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  1. Longlifevilla Hands up!! Guilty! I’m a toxic fan! and then hilarity ensued!!! VP is made toxic by frustration watching the same old sh*t week in week out and a never ending flurry of poor managerial decisions which do nothing to appease the paying crowds!!! With current manager and previous! And then talking absolute bollox post match!! The past 2 or so months and the inability to turn the corner by the current manager,please see results ffs! Are you blind man?? Its atrocious!!! Only surviving “cos he’s one of our own” Any other manager would of had cabbages
  2. Smith is Sarri in disquise!! Too f**kin stubborn to change anything,settled with the same system,same personnel,believing if he keeps flogging it ,it will work!! What is it? 13/14 games down the line still the same result? Love the interviews of Smith and the amount of times he mentioned Brentford’s style,Brentford’s play,Brentford’s passing,with and without the ball etc! YES we understand your part in that,but what about all the other teams that have outplayed us,passed through us,been better with and without the ball!! Ffs does DS take credit for all them as well?!?!? Qui
  3. Is our Academy that poor? I’ve got to ask the question,it’s now 12:25am and I just can’t get over another loss and our awful demise,it’s giving me sleepless nights just as bad as when Lescott said he was finally relieved that’s over and we’re down!!! c**t!! I blame both,players and management but what bugs me the most,is: Has DS seen our academy players,took one look and thought,hold on,I’ve got f*ck all to work with here,as it seems the only ones with any guile have been farmed out.Something I don’t quite get? So he must believe he’s unable to affect results as there’s non
  4. Utter media nonsense!! if I downed tools at work I’d be down the foodbanks!! they are just shite!! No excuses,just shite!! bar a couple you mentioned! And don’t believe it for once that DS would risk them underperforming when we were there or there abouts!! By telling them who he’s f**cking off in summer !! No way!! He wouldn’t take that chance,no manager would at this level,he’s just inept at getting these overpaid,overrated shitehawks to perform,apparently every week he confirms they trained well!! At what? Cos it ain’t football!! And the give away,is “sold” wh
  5. 2-0 DS react!!! React! id rather listen to “we’ll be there or there abouts”” f*ck!!
  6. I’m convinced DS got no vision whatsoever?!?!?! Stuck in the same mindset every game! 4-1-4-1 He is NOT our saviour I’m afraid!! After 2 months of embarrassment at least just go for broke and play the youngsters you f**cking t**t!! Couldnt get any worse!!! The fans favourite!! Show some bollox ffs!! One of our own would!!!
  7. Let’s see if DS has a the bollox to f*ck shut up and astound us by whole sale changes and an attacking formation,maybe give Tammy a partner! As for Hause WTF???!!! Who suggested him???!! i have NO problem losing 5-0! Cos that’s how this season is terminating,but to lose 5-0 with no effort and at a whimper is NOT acceptable . I honestly don’t understand why DS has not got the ability to get a tune from these players!?? He must have some accountability as well! He has NO get out of jail card!!
  8. My point exactly Freddy!! ive been saying it for weeks,f*ck this pile of shite,we are safe and are not going up,so pack out the squad with youngsters and see if they are good enough for next season!! But NO DS farms half out!! WTF!! Really smells of inept man management! Was Hogan not a star man under DS but now loaned? Correct me if I’m wrong! I can only believe DS is deluded and believes we will make the playoffs! I’d rather another season with a genuine squad that would have half a chance to survive in the premiership! The fans have every right to moan at this
  9. That last sentence is one of the best I’ve seen on here!! ”they need us behind them “ Ive got NO problems getting behind the players! I’ll show them exactly where the exits are!! They can all go!! TRASH!
  10. Don’t despair Roger! weve got to give DS at least two seasons more to get it right by then he’ll get us out of League 1!! 😉
  11. Trash trash trash! Useless tactics,useless players! 2 months of trash!! Should if gave ramsey run out! Just trash from DS! im beginning to think he’s trash!! Bar the relegation season this is just as bad!! TRASH!
  12. Every team is a bogey team with this squad!!
  13. Nice to see DS has picked a different formation and not the 4-1-4-1 his non working favourite!! oh sh*t he hasn’t!! Same subs as per usual NO youngsters,although I’m not a great fan of green,does he not deserve a run ? as cant be no worse than the rest!! looking for an away point I guess! its so unexciting!! Hopefully we’ll get at least a strike on goal and win 1-0! Though im not full of hope!!
  14. My point exactly! it’s a joke having Terry near the training pitch as the way we concede goals is f**cking criminal!! So why employ him? and really can’t see what game DS was watching?? we were the better team for 8 minutes. Does a good spin post and pre match! You spin me right round baby right round,I chat the same old bollox right round round round! Lucky tonight very f**kin lucky!
  15. I think I will post this every game with 10 mins to go! 3-3 hells bells!! Doesnt paper over the huge cracks,but maybe DS will make some changes and finally attack!!! Obviously we’ve got it in us!!
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