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  1. Schhhhhhhhh! Don't open that can of worms,Marky.....
  2. No other manager would of survived this long unless they were in the Rymans League.
  3. jelavic/long. V Baker/vlaar/Bertrand/lowton.............I know who my money would be on.
  4. That would have been fun! There would only be one man and his dog at the game.
  5. We have had a decent set of win able fixtures and lost them all.palace stoke swans fulham etc....just shows how really poor we are under Lambert.
  6. I think that's Lambert s game plan,hope others are worse than us.Baker has always got a penalty in him,
  7. If anyone thinks our back line will contain jelavic and long,they must see something I can't.We all seem to be saying we defo need something from the next game,then the next,its an endless circle of hope.Bottom line is we will be where we deserve to be at the end of the season.
  8. Was that the villa faithful booing Holt coming on?
  9. We fail to get at least a point here and we r fucked.weimann got to come off,need to freshen things up top.
  10. Scores going against us yet again,Bertrand choice of passing is shockingly bad.
  11. Lambert stated,he doesn't believe this game is a six pointer.Damn he is supremely confident! Just hope all the fans feel the same...........I'm a tad worried.........Bony V baker........frightening!!!!!
  12. Maybe cost I'm not dopey enough to think that a couple of unbelievably lucky wins which propelled us to the dizzy heights of 10th,was nothing more than pure luck,fluke,whatever you want to call it.A false position.We are a shambles,nothing more nothing less,I would love to heap praise on Lambert's fantastically well assembled squad which he has pieced together perfectly,if we were sitting mid table and having a go,then I would,I would believe in the project,I would believe in the gaffa,I would believe in the players, but there's NOT a single ray of hope coming from any direction at VP.Not a si
  13. I expect that now,can't get more depressing that losing to Sheffield and Bradford.
  14. Sorry bruv,that wasn't progress,it was luck.We didn't push on we got found out,Lambert ran out of tricks.
  15. 8 weeks ago we were clear with hardly to much worry,a couple of more wins an then safety,several were in a pack at the bottom nearly cut adrift.them teams have now beat us and have but caught up.sunderland win their 2 games in hand and dark times ahead.out of all of the bottom teams ironically,Norwich and us look well fucked and unable to get a shot off or even score.we will be very lucky to stay up.
  16. one win and we should be safe,question is should we still be here at the end of another season? We have been told there is progress,I can't any,can you? Next question is,where is that win coming from?
  17. The mind boggles..............I've said it many a time,he loves to talk a good talk after the match and twist the facts,...........Mr.Lambert,we were shocking......FACT
  18. Still enough games for Lambert to take the project down to the championship and continue in employment
  19. Didn't see the interview, please tell me he didn't drag up that same old sh*t line!
  20. I'm talking about shooting him after the last kick of the last game of the season,sweet fa we can do now.We should of sacked him way back.
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