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  1. Id stop while your ahead. I was speaking to someone not 6 hours ago that was there on that day. You know f*ck all other than chinese whispers from decades ago.
  2. There's not many british soldiers that would agree with you Dimitri but then you only have google and other shite conspiracy morons to base your opinion on.
  3. We'd be foolish to splash the cash IMO, 100m quid doesn't mean you'll stay up. I'd rather see some shrewd purchases and over perform. If we stay up then we have a foundation to build on, drop back down and we'll not be back to square one without a pot to p*ss in. Lets face it, this league we're in is much more exciting than the PL anyway. 🙂
  4. This has nothing to do with being a fan of any club and everything to do with being a complete C*NT, only a coward carries a weapon.
  5. Still not wiped the grin off my face from that volley! Only downside was Tommy, doesn't look good for the lad. 😞
  6. We'll said Stu. It isnt exactly a selling point for potential players coming in!
  7. See my previous post ref pissed up fans talking shite! Lansbury is probably the best passer of the ball we have in our squad!
  8. to play 3 at the back you need pace in those 3 and they need to be able read the game, as good as a defender john terry was, his lack of pace meant he wouldn't be good in a back 3 in the latter stages of his career and that was a world class defender. I dont think we have the players to play that system, Mings and richie De leat could work but who else would you put with them?? Agreed, I'd also give El Ghazi a try at number 10 but I'd also give Kodjia a chance up top on his own. He holds the ball up so much better than Tammy does, just needs to up his work rate. We've all been suff
  9. Jack would walk into any team in this league and probably most teams outside the top 6 in the league above. We were always going to struggle losing Jack for such a long period, compounded by losing Lansbury a few minutes later. If we had a fit Henry Lansbury, being allowed to express himself as jack has done, id be confident we'd have a few more wins under our belt and still in with a slim chance of the play offs.
  10. Stubbornness?? We are in transition from playing defensive football to a more attacking style of play, it worked very well with our best 11 on the pitch, we persevered when we lost Jack,axel and Lansbury, and we fell short, you could see the confidence dropping with each result. Why change the philosophy and then start a fresh next season? doesn't make sense IMO. I'm not saying Smith is totally blameless, i'm sure he'd admit he's made mistakes with some of his selections and substitutions but to be fair, its not like we have huge squad to choose from. As a manager you cant mitigate for the lik
  11. ^^^^^^^^ exactly the type of fan thats making VP such a toxic place.
  12. Those figures quoted are missing one vital thing, we have to pay the players coming in as replacements! clearly they wont be getting the silly 40k per week but championship players are averaging 20-25k a week so those savings wont be as significant as some are expecting. Hasnt Grealish got a 40m buy-out clause in his new contract?? or was that just the duty rumour doing the rounds?
  13. Maybe their p*ss poor attitudes day to day has left him with little choice, let be fair,, if they can't be arsed to give their all in training and on match days then why the f*ck should they be paid so handsomely?? We've had more than our fair share of that ilk over the last few years!! If the fans, who pay good money week in week out had that attitude, we'd have our P45 landing on our door step in a jiffy! F*ck them off.
  14. Fkin hang your heads in shame!!!! if you dont think he's had a good game then dont clap him off, no need for the boos, Its wankers like that we dont need at villa park. Boo's probably coming from fat, dyspraxic, idiots that couldnt kick a ball straight themselves!!!!
  15. I hear you freddy, however, VP is a toxic place when things aint going right. too many get on the players back's FAR TOO QUICKLY!!!! we as fans are making it easy for opposition teams to come hear and cause havoc, break up play, press our first touches and force our lads into silly mistakes,, crowd get on their backs early on and its an uphill struggle. we've all been there when we played, but how many of us played in front of 30+ thousand every home game??? there's not many players outside the premier league that face that every time they go to work, surely it has to have a negative effect o
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