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  1. we are crap now

    boring to watch , home and away

    no sign of a goal

    road our luck so far this season

    hence the 7 points better off/ goal difference syndrome

    good away point today i supose , thats what matters

    but prospects are bleak

    hopefully PL will sort things out

    and he is our manager for the next ten years

    next 2 home games , sunderland and cardiff

    win them , mid table , rosy garden

    loose both, boos half and full time

    lamberts fate will be sealed

    goodnight PL

    And this is why you should not go near your phone/computer whilst on the sauce.

  2. Villas draw for enof season

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    What do you think?

    Draw with Stoke, Draw with Fulham, Lose to Man Utd, Beat Sunderland, Beat Norwich, Lose to Chelsea and Beat Wigan- i think this is how our run in will end up. 41 points will keep us up id say. We arent playing badly- in the last 6 games we beat the teams around us and we lost by 1 goal to Arsenal,City and Liverpool. And you never know, if we get the breaks we could sneak wins at United and against Chelsea. These 2 games could honestly go either way for us- absolute hidings or else gallant displays that have us all purring.Hopefully the latter. VTID.

  3. Stoke Newcastle and Norwich ain't out of it yet. Particularly if we beat Norwich, stoke and Sunderland which isn't exactly impossible. None are in form right now

    I think Stoke and Newcastle will be alright.Heres hoping that Di Canio upsets the whole place at Sunderland- I was looking at our remaining Fixtures, Stoke,Fulham,Sunderland,Norwich and Wigan- if we picked up 11 points in these games and scratch United and Chelsea- this should be enough to keep us up.

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