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  1. What about the flags in north stand lower?? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Regardless of what results happen else where, I don't think we can win this game purely on the basis Blackburn will want this more than we will. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. NO!! but ive never suggested he deserves a new contract, but i will say once again that if the team showed an ounce of the passion he had in a game like this, we might actually be a good team. our best players today was back 4 plus Mile.
  4. focusing on the negative. name another player that showed passion for a derby match??? there isnt one. im saying gabby is all this all that, im just saying he came on and showed passion which sparked the game. if we have to rely on gabby in a derby match then we have some real problems.
  5. yeah i am, never again
  6. and its all these negative villa fans that have made me move my seat into the trinity next year, cant stand fans who continually slate the team whilst in the ground.
  7. one thing i never ever moan at the ground, while your there support your team. we have places like to air post match views!!!! pisses me off when suuporters shout steve bruce claret and blue army (when were drawing or winning) but when we are behind its all silent. FICKLE
  8. not slating just saying as i saw the game, in my opinion
  9. where was ya?
  10. like grealish who didnt turn up again!!!
  11. im not gabbys biggest fan but if the rest of the team showed an ounce of his passion today, we might actually achieve something.
  12. 3-1 ffs, stuffed next week
  13. Villa fans (Holte enders in particular) are so fickle!!! when we were 0-0,0-1 and 1-1 the chant was Steve bruce, claret & blue soon as we went 1-2 down they omitted steve bruce. how can we expect a manger to perform when the major voice in the stadium cant decide which way they wanna be this week.. utter disgusting no wonder im changing stands next season!!! IMO he can get us promoted but he'll never recieve full backing from the fans cause of the SHA connection.
  14. this saturday i have my cousin from germany, where would be the best place to take him for a beer before the game, hes upper and im lower holte?