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  1. For me Vlaar, Okore and Clark ARE definitely up to Prem standard. It's not sure that whoever would be brought in does fulfill that requirement. I agree we need another RB to compete with Lowton (so we can move Bacuna further up front) and a new LB if Bertrand leaves. But to me that's not an "entire new defence".
  2. We have Clark and Lowton who should play instead of Baker and Bacuna imo. And then there is Okore coming back. So an entire new defence? Definitely not for me!
  3. That goal was totally unnecessary. But we are playing well, especially Albrighton and Westwood. More possession, too.
  4. Once more great play by Guzan!
  5. Helenius isn't on the bench. But Robinson is and I would like to see him play for the last 10 minutes or so.
  6. I wouldn't want to challenge that statement ... but it's looking great!
  7. Today's line up: Guzan, Bacuna, Vlaar, Baker, Bertrand, El Ahmadi, Westwood, Delph, Weimann, Agbonlahor, Benteke Subs: Steer, Clark, Bennett, Sylla, Albrighton, Robinson, Holt Only change: Robinson instead of Tonev. UTV!
  8. It's not really about strength, as the lads that kept us up last season are still in the team. It's about attitude, willingness and the right tactics. Three elements I didn't always see in our matches and the reason we are in trouble atm.
  9. Norwich won their home game against Tottenham today, they are equal on points with us; winning this game is an absolute must for us.
  10. Today's line-up: Guzan, Bacuna, Vlaar, Baker, Bertrand, El Ahmadi, Westwood, Delph, Weimann, Agbonlahor, Benteke Subs: Steer, Clark, Bennett, Sylla, Albrighton, Tonev, Holt UTV!
  11. Our current defence: CB: Vlaar - injured - has been playing really well but is very injury-prone Okore - injured - has looked quality in the few matches he could play Clark - fit - played OK but likes to get a yellow cards here and there Baker - fit - played mostly average and just as Vlaar he is very injury prone Herd - injured - played twice, otherwise rarely mentioned Donacien - fit - never got a chance of playing in the first team LB: Bertrand - injured - was just brought in and gave some stability Bennett - fit - just came back from long injury, it is yet to be fou
  12. This could mean that instead of playing Lowton--Vlaar--Okore--Bertrand Lambert has to select Lowton--Clark--Baker--Bennett/Luna Injuries again have a major impact on our performances.
  13. The squad for today: Guzan, Lowton, Clark, Baker, Bertrand, Bacuna, Westwood, Delph, Weimann, Agbonlahor, Benteke Subs: Steer, Bennett, Sylla, El Ahmadi, Albrighton, Helenius, Holt Apart from Vlaar missing this is the best possible starting eleven. Bennett is back in the squad as well. UTV!
  14. A rumour that would make a lot of sense: Raoul Loe. We have been linked with him before, now West Ham have pulled out of a possible deal and Loe is disappointed about the missed opportunity. He would cost around 2m and is a big and strong CDM.
  15. Which is great news. The difference between owners like Tan and Red Bull is that Tan changed the club's present (for success) while Red Bull completely ignores (or tries to erase) a club's history and uses the club for advertisement, too.
  16. I didn't say it would be easy but they get quite creative when trying to redesign a club.
  17. The scary thing is, they will probably find ways around the rules. Best example: when Red Bull took over Leipzig they weren't allowed to call it Red Bull Leipzig, as it is against the German rules to advertise a company in the club's name. So they called it RasenBallsport (literally "pitchballsport", a name that doesn't sound too well in German either) Leipzig but only put RB and not the full name into the badge. They wouldn't be allowed to change the name of the club here but redesigning badge and kit shouldn't be a big challenge for them. Sadly!
  18. Mohamed Elyounoussi is being mentioned again, 19 years old, Norwegian international. He's a skillful attacking mid and winger.
  19. Apparently we will see one more signing coming in this window, either Hoolahan or someone similar. I would be more than happy with this window then, given our situation and budget.
  20. Nice passing there and a shot on target at the end ... looked good.
  21. "Paul Lambert will make Grant Holt his first signing of the transfer window." "Holt [...] will be allowed to move on loan." http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-transfers-grant-holt-3019664?
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