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  1. You can take your progress...... AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE!!!!!! 1st half we looked like a football team but second half was just woeful. Newcastle were there to be dicked and we chose to play for a draw and I've never seen a team play so differently 2nd half as we did today. We couldn't do anything right. Don't get me started on lazy Benteke, see around 50+ posts on my feelings about him, for which I normally get shot down for, (He's lazy and makes no a effort to win ball or get goal side etc etc etc.......) So now we have Norwich, another team that he'll play for a draw and we'll get fudged over. We ARE in a relegation fight and have been since boxing day. The difference last year was we came out fighting like rabid dogs and survived in Jan/Feb/March I get the feeling we'll just collaspe this year. If Lambert can't get passionate about playing Norwich after the sh*t they've given him then he can't get passionate about anything. News from the away fans is about the same, and these die hard's were Lambert's last bastions of support so expect a collaspe in believe from here on in. "Little Normandy" doesn't need a "pat on the head"....he needs some bloody fight and effort from the Villa and SOON!!!
    There is no progress ,, It's gone backwards , Anybody still think there is progress ???
  2. Yeah but who hired lambert?? What makes you think Lerner can attract a better manager?? He couldn't get OSG but tan could!! A manager that plays a better style will want to buy players who are capable, those players don't come from the back end of nowhere or league 2. Lambert goes and we'll end up with another Mctit or worse. I still want to hold onto the idea that lambert can play better football as we have seen it but f*ck knows where it's gone and the memory of it is getting harder and harder to hold onto
    Football is worse than Mcleish football
  3. That's the point though, Ak was stating (again) that the entire reason we lost the game was because of gabby I was saying he wasn't very good but at least he got into the positions to have a shot benteke did f*ck all yet again, if he worked as hard as gabby did to get into space he would score because he's a natural finisher, something that we can all agree on is gabby is not
    We'll my opinion is different after watching Benteke this season,, not natural at all . In fact benteke looks a very poor player .
  4. Lol I think I've mentioned more than once just in this thread that gabby should be doing better, I think othe people who disagree with you have said the same, he's been poor but not as poor as the rest and that's the long and short of it. Problem is you only mention gabby doing well when he's been really really good, anything other than outstanding and you have a go, also You say when he's had a good game shortly followed by a comment to have a dig at him. You keep talking about gabby's wage when in reality you have no idea what he's on you're just guessing, football manager wages aren't accurate you know that don't you!
    Gabby was woefull yesterday ,, but not as bad as Benteke !! But we love him don't we
  5. Did we take up an option to get more? was only 1800 originally wasn't it?? Most people getting the coaches up? im coach up.. 19:30 train back.. any idea what time the coaches will get to newcastle guys? was thinking about 11:30? makes time for a few before heading into the ground in a pub in town....
    1600 originally ,, took extra 600 Coaches should arrive around 11.30 -12
  6. a good example of it i suppose would be di canio at sunderland, though if u were lead to believe everythin u hear about what happened there. then di canio is an extreme case. i heard he wouldnt even let the players have ketchup with there dinner lol. another example would be france at the world cup in SA. but when thinking of nufc, i think pardew has done a good enough job considering everytime he gets his hands on a player that plays well for the club hes sold in the next window. ( carroll, demba ba, and now cabaye). the idea of players playing for the shirt etc i think has long gone, though that is well open to argue with certain players u would like to think will be at clubs till they retire. if u have 1 player that plays for the shirt at ur club i think ur more than lucky. the money circus of football has a real stronghold now and looks to get even stronger rather than weaker
    Good points mate ,. So do yu think players go out and not want to win , ,just to undermine the manager ?
  7. When people have got a figure to hate no amount of fact will make them look at it with a balanced view. I was as pissed off as anyone with yesterday's performance and I agree that lambert could have set the team up a lot better. But like you say, it's not all his fault, he's not on the pitch, he didn't make gabby try to control the bal instead of shoot and he didn't blow the ball onto the crossbar. And £20m is peanuts in the prem these days, in fact £20m on 1 player is only really just above average in the prem these days so I think we've done well to get what we have with the budget we've got.
    Lets blame the wind now,, holy Jesus mother of Mary ,, what next ?
  8. I would have loved to have seen Rawly's face when Albrighton came on, I bet there was steam coming out of his ears. Me, I've always said Albrighton is quality !!!!!!!!!!
    My words were,, oh great messi is coming on !, I was to cold to care by then lol
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