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  1. I know, but I've just got a really bad feeling about this season, I wonder was the PROJECT to take us down?? I just wish Lerner and Co would talk to the fans and grow a pair of balls or f*ck off. Any other club in the prem would of sacked the manager with the home record we have, it's just not good enough.
  2. It's very simple we as a football club are fucked and that's the end of it, every one keeps going on about a take over and a new manager and it's just not going to happen any time soon. The owner will not sell until he makes a profit, the manager is trying his best but he's been out of his depth from day one and as we can all see that his signings are Crap apart from teckers and that was just luck. So how are we going to move forward as a club? Answer= we are not! get ready to see the villa in the championship very soon. I watch villa home and most away games and it cost a lot of money to d
  3. A source close to Aston Villa has said Hoolahan will be a Villa player by the deadline tomorrow.... £1.5 to £2 million. Also Lambert is looking at Tom Ince on loan till the end of the season. The source is usually good and about 85% right on transfers....
  4. A source close to Aston Villa has said Hoolahan will be a Villa player before the deadline tomorrow.....
  5. Ryan Bertrand just signed for villa till end of the season....
  6. When Arsenal went up 0-2 I thought we wer gonna get battered, but at least we won the second half and I hope that Bentekie goal will do him the world of good. If only we had played like that in the first half I think we could of got a draw. We have to take the positives from the game, we did look a lot better in the second half and it could of been a lot worse. Liverpool next away, if we could get a draw that would do me, but I think we could be in for a big loss. What do you all think about Grant Holt? I think it's a signing for the dressing room. We need a midfielder with experience and cr
  7. Do you think we will sign a player in jan?
  8. We have become a club that just wants to stay in the prem, no ambition, let's just stay back end of the table attitude. We should be aiming for Europe at least and a good cup run. As I said in my last post we are Aston Villa, proud history bright future.....more like no future under the current owners. If we want to play in this league and progress we need to start paying higher wages and stop looking for the cheap option all the time. Is it time for Lerner to sell? Or a new manager........?
  9. I don't think we would get mcgeady his wage demand would be to high for us, this is the problem we pay championship wages, he would get more at QPR. Time to go Lerner......or start providing the funds we need. We are Aston Villa not Hull City or the small Heath Lego land team down the road.
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