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  1. Yea i can sort you out Apollo, give me a shout before they go on sale to remember me
  2. I would have 1 spare if its any use to you?
  3. RIP Billy McNeill, ex Villa manager and Celtic
  4. I've 1 spare ticket, pm if interested
  5. oh dear, seems ive hit a raw nerve lol, love it, truth hurts!
  6. a cesspit of bigots, child groomers, rapists , tramps, soap dodgers ,thieves and murderers. think that pretty much covers them lol
  7. never, wouldnt dream of it, i consider it insulting
  8. fantastic, ill keep that in mind lol. Bigots the lot of yee
  9. im certainly not getting my knickers in a twist, just asking for a friend! So its ok if i were to call you a sad fenian b**tard for instance?
  10. so McInnes and the players decide on the music played at the stadium? With your ethos then, are all Celtic players and fans Terrorist supporters or paedophiles, you know sure, if they grew up as fans of Celtic, then they must be
  11. how do you know he follows the orange order and taps his toes to all the ditties?
  12. but you still havent answered the question, why were celtic fans singing that, whats the link between McInnes and the orange order?
  13. why were you calling McInnes a sad orange b**tard if he isn't in the orange order?
  14. but since when was derek mcinnes in the orange order?
  15. since when was Derek McInnes in the orange order? try and dress it up all you want, we all know what it means. Keep your sectarian shite away from Aberdeen games, keep it in your Glasgow hovels Veronica. Bigots!
  16. oh dear, Celtic fans in sectarian singing claim! Dear dear dear, sure they don't sing songs like that, honest guv!
  17. I see normal service has resumed for Scotland, currently having their trousers pulled down and arse raped by Borat's brothers lol. Some things never change!
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