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  1. Is it me or has the standard of drinks gone down at VP, I sit in trinity and the amstel is shocking, they charging £4+ for a can A CAN of strongbow and over £5 again for A CAN of Guinness which was also flat. I've tried gaining access ro Aston Inn and Aston Tavern but unless I'm mega early ie midday can't seem to get in. Saturday I went into Brum and struggled to get in anywhere, instead I went Railway (old Sam wellars). Where do you guys drink before a game and how early?
  2. Can't wait!!! Especially next week being back at VP!!
  3. Where is Craig Shakespeare, whenever I watch on TV I never see him, always see JT, R'oR and NC but never CS
  4. If he scores 13+ i'll be happy.
  5. was expecting better after 'the skys the limit' remark on monday. Are they planning a worse case scenario so we come straight back up????? dangerous IMO
  6. He's not big enough for us as a starter, may be a decent sub to bring on but for who as we have no recognised right winger, now uncle albert has gone (not that he was ever good enough for the premier league)
  7. Give me a reason as to why when all was available we went for smith if the owners as they said wanted to make a statement of intent?
  8. I've tried looking for a previous post but cant find it basically I said back in June if we are an ambitious club then we should approach the likes of Benitez or Wenger. If as a club we are happy to stay in the championship and finish around 7/8 with a chance of making playoffs then Dean Smith was the best option. He definitely wont get us promoted. That's not me being negative just me being truthful. So far i have seen nothing to prove me otherwise. Has anyone else????
  9. I wasnt convined before he came and i'm still not convinced. team selection is poor. Today kodjia plays wide instead of Bolasie??? What does this guy need to do to start. With scum in a couple of weeks i fear for us.
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