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  1. its undescribable lol
  2. i wondered where Les Dawson went to
  3. he deserves every bit of the blame for the shite that he served up
  4. it started with Lambert lol
  5. ill be renewing mine on Monday, 2016/17 members have until 30th June to renew theirs.
  6. Recovering well Rawly, just taking it easy. Wanted to do pre season but think ill give it a miss. Got a letter to go for my first 6 week review on 27th July so hopefully ill get the go ahead to start getting back over for the Hull game
  7. cheers Rawly lol
  8. oh meow, a saucer of milk for table number 3
  9. not a day over 64
  10. Thought this was a petition to get Patrick and Rawly off the forums
  11. i wouldn't , hes a dortbeg
  12. you're all heart Patrick
  13. Plenty of fishing goin on today lol
  14. i totally agree with you, think its scandalous that the game can't go on with away fans there. Will dilute the atmosphere at the game too.