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  1. Yea i can sort you out Apollo, give me a shout before they go on sale to remember me
  2. RIP Billy McNeill, ex Villa manager and Celtic
  3. oh dear, seems ive hit a raw nerve lol, love it, truth hurts!
  4. a cesspit of bigots, child groomers, rapists , tramps, soap dodgers ,thieves and murderers. think that pretty much covers them lol
  5. prob the worst ROI team ive seen in recent history
  6. of course its true, Scotland are mince, they haven't even had five mins of fame lol
  7. he wasn't a lucky omen at the Cup Final lol
  8. you can be sure Coleman will start with a win lol, well it usually feels like that when someone gets a new manager before playin us
  9. i agree. Id be surprised if he did take the Scotland job, its a sideways move at best. I thought he would go back to club management, i could understand that and far better pay to boot. Hes excellent at getting the best out of average, run of the mill players. Mind you, im very surprised at Coleman going to Sunderland, think hes on a hiding to nothing there.
  10. would pay a lot more than he gets as NI boss.
  11. will be really disapointed if he goes to Scotland, but hey ho, what will be will be, money talks i suppose. He'll do well there.
  12. poor comeback lol, oul Martin would be better at it lol
  13. Breaking News: Two people who won't be at the World Cup.
  14. i love it how you are hurting so much especially when you don't even know if you're Irish or English. I can feel your pain big lad lol
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  16. Simply the best, yeeooow. I love a bad loser lol
  17. think hes havin nightmares these last few nights lol
  18. there, there, there, chin up Pat, have another look at this link, you will feel much better lol https://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/1804024/devastated-james-mcclean-gives-emotional-interview-after-ireland-miss-out-on-the-world-cup-in-denmark-loss/
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