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  1. To leave Henderson in his place.. A player who is worse than Gerrard but because the FA like him he's good..
  2. And I'm sorry but if any other manager was in Roy's current situation he'd be sacked end of.. why do the FA have such a love affair with him? It's not like he's trying anything new.. same old dross with the same old overpaid players giving youngsters a rare chance when it comes to insignificant friendlies and then back to the same shite when it comes to euro quals. Roy Needs to go and get someone in who's going to change things, spice it off, not play conservative shite for the next 2 years. Get someone in before Euro's so we don't capitulate like we did in the WC cuz everyone knew how we we
  3. Delph played well in my opinion, perhaps a bit reluctant to try anything out of his comfort zone but think he threw his hat in the ring.
  4. Henderson and Wilshere starting in the middle by the look of it, that's all i care about!
  5. I've never wanted to watch a game so much as this one in a long time, everyone else says they won't watch it.. but with the possibility of Delphy playing, I actually want to watch England.
  6. Are there any spare tickets on the door?
  7. Rickie Lambert has played in the lower leagues his whole career, I think you're really underestimating Wes Hoolahan
  8. Seems to be a dead split, no one is sat on the fence here!
  9. Everyone talking about getting in quality to replace the lessor players, but we don't have a number 10 to be replaced by quality, what happens if we blow our budget on a number 10 without cover and they get an Okore injury and are out for the majority if the season? It will just replicate this season again..
  10. Rumours that he has agreed personal terms.
  11. May I quote 'long term project' :wow:
  12. Baby steps isn't it, you can't entice world class players if you are finishing bottom half of the EPL can you? Look at some of the money hunting dross Man City signed before they could really attract big names.
  13. If £1m pounds sorted out home form out I'm sure every villa fan would chip in a quid!
  14. Wastewood, KEA, Tonev, infact any midfielder we have currently apart from Fab.
  15. Yes. Better than the current crop.
  16. He is a good player, and would fit in for Villa, he's not playing because Norwich don't play a formation where his natural position is open, and from what I have heard, He has had a big fall out with Hughton. Also at £1m he isn't going to be our 'Flagship Signing' will still have 19m to add hopefully 2-3 more players hopefully 2 but some real quality.
  17. He proved against us he still has legs, think he covered more ground than anyone else on the pitch
  18. If we could keep him last season we won't have a problem keeping him this season, and if his performance for Belgium last night was anything to go by he's not going to perform wonders at the world cup!!
  19. This is genuinely someone to get excited about. He puts a good shift in and has some quality and can open up teams, the link that Villa need. Getting Gabs and CB20 in behind defenders rather than relying on a moment of pure class like Big Ben's first goal against Norwich.
  20. Sounds like it will be a right laugh!!
  21. Is this an Annual Event? As will be up for this in 2015!!
  22. heard that too! He has given us 3 pens in the last 2 games he's reffed also
  23. If we fail to score it'll equal our longest run in Prem years that we haven't scored in I think of 4 games.
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