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  1. maybe you can get predicting again you have gone from 1st to 10th
  2. Just a topic for those members that have departed and as seagull is the first member I've heard about to pass away let's just have a topic for those who have been taken from us. Don't reply to this it's just a tribute so they are never forgotten Seagull 25/1/11 although not a villa fan he certainly kept most of us amused with his sometimes outrageous but very funny posts. R I P Gully Heres a link to his spotlight a member for the week http://www.avillafan.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5232
  3. I have said that all along any club in debt and others who have an operating costs above there turnover should not be allowed to buy players only sell until there debts are clear and the overheads are what they make
  4. I was only joking mate I'm sure you would be
  5. Ou fair weather player villan3:16 lol you should be out there now it's great I'm still playing twice a week
  6. Arron didn't you know that cold weather actually kills germs so I doubt your throat infection is down to that. Have you taken part in any other activity recently
  7. Retard houllier and hasbeen pires two of the things that are really grinding me at the moment
  8. no wonder theres no one left for me he's got two lol
  9. i aint saying anything just incase but lovely pic
  10. Trouble is stu his bones have had two metal plates screwed in each held with 8 screws will they have to take them out to
  11. Mike I hope your son is ok mate. Lewis is having his cast off tomorrow but his bones have moved so may have to have another cast on tomorrow . He is also having the stitches out 2moro from both sides of his arm
  12. All the best Roary glad ur back. hope you fighting fit soon mate
  13. i have about 13 books from my youth completley filled plus 3 from 2006 2007 and 2008. I remember hearing that someone auctioned some off (3 i think and got 48k) so i have 75-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-83-84-85-86 and 87 thats my pension boys when i sell them babies off.
  14. i love marmite the thicker the better specially on hot toast a load of melted butter, oooohhh i fancy some now
  15. Oh so they sem to have forgotten they lost 7-1 to liverpool not to long ago
  16. Must admit I'm with luke on this one. But it's sad and funny at the same time considering it's the blues
  17. Do we have to discuss them? Trouble is you gotta worry there catching us up slowly
  18. Up until the 1-2 defeatvwe inflicted on you a couple of years back i had no real hatred of the blues but after that my hatred fuelled due to the behaviour of your fans only Stoke are near to you in the disgusting breed of fans you form
  19. I have heard that Yeung is bringing a partner on board...... Wun Fuc All
  20. true we do but at least we try and do something with the deals Villa dish out this lot aint got a clue reduce prices more come and if the reduced it by a fiver even another 3,000 on the gate counter acts it and they would have more money. in this day and age there f**king stupid for not even trying to get more thru the gate for me its bad business
  21. well what do expect when the stupid club dont put down there prices Plus if Villa had a reasonable priced away ticket im sure we could have taken another 3,000 and taken the whole of the railway end come Gil Merrick stand
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