting display, we've looked awful since Stoke. Clueless from Smith, transfer window wont save us. Mid table club at best.
  18. Give me a reason as to why when all was available we went for smith if the owners as they said wanted to make a statement of intent?
  19. What does that tell ya????
  20. Its the preferred formation of dean smith, from Walsall, Brentford and now Villa.. Again im not anti dean Smith but he wasnt my preferred option and team selection and formation is proving me right.
  21. I've tried looking for a previous post but cant find it basically I said back in June if we are an ambitious club then we should approach the likes of Benitez or Wenger. If as a club we are happy to stay in the championship and finish around 7/8 with a chance of making playoffs then Dean Smith was the best option. He definitely wont get us promoted. That's not me being negative just me being truthful. So far i have seen nothing to prove me otherwise. Has anyone else????
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