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  1. thats awful news, going through the same thing with my dad at the minute, shockin disease
  2. cheers Mike
  3. its a rough spot lol
  4. its beautiful round Bridgeton Cross
  5. cheers Rangers
  6. Anybody seen Motherwell Fc, apparently haven't turned up for their game in Aberdeen tonight
  7. feck me, i can see this one far enough. Stayin in Sunderland. i may get plenty of drink in beforehand to ease the pain
  8. there's always next Valentines Day
  9. just landed in sunny Brum
  10. cheers for that Pat
  11. On the p*ss ma lord!
  12. the gift that keeps on giving
  13. bye bye Mr Magic Hat lol
  14. ive told you before you need to change your botox appointments from a Saturday