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  1. Stand free! Super Dons! Bring on the winners of the Battle of the Bigots in the final!
  2. Just brings it home to you, one minute you are here, and in a minute you could be gone. Has put the shits up me abit too, im just waiting on the phone call to go in for a heart by-pass op in the next few weeks, done the pre-op a while back, just want to get it done now, Life's too short. Always liked big Ugo, great defender for Villa
  3. im absolutely stunned by this, RIP big man, gone too soon!
  4. Dortmund must have been intending to invade another country and take their oil
  5. na, still waitin on your phone call
  6. congrats Larry, better team won, we were rotten all over the pitch today
  7. see ya there mate
  8. Cheers Pat. Heading to the Navigation Gaz
  9. or many away either from what ive heard
  10. just landed in sunny Brum, what lovely weather! I can feel a thirst comin on
  11. Think we are for drinking in the Navigation, going to be a tough game
  12. cheers Rangers
  13. no pressure