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  1. Nice end to the evening with a coke,so to speak send him to Saudi to cut his arms off
  2. He's innocent Anne All that crying in court made my mind up Perhaps a gold medal for shooting in the next games practice makes perfect, so to speak
  3. fook me thought that was my fav mod, when i first saw it only joking mate
  4. he was born in manure land though
  5. You can always support Wales mate, when England win fook all! you being half welsh and all that
  6. A bit of TLC for our favourite mod we need you on the inside for a coup
  7. Happy Birthday mate you are as old as you feel enjoy life to max I've hit 50, and am enjoying life, with kids grown up and a bit more cash can't wait for father's day bash pmsl
  8. you talking about Wales?. Mr Williams
  9. Nice one Mr Williams :thumbup:
  10. top of the group also :thumbup:
  11. I wish you english boys could be welsh tonight
  12. saxons are Krauts lmao :dance:
  13. didn't the welsh,irish and the scots, fight in ww11 utter :wank2:
  14. Gary you can't be changing my posts you are admin, god etc i'm going to report you to? don't f**cking know
  15. Sectarianism, according to one definition, is bigotry, discrimination, or hatred arising from attaching importance to perceived differences between subdivisions within a group, such as between different denominations of a religion, class, regional or factions of a political movement
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