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  1. It's because Martin O'Neill is a cave man in footballing terms comparable with Steve Bruce. Bitter, bitter man too.
  2. McCormack is probably one of the only things I could side with Bruce on. Anytime he did play for us he looked unfit, overweight and uninterested. I'm open to all having a fresh start though and I hope Hogan has something to offer under smith.
  3. Hello Patrick, onwards and upwards!
  4. Take nothing for granted after the last few seasons but really excited to see what he can do. Tactically organised and better football would be great. Terry should have real influence with the players and can hopefully tighten up our defence. It will take time to turn us around and repair some of the recent damage Bruce caused. Will be interesting to see if players like Hogan or Lansbury could have something to offer. If Hogan is to be believed tactical instruction amounted to nothing more then "work hard" under the previous regime. Onwards and upwards, UTV!
  5. Haha I'll happily belt the sash out if needs be
  6. We appreciate the work our B team does in developing our players lol
  7. Deal! He'd do a good job in fairness. I just think last night will be hard to come back from.
  8. Michael O'Neill is a brilliant manager, his teams are incredibly well organised. Seems very meticulous and has a certain magic touch. Martin O'Neill only verbally agreed to a contract extension and I feel it would be best for everyone's sake if he stepped aside for a fresh approach. He lost the plot last night. I'd certainly take Michael O'Neill off our feeder team
  9. It was a really horrific tackle. I just don't know what Taylor was thinking. Bale's tackle was also a shocker. Its's not good enough to say 50-50 or these things happen,you just can't go flying in like that. Gutted for Coleman and I hope he can make a full recovery.
  10. Jon Walters is a hero, absolute legend of a man. Thought Clark was excellent the last two matches for Ireland. Amazing atmosphere again tonight.
  11. Not the best group of players we ever had but they showed so much heart last night as they always do. The place was bouncing and that gives us a better head to head over Germany in the group after our 1-1 draw out there. Incredible result and we have nothing to lose in Poland now. Stadium was bouncing last night, best result since we beat Holland in 2001 to qualify for the World Cup.
  12. Nice one. You would enjoy the Dublin derby if you're ever over!
  13. Not my number one passion but follow Rovers as they were my old mans team and they are local. Important to support the local game. Villa always number 1. Was at a Cliftonville Linfield match once. Nice people the Cliftonville lads.
  14. 3-1 Bohemians, was a cracking and feisty atmosphere! Ye that's true ha Game today hugely disappointing. Very depressing following the national team at the moment. Things just not working out for us. We are dead and buried, Scotland have qualification wrapped up now though possibly through a play off. Wish them well.
  15. Dublin is crawling with men in kilts, some amount have travelled over! Spotted a lot at the local Dublin derby last night between Shamrock Rovers and Bohemians. I think Ireland are overdue a big performance and though Strachan is a wily old fox I hope we sneak it today against a very good Scotland team.
  16. Heading over to Glasgow for the match in Celtic Park, we have no tickets sorted but should be a great trip regardless!
  17. Great stuff Peever, good read! Sounds like everything was great though I wish Villa would give you a win. My trips over haven't been particularly successful either :UGH:
  18. Very disappointing what happened with the minutes silence. Liverpool fans embraced the 19th minute applause and I remember they organized for Anfield to applaud when we played them there. Another quite frankly disgraceful performance. I have said several times already but we are torture to watch, it's soul destroying watching us this year.
  19. So true it's painful watching us. You only do it because you follow Villa but I look forward to watching us about as much as I look forward to college at 9 a.m. on a Monday morning.
  20. Crazy to blame one player. It's a really poor team led by a really poor manager with an owner who has no interest.
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