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  1. i wrote u a message but my phone been not an amazing phone seems to have dissed my message so therfore apparently i have wrote nothing. i wont go into much detail but i drifted into the life of donald trump and ended with a welcome back lol hope all is well man
  2. come over for it lol, we go on the raz
  3. im actually taking the young lad to watch ire v the swiss. though i may get my wish of watching celtic after all this year too. they have a pre season at the aviva with barca :D
  4. eh england havent beaten ireland since 1985 lol. also in 1988 we beat u 1-0. not to mention the reason why these 2 teams havent played so much but it was because of the game in 1995 Abandoned after 27 minutes due to violence by English fans. Ireland were leading 1-0 at the time but result is officially recorded as a draw. - See more at: http://www.football-ireland.com/irish-football-results/england.htm#sthash.YgszZWfn.dpuf overall since then we have played eachother 5 times with all resulting in draws. thats not saying much considering england should be head and shoulders above irela
  5. while i totally get what u are saying, i need to correct u on 1 thing. halloween is irish. i cant remember the full details but it has something to do with that particular day that the dead go to heaven or the other place or somethin. i didnt get much from school but i remember that and long division lol
  6. sorry scott, but even if that was ireland in blue i be +1ing it lol
  7. lol +1 sure why not man. we are ur feckin cousins lol.
  8. yeah he was decent. always thought he had it in him but only in the last cpl of years its starting to shine we had the best defensive record apparently in the group too
  9. theres a bit of belief in them lately. im always criticizing the team. but there was some play tonight which reminded me of the team and how it played v france in stade de france around 6 years ago. MON and keane are defo having an impact on the group. tbh i dont expect us to get out of the group in the euros but its a great foundation to give the fans a bit of belief in this team. i wish villa bought brady when we were linked with him and hoolahan is brilliant too. well done ireland
  10. that fuker should of been sent off twice or 3 times so far. fukin justice 2-0
  11. that defender should of been off. hes had about 4 bad tackles and hes only on a yellow
  12. oops i took the auld carol vorderman specs off for a second. yep ur right mate. 39e lol. mad money
  13. wow thats cheap. its 13euro for 8 here so that works out 29e for a crate. guinnss aint bad out of the can, aslong as its cold. i find the best way to pour it with the widget in it is, open the can and turn the pint glass upside down. then put it over the can and turn the pint glass the right way up while the can is inside the glass. then slowly lift the can out of the glass while the stout is pouring in. if i can find a video for it i will post it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwjQQ9Fsay8
  14. i plan to go to glasgow in the new year, u should come up, me dimitri and by the sounds of it auld wee fergus will be there too lol. u be grand, i will look after ya lol
  15. we normally kick off with a nagan of powers, then top it up with something that may get me a warning point on the site, polish it off with about 24hrs of pints. no point pretending we drank this and that, best off measuring it in hours lols
  16. im not confident over this style of play and this team or the manager. theres some decent players in ROI, just not played to there strengths, not to mention, nobody is there to replace tehm when they retire. delaney and co really need to invest in grass roots, we are playing the same football now that jack charlton would of been proud of
  17. wemt off beer all together, im now drinking guinness, i dont even get a hangover off it, they serve shite pints here so cant imagine theres good pints in the UK. need to go down the country to sample a few pints of the black gold
  18. think charlie bird is still over there reporting in that shop. we are fuked. i hope we dont qualify because we cant play, we cant show pride to the country with our shite served up. i love the irish team and i love irish performers in sport, but football must be the most currupt sport in irish history. atleast the GAA heads play for the sport, irish football ranks up right beside irish priests. one rapes kids and the other rapes ur education. absolute wankers
  19. been drinking since yesterday. the hangover will be calling tomorrow. right now im tip top lol edit: hangover in work is knocked out after 3hrs, tough manual work always sorts the head out
  20. 2-1 poland we are all over the place
  21. the way we are playing so far it be hard not to put ur money on poland. also cant believe walters takes our penos, did he miss 3 penos for stoke a couple of seasons ago and score 2 OG's in the same match lol
  22. if it ends up 2-2 we go through 2nd
  23. country before club all day long. irish football is awful most of the time but its things like beating germany that just makes me so proud to be irish
  24. do the double today and angela merkal will be paying all the sick pay in ireland tomorrow
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