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  1. Never sell to the teams around you. It's petty but clever. Why make your opposition stronger.
  2. nobody is ever 'the only one' to think something. I for one wouldn't mind him, if hes not on ridiculous wages and doesn't cost much then why not, he might be good for 1-2 seasons, just don't give him a long contract like we gave to Given. A decent stop gap till we find someone better.
  3. If we wouldn't pay 8 mill for Kiyotake then we definitely wont pay it for morrison.
  4. 100% this. people are already criticizing him before he has put the shirt on.
  5. Completely agree with Skyba on the Tonev matter. Some players take longer to settle in to a new club especially when you cant speak the native tongue. Adding the minutes he's played together, he has played just under 6 full premier league games. I don't know about you but in my eyes that's not enough time to learn how the league works. He is naive but that will wear off over time when he properly settles and when he learns his teammates tendencies. Anyway on another note, I would love to see Wes at villa, he is out of favour at the moment might be just what we need. My mate is a die hard N
  6. hope this is true. makes sense with the connection to lambert.
  7. He was sh*t against Arsenal. Can't think of anymore, so if its just hull and arsenal then that's pretty consistent, other than the start of the season when he was still banned. I hate to agree with rattled because he's a dick, but he is right in this situation.
  8. wow really, bigger than chelsea, ok. I'm split on whether i want him to leave the league or not. On one hand i don't want to lose such a good player, the league will be worse with out a player of his quality. But on the other hand he is a cheat and a diver and that has no place in our league let alone football, i know others do it but one less that does it is better. Plus i don't want to have to play against him.
  9. I posted on this thread when it was first opened defending the stewards saying that the fans could have been aggressive towards them, I still believe this could be true, but recently I have had a similar experience to the one that started the thread. a few friends on mine, three to be exact, were standing on the back row not shouting/singing, we were told to sit down, my friend asked why and that we were not in anybody's way, the steward didn't answer and said to sit down other wise we would be thrown out. its ridiculous that they had to resort to threats instead of just giving us a reasonable
  10. I felt the most inspired sub was the Delph one. Not that the other subs were ineffective. I just felt his involvement meant Westwood and El ahmadi could move forward to more advanced roles so much so that they both scored. Delph is easily our best midfielder, now all we need is another decent midfielder to accompany him, maybe even Bacuna.
  11. Odd you say that. I though when I first saw him he would end up in midfield. He is very much in the same vein as Gaz Baz, start in defence move to midfield. Hes got an intelligent streak about him. I would like to see him played there more often. i agree with you on the Delph and Sylla front aswell, a lot of people don't like Sylla, he's there to do a job and he does it. I think Tonev should be given a go in the middle of three attacking midfielders, that number 10 role if you will.
  12. I'm not going to say it's a disgrace on the fact that we only have the story from the Brigada point of view. Who is to say a select few of the fans in that section weren't being abusive and threatening towards the stewards when they came to ask them to sit down. If in-fact they were thrown out and banned for what is said in the statement then it is a real shame the stewards and club have gone to such lengths over something so petty. But in all honesty I can quite easily see the fans with that level of passion for the club being antagonistic towards the stewards.
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