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  1. This was my worry with sacking Smith, all the names mentioned carry a big risk and don't fill me with confidence of guaranteed progress. It would be different if there was a Conte a figure available and who wanted to come here.

    If they go for the likes of a Gerrard they better get him, as we can't have a situation like Spurs over the Summer or even how some of our own transfer dealings were very publicly rejected. 

    On Gerrard who seems the favourite I'm not even sure what I'd make of him but I think the usual SPL stuff being aimed at him is unfair. Managing at Celtic or Rangers brings incessant pressure, two defeats and it's a crisis. There is an incredible pressure to win and he did very well in Europe last year so any manager who handles that pressure and can deliver silverware deserves some respect. 

    In fairness I have not seen his name talked up on here but it's funny how some Villa fans could get so excited by Fonsesca who managed probably the richest team in a pretty uncompetitive Ukranian League from what I can make out but will slam Gerrard. 

    I don't think Lampard would be the worst given his record with younger players, Derby and how they played plus Chelsea can be a prickly club to manage but if we're after the same target as Norwich I'm not sure what that says about where we are looking to go . 

    I don't know who I want but I certainly hope we stay well clear of Martinez who hasn't delivered with Belgium and has been out of the premier league for quite a while. It's critical we get this appointment right. 

  2. 1 hour ago, markymark said:

    Not particularly championing Eddie Howe but, in fairness he did a spectacular job at Bournemouth taking over a team on the verge of relegation from the football league up to the EPL and remained there for 4 or 5 seasons before finally being relegated.

    If he could achieve that with Bournemouth what could someone of that ilk achieve if they had been afforded the finances (over £300 million) and support DS has been given at a club like Villa?

    What is clear from the players body language/performance, chopping and changing of players and formations and most importantly RESULTS is that DS is out of ideas on how to arrest this alarming slide.

    IF NSWE acted now it would afford us two weeks to appoint a new manager before a difficult run of games against Brighton, Palace, Man City, Leicester then Liverpool.  I think it's fair to say we shouldn't expect anything from the Man City/Liverpool games, so that's straight away a max of 9 points from 15 available.


    I agree with you that his actions recently like changing systems, players and dropping Mings in particular suggest a manager running out of ideas and the body language of our players has been just terrible recently.

    I also think that if a decision was to be made the sooner the better in this international break.

    I think the problem with a Howe is that everybody knows he's a temporary man, a bit like Ole at United you just don't see him having the personality and presence to be the right long term fit. 

    If we did change we have to thread very carefully and find the right man. I'd hate a Mourinho type figure for example who places no emphasis on youth when it's such an important side of the club now and we have talented players breaking through who to his credit Smith has managed well. We can't just fire Smith  and hire someone  for the sake of change, there needs to be someone suitable who matches the clubs vision and ambition that can potentially push us on. 

  3. My only issue is who's out there. Newcastle could only attract Eddie Howe. 

    The owners ambition rightly extends towards Europe and far beyond a Big Sam type appointment, it's about who can take us onto the next level.

    That's not to say I'm too arrogant to think we couldn't go down but I dread the thought of going down a managerial circus for the next few years like in the past.

    I can't defend Smith and I'll back the owners whatever they decide, I just don't have or see the answer is all but luckily that's not my job.  

  4. Alarm bells after 4 defeats in a row and hard to see where the next win is coming from. I desperately want Smith to succeed but he has to turn this around quickly.

    No way I would dispense of him yet, I don't see any viable alternatives out there. Some of the names people are throwing out are either delusional or laughable. 

  5. Still savoring this one,  after  years of dodgy ref decisions and bad luck against this lot. Fully deserved the win, system is spot on at the moment. I really like our midfield 3.

    Delighted for Hause, never puts a foot wrong. He's strong and reliable and seems to have a terrific attitude.

    I felt our season needed and deserved a scalp like that to really get us going. Very excited about this team. What a magical day, fans were different class. UTV!

  6. Another really good performance against Chelsea, couldn't fault anyone and Lukaku and Mount coming on shows just how much problems our young lads caused. Credit to Deano for trusting them and managing the young players very effectively in carefully integrating them into the first team.

    I could watch that Archer goal over and over, great header, great cross from Cash and great move started by Chuk. I suspect we could see Archer coming off the bench in the league, aside from his natural finishing ability his movement and pace you feel could cause any team problems. I wouldn't be surprised to see him come on at the weekend.

    Very unfortunate but couldn't ask for more, fans were class. 

  7. Honestly what a thrill watching these guys play. 

    I was surprised to see Archer start but what a fantastic and mature display from him. Rare to see such natural finishing ability and surely elevates himself either to 3rd choice striker or a loan. He deserves a place on the bench for Brentford. I though the new Chuk looked good too when he came on upfront. 

    I really like the look of Bidace, he has the makings of a top player, not just his flair and incisive attacking play but I was very impressed by how hard defensively he worked. I think he's the closest to getting a start of that crop coming through.  

    It's hard to believe Carney Chukwuemeka is only 17, another really mature display. Not quite the no.10 role we were expecting but a really mature display in midfield and again I feel we will see more of him this season in the premier league.

    Huge credit to Deano, his record in the cups has been very good, after years where we were picked off by lower level teams and I used to somewhat dread these games. He got the mix of youth and experience right last night. He's also doing a great job of managing the younger talents, carefully introducing them into the first team and building there minutes up. 

    Incredibly exciting watching some of these younger guys making it into the first team. 

  8. Really disappointed with Grealish especially for all the kids that would have looked up to him, thought he might be different but sadly just another reflection of what football is these days. 

    Hate all this Sky big 6 entitlement rubbish that we should be grateful to have just had Grealish for a few seasons. We made him the player he is today and we stuck by him through thick and thin. I remember days in the Championship where it looked like his petulance and off field antics might prevent him from reaching his potential. It's not so long ago I watched him lashing out against Forest getting sent off stupidly. 

    Magnificent player who will succeed at $ity I have no doubt and the best Villa player I have ever seen.

    Looking back you can't help but think he's been angling for a move the last few seasons and watch that pr*ck Southgate put him straight in the English team now. 

    Nearly 1 billion spent by Pep now and another two fingers to the FFP rules, horrible state backed club.

    F*ck them all, UTV!

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  9. Frustrated how the season is finishing out for us though looking back at the end of the season I will have no complaints with the progress we have made and let's face it any team losing a player like Grealish would suffer massively unless of course your City. 

    Disappointed with how passive we looked again. We're playing with far too much respect and fear of teams when we showed ourselves to be more then capable of taking games to anyone in this league earlier in the season. Of course City will dominate but we were so sloppy when we did have it and surrendered to them from the second we scored. 

    Might sound pedantic but having 4 defenders on the bench really annoys me and giving Barkley any more time just seems a waste at this stage and at times a destructive sub.  City isn't the game to throw people in but hopefully before the season is out we see more youngsters given minutes as are season is finishing with a  bit of a whimper. 

    Still fuming with Cash, inexcusable. Let the team down and in fairness Smith was trying to force the issue with the early HT sub of Davis but he can't legislate for utter stupidity from Cash.

    One of the last matches I remember before us going into lockdown was us getting battered 6-1 by City so I guess it shows the progress that I'm annoyed at a 2-1 loss to a City team who are on top of their game. I just hate the feeling of inevitability about all our recent defeats. 

  10. Agree with Stu about bringing a few of the younger guys in. I don't think it needs to be anything radical but we are in a good position to give more minutes to some of the youth prospects and while not the finished article Ramsay has shown enough to hopefully see more of him. It feels like Ramsay is a big moment like a goal away from really igniting his Villa career. Bidace is another player who is highly rated and was given a new contract but he's 19 so this season is the perfect opportunity to give him some minutes and gauge where he is at.  In fairness to Smith he seems very proactive with including the prospects in the first team  so I have to respect his judgment on how he does it but it does feel like a great chance this season.

    Delighted with the result, felt huge to comeback and not let our season completely fizzle away. Credit to the subs who had an impact and to Smith for making them. 

    I think a fair few people wanted to see the combination of Nakamba in there and allowing McGinn to get further forward and it looked effective. Nakamba starts again for me also and another player who has made huge strides forward on last season.

    Felt psychologically massive to finally come back from a losing position and all the more so without Jack. 

  11. Without a doubt yes. 

    Like everyone I have been extremely disappointed with recent performances and results and I don't agree with the ahead of schedule or better then we thought we would do argument a reason to excuse our recent dreadful form. We must strive for better then that.

    However, Smith has done a terrific job and I think it would be absurd to even think about a change. Every time Smith's teams have had a major fault he's addressed it and come back stronger like the huge defensive improvement after the break last season.

    The team has improved every season and we can't become a top 6 team overnight. I think I read a stat recently about only 2 teams outside of the usual top 6 group broke into that grouping in the last decade.  Look at a stable club like Everton with a world class manager and they are struggling to make any meaningful impact into that category and just like us struggle hugely with a few players out. 

    Factor in injuries, a loss of momentum with the covid outbreak and Barkley seemingly giving up and I think we can't really be too disappointed.

    Next season we need to take another step forward and I have know doubt Smith will but he will need more reinforcements. Based on  signings so far, I trust we will. 

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  12. Love this team. Learn and build from mistakes. 

    Showed real steal and some toughness. Whole team was exceptional but Mings was particularly outstanding. Watkins is going right to the top, what a signing he has been. 

    Good to see a change, Nakamba did well and a bit more proactive with the subs. 

    Great day, UTV!

  13. 1 hour ago, avstu said:

    Best wishes mate. I hope he gets better soon.

    Two lads in my shop are currently in isolation as they have either come into contact or have live with someone who has tested positive.


    Must admit, i would be surprised if the league were postponed. Its a fine balance with lockdown protection and mental health and i think sport is one thing that is helping so many at the moment.

    The athletes need to take a long hard look at themselves though and go back to the basic rules of when they first returned.


    I agree with this, I honestly feel Villa have kept my sanity in the last few months and have provided some form of normality and positivity when we are bombarded with pure misery and negativity all day.  

    Some footballers really let themselves down over the last few weeks though I understand that some outbreaks could have been much more innocent and unfortunate. 

  14. Incredibly proud of the team last night. I honestly feared annihilation when I saw the Liverpool team  and I wasn't very impressed with Klopp who came across extremely unsympathetic and I feel he was itching for revenge  and a huge drubbing  which I'm delighted we denied him.

    Not one player let themselves down out there and hopefully that leaves them with the hunger for more. The first half response to the goal was terrific and they seemed to learn very fast. Barry looks like he has the x factor, what a  superb goal and finish. Reven, Sylla, Rowe, Chrisene, I could carry on and list the whole team all looked superb. 

    Credit to Mark Delaney also who guided the team through it and reacted fast with his subs when needed.  No doubting the potential for a few of these guys to make it. 

    Don't think I ever have or ever will be as delighted after a 4-1 defeat as I was last night. 


  15. Like a few have mentioned, really proud of the team. Couldn't fault them, we deserved something from the match and but for the usual soft peno that United get we might well have. 

    We've more then matched and in most cases beaten the big boys this season. It really is exciting and I can't ever remember going into games like this genuinely believing we could win. 

  16. Very good win, was a little bit frustrating until we finished them off but we got the job done. Credit to Traore who looked really up for it today.

    I don't understand the ridiculous VAR offside lines, I saw a baggies player further forward then Watkins  simple as and he needed that goal so a real shame.

    What a brilliant way to finish off before Christmas, delighted. UTV!

  17. Incredibly frustrating, I thought the game was screaming out for the introduction of Hourihane enabling Grealish to move back onto the wing where he is more effective.  Aside from one good free our set pieces were really poor.

    Deano makes changes far too late, I don't see what Davis can do in a couple of minutes, he had all of 2 or 3 touches. Traore had a few nice flicks but so one footed and he seems incapable of more then about 60 minutes. 

    Matches like last night can happen and maybe just one of those days but we're making a habit of not taking our chances which is worrying.  Nothing more then frustration and very pleased with how the season is going.  A clean sheet and the slide of home defeats stopped at least. 




  18. 3 hours ago, avstu said:

    Based on what we just saw, I would say the answer is no. Once again a side with a high intensity press, destroyed us and on another day may have had more.

    Yes, we looked a better side for the final 30 minutes and had Trezeguet took one of his chances it may have been a different result but we need to find a way to play against these sides.

    Once again, our midfield were found wanting and the defence looked all out of sorts, hanging onto the ball too long so the high press caused them to make mistakes. I suggested after the Leeds game that I would have bulked the midfield out with legs, and if that means dropping the likes of Barkley then so be it. Its a squad game and having the legs of Hourihane or Nakamba may have helped today.

    Yes we won our first four games but we need to get past that now and look to see where we can win our next.

    Couldn't agree more. Smith seems very naive in his approach sometimes and there are times we need to be a bit more pragmatic and not play into the hands of the likes of Leeds and Southampton.

    The one player who Smith did drop was probably one of the last players I would have left out and while far too early to judge Traore really doesn't feel me with confidence. 

    McGinn and Barkley were really poor and I can't understand why at the very least Smith wont make subs, Hourihane was bang in form before dropped and has something to offer from the bench. 

    Watkins has seemed way off the pace since the Liverpool game but much like last season no plan b when we were utterly dependent on Wesley though like Hourihane in midfield I would have brought Davis on at least to have given defenders something different to think about in the last 2 matches. 

    We can at least take some positives from our second half and I'm just expressing pure frustration as I really like Smith but he really needs to learn how to adapt and use his bench more effectively. 

    The way we play seems to be still far too dependent on Grealish when I had hoped with the likes of Barkley we could free him up and take some of the pressure off him. He can't continually do it on his own for us. 

  19. Weird season and I think Leeds will do that to a few teams better then us  while they will then struggle against much lesser teams. It's just the way they are and maybe we got carried away. 

    However, we never came close to matching their intensity and we didn't change anything when things clearly weren't happening for us.  Barkley wasn't fit and Smith alluded to it after Leicester yet he stayed on for the entire match which I can't understand. 

    On another day Grealish would have put that chance away but he over did it like he did on much of his play tonight and we were unlucky with Ayling's goal line clearance.

    Well done to Leeds though fully deserved and could could have been much worse.

    Worried about the potential damage of this defeat, how we respond against Southampton is so important for the rest of our season. 

    Weird season like I say and we still have our 4 wins, onwards and upwards.

  20. Such a pleasing victory. We showed real steel and grit in that match.

    I thought we were a bit slow to get going but  understandable with many players coming back from internationals.

    Trezeguet was outstanding, I've never seen such improvement in a player.  Konsa was Mr Reliable, Grealsih brilliant as ever and what a difference having a calm and reliable keeper makes.

    On a side note I wonder if anyone saw MOTD2, what a shoddy and lazy 30 seconds of analysis. Wouldn't expect any better from Murphy who has always viewed us with utter contempt. 

  21. 1 hour ago, avstu said:

    I agree with these changes. We have to remember that these players outplayed Bristol City (who beat Stoke this season) a week earlier. The second string players let the manager and fans down.

    Traore will need to up his game but I hope that will come playing with better quality players. As you said, some players need to move on because I don't see a future at VP for them. El Ghazi is in that list for me also.


    Yeah ultimately the players let us all down yesterday. 

    Agree regarding El Ghazi , I think there was talk of Olympiacos a few weeks back. The worry is as things there is no way he wont be playing a decent amount of games with injuries, suspensions  and the quick turnaround of games. He's started the season poor in contrast to Trez who looks much improved so far though he does have his moments of class.

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