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  1. Swansea looking the better team second half. Come on lads! Find that goal from somewhere !!
  2. who else can we bring on to make an impact? holt? robinson? maybe tonev?
  3. interesting change, bringing on lowton. Its not like lambert to make a change this early? Did bacuna pick up a knock? We have to score next. I have a gut feeling Fulham will raise the tempo and score against hull
  4. new: GK, CB, LB, RB, CDM, CAM, WINGER im not sure on a new striker stu. We have Benteke, and Kozak - who hasn't really had much chance to prove himself. If our midfield improves I reckon our defensive problems will improve. We would keep the ball better as well.
  5. ive decided to punish jonjo shelvey. Im terminating his contract immediately on fm. :
  6. jonjo shelvey. He plays in my villa team on football manager. why cant he ever score those kind of goals for me ?! :confused:
  7. ak, I have to agree with you on guzan. I haven't said it much, but ive been thinking this season that he's made quite a few errors, and he isn't as good he was last season.
  8. yess gabby!!!!!! guess who got the provided the cross ... marc albrighton.
  9. bbc have just reported that there's been heavy rain at the liberty. Hopefully it'll make it harder for them to pass the ball around. Although it might make our passing even worse! Worried about Bony, he's been Swansea's best player all season. Hopefully baker will be concentrating.
  10. looks like 4-3-3 to me with albrighton, we've got a bit more pace in our attack - hopefully we can use it to our advantage when counter attacking.
  11. if we take the 3 points - we should be safe a draw is still not a bad result, especially since swansea are looking for points to survive also. Its obvious we gonna try to sit back like the last 3 times we've played swansea. Especially without Benteke, leaving us with gabby and weimann - we just dont look like scoring. But i'd like for us to go out attacking - showing some fight like last season, where we played some decent football.
  12. even worse, another game like this one today - an average team yet with a good manager.
  13. we got swansea, saints, spurs, man city i think. Quite frankly, i dont see us getting any more than 2 points.
  14. same for me, im tired of seeing us lose. In fact im shattered, i have very little energy left. I go into every game, with no expectations any more. Id be over the moon with a draw! The sad thing is, we dont even look like scoring, never mind winning!
  15. this is what the clown had to say. a tight game? We didnt look like scoring, whereas Palace had more and better chances than us! They deserved to win! Could have gone either way??? The longer the game went on, the more likely palace would win. I have no idea what game he was watching.
  16. theres 5 games left. You're right, who would take the job? i dont know, but what i do know is that if we get a good manager in, regardless of Lerner not giving a sh*t, results are likely to improve. However, even with a poor manager like di canio - he kept sunderland in the league last season - because changing a manager can have short term benefits which lifts the club. Anyway? what about Laudrup?
  17. changing him wont make a difference??? im sorry but it is both the players and the managers responsibility for poor results. I know lerner doesnt help lambert, but a good manager will still get decent results. Prime example, Tony Pulis. Palace looked doomed before Tony came in, now look at them - he's transformed them - they are solid defensively, and can still manage to score goals. Palace still have the same owner, but changed the manager, and they are a completely different team. If lerner appoints a new manager, just because we have lerner as an owner, it doesnt mean results ON
  18. agree with ak, palace are strong in defence with Pulis, decent teams struggle to break them down, so I don't see how we can. just cant see us getting anything out of the game. 1-0 palace, maybe more if were poor in defence.
  19. yes we might be playing well but we need a goal to show for it. We just aren't clinical enough, especially against a poor Newcastle side. The longer the score stays at 0-0, the more chance Newcastle have of winning. And we'll get to a point where Newcstle will get on top and we're under pressure, and knowing us, we'll probalbly condede. Newcastle will also get time to regather at HT, and we'll have lost momentum.
  20. apparently lambo's ended his interest in wes hoolahoop.
  21. when I think of a 31 year old, I don't see many creative players fitting that role perfectly. They lack that pace and spark about them which tends to fade into patience and efficiency. I would have thought that sort of experience would have suited a CDM, ball player kind of player. surely a younger CAM would be more desirable, but an experienced CDM definitely. he's only temporary at 31, and if we do get him it would be a waste if it wasn't a good deal.
  22. if his contracts running out in the summer, 6 million is pure theft! don't get me wrong, hes good - compared to what we've got. man city got demichelis for £4m I think, and if hes above the pecking order than lescott. if hes got 6 months left it wont be 6 million - moussa sissoko cost about £2m last jan - a player who was in demand.
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