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  1. Brilliant night! Like Dorset says early days to judge Samatta. Looked a bit nervous which is understandable, a goal early in his Villa career could really set him off you feel. I thought Davis was really excellent when he came in, serious player in there though you worry about him staying fit.
  2. Passion, commitment and battle in abundance against a street wise and form Watford side. We really deserved that tonight and it has to be said Reina has made a huge difference. Players like Nakamba really stepped up tonight. Hopefully the Smith out nonsense can stop for another little bit. Crowd brilliant again.
  3. Poor first half but we battled hard and fully deserved the point for our second half performance. Well done to Smith and the team, fans were brilliant too.
  4. I understand some of the question marks against Smith and share some of the same concerns but I would stick with Smith and feel it's the right thing to do. I always felt this season with the way we play and general naivety and lack of experience at this level would lead to a few really bad days like yesterday and Watford. This season was always going to be a real dogfight to stay up, forget about the money spent. I still think we have every chance of staying up, most squads around us are significantly better but don't have a matchwinner or the X factor we have with Grealish. Mi
  5. Very much so Freddy and while neither Drinkwater or Hourihane are perfect at least they are not prone to calamity's. Mings controlled everything so well, a player like Konsa needs that kind of guidance as he is undoubtedly talented but still very raw.
  6. After another very good display from Nyland I wonder if putting big wages into an ageing Reina is the best idea? Nyland looks to have worked hard on his weaknesses and I felt confident with him in goals. I'm not against it just not so sure now especially when we have major issues upfront and with Trezeguet in particular.
  7. Brilliant performance tonight, Mings was outstanding no messing tonight just no nonsense defending and organised the defence very well. What a dreadful error from Luiz and such a preventable goal, it could have just as easily been Nakamba costing with one of his meltdowns on the ball. Drinkwater and Hourihane over the pair of them is a must for me as unfortunately both Luiz and Nakamba are making the same mistakes over and over again. Lots to play for in the second leg and can take lots of confidence into the City game. Smith deserves credit to for the change in system whic
  8. Normally disappointed when we get knocked out but we did the right thing resting players like Grealish and we still have the League Cup which given the stage we've reached can take more seriously. Onwards and upwards for the league.
  9. Agree, keep him and a few others in bubble wrap for this after recent events!
  10. We just can't seem to get it right, team is built too much on potential and certainly not the right team for a relegation scrap. You can't help but feel a few proper pros like Gary Cahil would have made a huge difference.
  11. Today was an absolute disaster. My only worry is could a big Sam even get anything from the current squad? You look at Watford, Burnley, West Ham or nearly anyone apart from Norwich and they have a certain steel and level of experience about them that I just don't see in this team. Not saying to stick with Deano just pointing out even with a change I fear we're far too fragile and lacking in experience for the fight we have on our hands. Not sure if we can do much in January but we need to add steel and fight to this team as we just don't have it in the current squad.
  12. Rafa stated very clearly he was happy in China and wants to see out 2 years there. He's on silly money out there.
  13. Huge win, deserved a bit of luck. Hourihane links up so well with Grealish and we can't afford to be without his goals and assists in the team. Keep the faith!
  14. No doubting that or your commitment mate, I just don't see any viable option but to give him another few games.
  15. The contract extension was stupid but not one realistic suggestion says it all. Poch - dream on, completely unrealistic. Big Sam - we'd turn on him in 5 minutes and be back to square one. Extremely worried but I don't see anyone suitable out there, Smith deserves more games to turn it around and sticking with him is the only option I see so we may as well get behind him.
  16. Impressive following for the youngsters in fairness. No excuses not to win this one, I don't think this side can even be compared with Wolves team which had serious players like Cutrone and other players who are in and around the starting 11 in the side. Like I said in all of the previous rounds a win is a win and no harm for our fragile confidence.
  17. I don't think there is any point in comparing ourselves with the likes of Sheff Utd which is a very different situation to ourselves. Sheff Utd is a well oiled system built over a number of seasons. Our promotion was a result of an unexpected and exceptional run of form. We lost half our team and the reality is to have any chance of being competitive we had to spend what we did. I still feel we will stay up and anything else was always going to be a bonus. Today was the first day we took a real hammering which was worrying though Leicester are red hot and the form team at the moment. I f
  18. Contracts don't mean very much these days and I'm sure there is all sorts of clauses. Smith has the makings of one of the best managers in the country in my opinion so why not try and provide as much stability as possible within the club. I like the way it was done, no major fuss. If you weren't a Villa fan I doubt you'd have even heard of this contract extension. The club appears to have a very clear vision and for the first time in a long time we are running really smoothly with no silly promises.
  19. Agree with this. One of the strangest links and I hope nothing in it. He doesn't fit the profile given his age and value and his career is rather underwhelming . Even his goals stats are glossed over by penalties. This would fall under the category of spending for the sake of it.
  20. I can't see much else but I think Maupay would still be a good idea. Depth will be important but I hope one or two leave to get them off the wage bill. I hope some of the younger guys can be sent on loan and hopefully can still have a part to play going forward. Really excited by our business and I don't think we could argue any of it wasn't needed, I just hope everyone remains patient as it might take time to get things going with all the new players like when Smith originally came in. I think Heaton could be a huge signing, you wont get anywhere without a steady keeper and
  21. Excited to see this guy!, sounds like he has serious talent when dribbling and I'm sure we can progress his game even further. Love how swift the club have been in conducting business.
  22. Delighted with Mings, not bothered at all with the price on this one. We know exactly what we are getting and he fits right in. Until Mings came in our defence was leaking goals to an extent that would have cost us promotion. For the style we play under Smith you need somebody like Mings to organise and lead at the back and sometimes be able to put your body on the line or make a last ditch tackle. Reminds me a bit of Puyol at Barcelona.
  23. Anyone have an idea of how good this guy is? Just looking at him he never seems to have played more then about 15 games in a season with only a handful most seasons and why would Southampton want to sell a presumably young talent. It all seems a little strange to me and a lot to pay especially looking at Arsenal's valuation of Kieran Tierney for the same price and he is the real deal but I'm entirely open to being completely wrong in my scepticism.
  24. With the amount of players leaving and that we need to sign I just hope we have our business done as early as possible.
  25. No denying the lack of quality but the North passed us off the park with lesser quality players overall and deserved to win. O'Neill is a relic of the game who has not only sucked the life out of them with his Brian Clough methods but is acting like a man who has lost the plot. Stubborn b*stard too, common Northern trait lol
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