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  1. Did we take up an option to get more? was only 1800 originally wasn't it?? Most people getting the coaches up? im coach up.. 19:30 train back.. any idea what time the coaches will get to newcastle guys? was thinking about 11:30? makes time for a few before heading into the ground in a pub in town....
  2. Glad about the tickets! a result for common sense over health and safety gone mad!!
  3. Just to clarify i have nothing to do with the brigada people, me and my old man have season tickets in L3 and three years ago in my season ticket drought years before getting them back my choice was upper holt, i have only sat near them during cup games when i have chose not to reserve my ST but get seats close to them to see what they are like. ive got my full name as my username on here i really do have nothing to hide, i have commented on 3 threads since i joined, and the main reason i commented on this is because i was near them at the rotherham game and thought i could give an oppinion o
  4. Thats ok, easy thing to do, apology accepted... those chants are definitely out of order and. and undefendable, a minority of young foolish hangers on springs to mind though, having said that the brigada members that do the organising need to stomp that out and distance themselves as soon as it happens!! hope they do becasue i really hope the do go from strength to strength with there plans for more atmosphere, the ticker tape, the baloons, the fun, the banners and all that good stuff. i love the football, the whole day and night, the better the atmosphere the better the main event is! th
  5. i think you have me mixed up with someone else??? have a look.... and ill accept the apology when or if it comes whole hartedly... stating they are anti fascist is sticking two fingers up at any racist, bigoted, hate filled scumbags out there, it is not a political agenda nor a political banner. a celebration of something that has deep roots in our city, we are the most multicultural city in the UK bar London, being anti fascist/ anti racist should be celebrated and put on banners, fair play to them!
  6. hahahahah what are they??? a spy agency? some government secret service? come on!! i work for a pipeline inspection company and have not so much as said hello to any of these group of SUPPORTERS, im going to go out on a limb here and say that this "supposedly political rubbish posted all round birmingham" does not excist... what are they doing... sticking there mandates up in victoria square and preaching for some sort of movement of the masses??? nope they are just supporting AVFC!!!!
  7. I must be out the loop here...... what is it the " supposedly" political rubbish posted around birmingham?? and what does that even mean??? lol also however hard you find it to believe... its true, i simply haven't, if you would like to "Berate" me over it then thats fine.
  8. They are a supporters group not a political group are they not? you have the villa badge as your pic, then state your views and oppinions behind the badge... not a problem its our club, are badge,,,, my season ticket is not next to them so i dont need to "profess" ... i simply have not heard any horribly offensive,shocking chants on the occasions i have sat by them, i do have a couple of friends who have season tickets in L7 and dont have a bad word to say about them.
  9. Whats there political agenda?? the one i see is a view not an agenda and it seems to be anti fascist and anti racist..... that we should all be behind, breath of fresh air in the current world we live in.... do distasteful chants mean bad language?? Using the Villa badge.... there villa fans, its our badge!!!
  10. sorry if im banging on, but the name ultras never struck a cord of racism with me, i havnt seen a shady side to them no. if you guys have personally seen them spitting on people, or chanting any racist chants then i take my argument back completely, but have you? as far as i can see they are just trying to get lower holt area they are in more like K4,K5 area, but they seem quite well organised for a small group, the banners are real quality and humorous, rivaling the scousers, loved the SKY STOLE THE SOUL. banner, and wasnt the FIGHT LIKE LIONS banner their love child? not 100% on that on
  11. Obviously miss read my posts there?? i commented that this was not directed at anyone on here but at a genral view... youre wrong to say i am berating people. it is complete narrow mindedness to judge them on a tag?? madness infact. im not overlooking any shady side ( wrong again) as i said before, that is my personal opinion, ive sat close to them and have my view on the matter... obviously didnt see the banner at the sunderland game??? you seem misinformed on what they are about i think, and again jumping on the ultras name alone... one of which is very anti fascist/racist?? wh
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