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  1. Australia up 1-0 after 8 minutes, Mile Jedinak from the penalty spot.
  2. Greece has a new coach and with our manager being of Greek origins as well (so has good relationship with them) I think both teams saw it as an opportunity to have a couple of hitouts against similar opposition to have a look at a few players and try to get some combinations a few months out from WC qualifiers.
  3. Terrible performance by the Aussies tonight, off the pace all night and punished by a hungry Greek side. Ange won't be happy at all with that.
  4. Aussies v Greece game 2 about to kick off. Much more dangerous midfield and forward setup for this match, more goals in the Aussies than game 1, good performance coming I'd say.
  5. Embarrassing the pitch we dished up for this match. Ground had been used for rugby league game midweek and we had plenty of rain as well but Aussie football administrators need a kick up the arse about pitches. Here's hoping the surface is better for the next leg Tuesday, given we play a possession game it actually hurts us more than the opposition.
  6. Played well mate, I thought he and Mooy outshone their English counterparts in midfield personally.
  7. A tradesmanlike performance from England to get the job done. Aussies battled well and matched England's midfield I thought but don't have the class in the final third the three lions do. It was also evident we were missing our regular central defence with some lack of cohesion at times and some questionable choices but fair play, better team won. Onwards and upwards for us and Kruse, Rogic and Mooy all did their credentials no harm.
  8. I'm a realist mate but I also know our side doesn't just roll over since Postecoglou took the reins. Defensively we're probably missing a couple of our best and Milligan will play there although he's a natural DM so a few little things like that aren't ideal but we'll still account ourselves well I'd expect. Be nice for you guys to have a chance at redemption after getting dusted by us 3-1 last time we met..... ?
  9. Haha, as you should with a population 10 times our nations but the manager we have is a shrewd operator and we are rarely a pushover for anyone these days. You guys will probably win but will have to work for the victory.
  10. I'll be up early to watch the Aus v Eng match. Aussies missing their Asian based players but will still put out a handy side and have some pace up front with McLaren and Kruse and Ange experimenting with old school 4-4-2.
  11. Nice collect mate! Will pay for a few pints.
  12. 'Arry Redknapp not 'appy with his Jordan national side down 3-0 to the Aussies at half time in the last WC group qualifier.
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