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  1. Your dead right Peever, it would be so disheartening to travel for the bland and scared football we produce at home
  2. I think it's more to do with the Norwich boards spat with Lambert, they just don't want to deal with us and tried to take him to court a while back if I'm not mistaken. The spat is nothing to do with Hoolahan and he should be allowed move.
  3. Norwich are being really petty. Hoolahan doesn't fit into Hughton's system and isn't featuring as a result. Most fans feel they are suffering from this style without Hoolahan and can understand his frustration at wanting to leave. Norwich just seem to be refusing to deal with us, they should really move on and take our money for everyone's sake.
  4. Wasn't in the Norwich squad tonight.
  5. He has more technical ability then our entire midfield put together. I actually think given our budget constraints this would be a pretty good signing. Has premier league experience and Lambert can get the best of him and he would bring much needed flair and creativity to the team. I think he would surprise a lot of people. We aren't going to sing players like Defour or Coutinho like we were bizarrely linked with last season.
  6. Could well be right, absolutely sickening
  7. Heard Hutton turned down a move to Huddersfield. Happier rotting in the reserves here on 30,000 a week.
  8. Seems he's handed in a transfer request so Norwich could be forced to sell. Unfortunately I really don't see us spending a couple of million on a player like Defour and the high wages he would demand. Hooloahan is about as good as it gets for our current ambitions. Definitely an improvement on our current lack of creativity in midfield and at least he would inject some life into the team.
  9. Agreed 6 million is an outrageous fee considering. Would be like us though, have our balls tied in the market for a number of seasons then panic buy with silly money thrown at Lescott or Heitinga.
  10. Nothing short of a disgrace. I don't have any faith in Lerner as he has made some really poor managerial appointments but he is not responsible for the gutless displays on the pitch. Our league position does not reflect how shockingly poor we have been all season, as bad as anything I have ever seen. Those comments by Lambert whether people agree with them or not were extremely unhelpful before the match, it was like he knew that team today wasn't even good enough to match Sheffield Utd. I thought it was frightening how after the Sunderland game he was talking how we would be just fine
  11. Blatant bullying and intimidation from the club if you ask me. Did anyone see the fantastic atmosphere at the Selhurst Park today? they have a similar section but bigger where the fans were standing and creating a terrific atmosphere. Crowd was the real 12th man for them, god forbid anyone try and improve what has been the very poor atmosphere at VP in recent years. The atmosphere is genereally only decent for big games and even for big games the place can go very quiet at times.
  12. Let the invasion begin! I can only imagine the session in London today :hh:
  13. That's crazy Stu and in fairness you can hardly go against them and get the site in trouble, but of all the forums out there i'm sure much much worse has been said. Hope they don't monitor everything we say on this forum :censored:
  14. Haven't heard anything on the injury yet but from where I was sitting looked like he was holding his shoulder or somewhere around that area. Took a fair bang and looked to be suffering with it. Carbon copy of the howler he committed for Villa a few weeks ago, got caught messing about with the ball when a simple clearance was all that was needed. Very disappointed he did not learn his lesson. I have always rated the lad and really like him but hes like Dunne in the sense he can be magnificent on his day and a real leader but it's as if once during every game he gets a rush of blood to t
  15. I like Freddy am baffled as to the signings of Sylla and Dawkins. We needed players capable of going straight into the team and offering some experience. Sylla from ligue 2 and Dawkins having in all his years with Spurs never managed a minute of Premier League football are pointless for the battle we find ourselves in. Sylla could be a good player but this really isn't the time to be bedding yet another young player into the team. If he is good enough he should be be playing but I fear he is off the pace off the league and he does not have the experience for the battle we are in from the small
  16. Always enjoyed your posts so I was wondering where you had gone . Very scary stuff man but its great to have you back and on the mend .
  17. I drive a Toyota Avensis and I have to say I love it , tried driving a smaller car and I didn't like it . Only got the full licence last Friday .
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