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  1. Yep o'shea is shocking player, surprised given got the nod aswel
  2. And what rd is Aviva on ? or put it this way if durex bought celtic park naming rights , what would you call the stadium ? The durex extra large stadium
  3. Ya we got loads of poles here in the meat and glass factories, they are very nice people in general , I just don't like the idea of supplying away fans with tickets, Lansdowne should be a fortress not a welcoming place
  4. I'm in Tipperary a town called nenagh, very close to limerick city
  5. 90 poles going from my town alone , disgraceful one of our local clubs supplied them with tickets
  6. Great result , looking in perfect shape to qualify
  7. Girl from my town is going to be representing us, not sure I'll bother looking at it
  8. roy keane was never a poet or a song write
  9. without being as distressctful as possible because i agree with what you say most of time anne. , your picking out keane fi or no reason, players on ptch let us down, unless keane dusts off boots whats he ment to do
  10. Poles winning by 3 now, not great start to night
  11. Robbed the Germans , this group is wide open now and top spot might not be out of the question, fair play to Scott's , telling poles i know all week how dangerous Scotland are
  12. We are worse then Gibraltar were against us
  13. as van gaal is my new , manger i love to hate in the league at moment, hate to see dutch falling apart like this as it makes him seem important
  14. Friendly games like that should be spread around the country , fair enough play competitive games in Wembley but makes no sense opening up Wembley for Norway friendly
  15. I know quite a few poles and watched there world cup campaign , they drop points against a lot of weak teams, if lewondowski gets injured they are awful
  16. Very rare I go to ireland game with the match times past few years but seems matches are been played lot more at weekend now so might try get too few, deff won't be in Glasgow as much as I'd love too
  17. Yup tipp, won't be heading to dublin for it this year as don't think I deserve ticket only, got too one or two games this season Hopefully we can win it , differently better positioned to beat Kilkenny on big pitch in croke park, damming Nolan park killed us in league final But back to football,be great to win sun , but if we could put few goals past them would make it brilliant , tight group could be decided by a goal
  18. Prob miss the start of game Sunday.we are playing in all ireland Sunday aswel
  19. Sickens me to watch gabby on that pitch, we as fans to the club like he is would only dream of being in his position , he can fight for the club he loves and actually make an impact. But he looks like he dosent give a sh*t
  20. Wasn't directed at you mate was talking in general, not sure changing at this point will help us but might get reaction from the players . Lambert for sure can't get them to react
  21. Ive been behind Lambert all season but how can you defend him. We are prob the worst team in the league at the moment. Id have np if they fire him in the morning
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